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2014  The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco and Panama Canal Model, Conference and Proceedings

2014  Akira Aoyama’s Achievements on the Panama Canal Project

2014  The American Engineers that Built the Panama Canal

2014  At Sea Level: The Cape Cod Canal

2014  Building the Panama Canal (Men, Machines, and Methods)

2014  Engineering the Panama Canal

2014  Engineering the Panama Canal, A Centennial Restrospective

2014  The French Attempt to Construct a Canal at Panama

2014  Front Matter

2014  Gatun Dam History and Developments

2014  George S. Morison and Philippe Bunau-Varilla: The Indispensible Men of Panama

2014  Iron Lady: The Eiffel Tower

2014  Preserving a Landmark

2014  Remembering Joseph Pennell and the Panama Canal

2014  The Empire State Building: The Making of a Landmark By John Tauranac. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2014

2014  UK Britain and the Trans-isthmian Dream

2013  The Golden Gate Bridge Art Deco Suspension Bridge Masterpiece

2013  The Making of Central Park

2013  Panama Canal Expansion and the 2012 Outstanding Projects and Leaders Awards

2013  The Flatiron: The New York Landmark and the Incomparable City That Arose with It By Alice SparbergAlexiou. New York City: St. Martin’s Press, 2010

2013  The Western Australia Goldfields Water Supply: An International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

2012  Braving the Storm: Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse

2012  Taming the Missouri: Fort Peck Dam

2012  Verrazano Narrows Storm Surge Barrier: A Dutch Vision

2011  ASCE Visits the Panama Canal in 1994: Next Will Be the Panama Canal Centennial (1914-2014)

2011  Buffalo Bill Dam: A Gateway to the West

2011  Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Hoover Dam: Highlights of the October 20-22, 2010, ASCE Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary History Symposium/Tours/Proceedings

2011  The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition: Public Works for Public Learning

2011  A New Deal: The Creation of the TVA and the Construction of Norris Dam

2011  NewsBriefs: Empire State Building Achieves LEED Gold (Jones Lang LaSalle)

2011  Panama Canal Issue

2011  Panama Canal Issue

2011  Retrofitting the Foundations of a National Icon

2011  Scenic Railroad to Repair Fire-Damaged Crossing

2011  Security-Related Traffic Changes on George Washington Bridge Accelerated Structural Cracking

2011  Snoqualmie Falls Hydropower Plant—A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark: Video of the Power of Snoqualmie Falls

2010  2010 Honors and Awards: Walter LeFevre Award

2010  75 Years of Hydraulic Investigations-Hoover Dam

2010  Advances in Mass Concrete Technology-The Hoover Dam Studies

2010  Bogged Down: The Dismal Swamp Canal

2010  Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Begins

2010  Building Blocks of Hoover Dam: Technology, Politics, Economics

2010  Building Hoover Dam (Men, Machines, and Methods)

2010  The Burj Khalifa Triumphs: Reaching toward The Heavens

2010  Capitol Connections

2010  Celebrating Hoover Dam: In Appreciation of a Civil Engineering Icon

2010  Celebrating Hoover Dam: Mission of Boulder Dam Fulfilled

2010  Celebrating Hoover Dam: Significance of Boulder Canyon Project

2010  Celebrating Hoover Dam: The Majesty of Hoover Dam

2010  Charles Macdonald

2010  Colossus: Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century By Michael Hiltzik. New York City: Free Press, 2010.

2010  The Construction of Hoover Dam: A Case Study from a Builder’s Perspective

2010  Construction of the Panama Canal

2010  Crossing Lines: The Wheeling Suspension Bridge

2010  The Dams of the Panama Canal Expansion

2010  Design of Container Yard at Port of Balboa

2010  Empowering the People: The Bonneville Dam

2010  Engineering and the Sculptural Program of Hoover Dam

2010  Establishing the Legacy: West Point and the United States Military Academy

2010  Establishing the Legacy: West Point and the United States Military Academy

2010  Fishermen’s Terminal Renovation at Port of Seattle

2010  Flocculation Population Dynamics of Cohesive Houston Ship Channel Sediments

2010  Frank Crowe: General Superintendent of the Six Companies, Inc. Hoover Dam Project

2010  From the Editorial Board

2010  Geotechnics of the Panama Canal Expansion

2010  History of the Modern Suspension Bridge, Solving the Dilemma Between Economy and Stiffness

2010  Hoover Dam, 75th Anniversary History Symposium

2010  Hoover Dam: Construction Milestones in Concrete Delivery and Placement, Steel Fabrication, and Job Site Safety

2010  Hoover Dam: Evolution of the Dam’s Design

2010  Hoover Dam: First Joint Venture and Construction Milestones in Excavation, Geology, Materials Handling, and Aggregates

2010  Hoover Dam: Operational Milestones, Lessons Learned, and Strategic Import

2010  Hoover Dam: Scientific Studies, Name Controversy, Tourist Attraction, and Contributions to Engineering

2010  Hoover Dam Symposium Celebrates Engineering Icon

2010  The Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Tunnels: Digging Under Pressure

2010  Innovative Design of Large Diameter Fittings for the Lake Fork Interconnect Vault

2010  Joseph B. Strauss, Charles A. Ellis, and the Golden Gate Bridge: Justice at Last

2010  Linking the Lakes: The Lake Washington Ship Canal

2010  Long-Term Properties of Hoover Dam Mass Concrete

2010  Managing Unstoppable Landslides in the Panama Canal

2010  Megaproject Success: Hoover Dam Construction and Pre-Construction Management Ingenuity

2010  Mixed Foundation Solutions: The Answer to Supporting New Towers over Existing Subway Tunnels

2010  The New Town of Boulder City: City Planning and Infrastructure Engineering for Hoover Dam Workers

2010  New York City Harbor: A New Face for a National Landmark

2010  The Panama Canal’s Past, Present, and Future—An Engineering Perspective

2010  Performance of Spillway Structures Using Hoover Dam Spillways As a Benchmark

2010  Planning and Design of the Port of Balboa Phase 4 Expansion, Balboa, Panama

2010  Planning for a New Berth in New York Harbor

2010  Reclamation, the Army, and Hoover Dam during World War II

2010  Relationship between Acoustic Backscatter Strength and Suspended Sediment Concentration using a 6 MHz Nortek Vector Velocimeter

2010  Reviving the Graveyard of the West: The Louisville Water Works

2010  Seismic Analysis and Design of Berth 14 Extension: Balboa, Panama

2010  Seismic Evaluation of Hoover Dam Powerplant

2010  Seismic Retrofit to Transform Route to Golden Gate Bridge

2010  Short Takes: Mackinac Bridge Designated a Civil Engineering Landmark

2010  Short Takes: Plaques Identify Three New York City Bridges as Civil Engineering Landmarks

2010  Short Takes: Thomas Viaduct Named a Civil Engineering Landmark

2010  The Story of World Record Spans

2010  Why Deepen U.S. Harbors?—A Recession and the Panama Canal

2009  Aftermath—Epilogue

2009  Appraising the Brooklyn Bridge