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2014  Application of Emulsified Substrate Biobarrier to Remediate TCE-Contaminated Groundwater: Pilot-Scale Study

2014  Impact of Tertiary Treatment Processes on the Effectiveness of Chloramination for Biological Growth Control in Recirculating Cooling Systems Using Treated Municipal Wastewater

2013  Comparison of Chlorine and Chloramines on Lead Release from Copper Pipe Rigs

2013  Comparison of Reaction Rates and Relative Efficiencies for Various Dechlorination Chemicals

2013  Disinfection Methods for Treating Low TOC, Light Graywater to California Title 22 Water Reuse Standards

2013  Distribution of Potentially Bioavailable Natural Organic Carbon in Aquifer Sediments at a Chloroethene-Contaminated Site

2013  Effect of Suspended Solids on the Sequential Disinfection of Secondary Effluent by UV Irradiation and Chlorination

2013  Effects of Chlorination on Silver-Coated Ceramic Pot Filters (CPFs)

2013  Effects of Storage Conditions on Chromium (III) and Chromium (VI) in Two Types of Potable Water

2013  Evaluation of Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Quenching Agents following an Advanced Oxidation Process

2013  Ferrate and Alkaline Chlorination Treatment of Cyanide-Heavy Metal Maritime Wastewater

2013  Iterative Linearization Scheme for Convex Nonlinear Equations: Application to Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2013  Mechanism and Pathway of Tetrachloroethylene Dechlorination by Zero-Valent Iron with Cu or Cu/C

2013  Numerical Simulation and Assessment of the Effects of Operation and Baffling on a Potable Water Service Reservoir

2013  Research on Inorganic Disinfection By-Products in Combined Disinfection of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide

2012  Determining the Effectiveness of Chlorine-Based Biofilm Control in Large Diameter Pipelines

2012  The Effect of Turbidity on Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Aqueous Chlorinated Samples

2012  Effectiveness of Air Stripping, Advanced Oxidation, and Activated Carbon Adsorption-Coupled Process in Treating Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Effects of Baffle Configurations on the Performance of a Potable Water Service Reservoir

2012  Integrated Approach in the Quantitative and Qualitative Control of Water Distribution Systems through Control Systems

2012  Investigation of a Chlorine Gas Release Caused by the Mixing of Incompatible Chemicals

2012  Temporal Variability of Bacterial Diversity in a Chlorinated Drinking Water Distribution System

2011  Effect of Cold-Water Storage Cisterns on Drinking-Water Quality

2011  The Effects of Chlorine on Very Low Density Thermoplastic Olefins

2011  Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide as a Disinfectant for Bacillus Spores in Drinking-Water Biofilms

2011  Formulation of Chlorine and Decontamination Booster Station Optimization Problem

2011  Impact of Chlorinated Water Exposure on Contaminant Transport and Surface and Bulk Properties of High-Density Polyethylene and Cross-Linked Polyethylene Potable Water Pipes

2011  Modeling and Simulations of Flow Pattern, Chlorine Concentration, and Mean Age Distributions in Potable Water Service Reservoir of Singapore

2011  The Use of Different Chlorine Decay Models in Different Materials of Pipelines in Water Distribution System

2011  Worldwide Residential Soil Regulatory Guidance Values for Chlorinated Ethenes

2010  Alternative Formulation for DBP’s Minimization by Optimal Design of Booster Chlorination Stations

2010  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Improving the Modeling of Chlorinated Solvent Natural Attenuation in Bedrock Aquifers

2010  Calibration Process of a Chlorine Decay Model: The Case Study of Bogotá

2010  Chlorine Bulk Decay Coefficients to Calibrate the GCWW All-Pipes Distribution System Model

2010  Chlorine Wall Decay Coefficients to Calibrate the GCWW All-Pipes Distribution System Model

2010  Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Parameter Setting Methods for Chlorine Injection Optimization

2010  Kinetics of Free Chlorine Decay in Water Distribution Networks

2010  Microwave-Enhanced Thermal Desorption of Polyhalogenated Biphenyls from Contaminated Soil

2010  Modelling Chlorine Transport under Unsteady-State Hydraulic Conditions

2010  Nanotechnology for TCE and PCB Dechlorination from Water: Nanoparticle Synthesis and Reactivity

2010  Study on Residual Chlorine Control of Water Distribution Systems with Multiple Water Sources

2010  Water Distribution Network Residual Chlorine Modeling Based on the Synergy of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide

2010  Waterjet Amendment for Remediation of Contaminated Sediments Using Absorptive and Dechlorinating Compounds in Compromised Waterways

2010  Water/Wastewater Perspectives on Chlorine Security

2009  Analysis of Model Sensitivity and Uncertainty for Chlorine Transport and Decay in a Water Distribution System

2009  Bulk-Water Experimental Research on the Effects Influencing the Formation of Trihalomethanes

2009  Evaluation of Bacillus Spore Survival and Surface Morphology Following Chlorine and Ultraviolet Disinfection in Water

2009  Feasibility of Using In Situ FeS Precipitation for TCE Degradation

2009  Impact of Booster Chlorination on Chlorine Decay and THM Production: Simulated Analysis

2009  Modeling of Chlorinated VOCs Transport under Dual Bioreactions

2009  Modeling Residual Chlorine Response to a Microbial Contamination Event in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2009  Propagation of Chlorine Demand Signals Induced by Microbial Contaminants in a Drinking Water Distribution System

2009  Real-Time Valve Operation for Water Quality Improvement in Water Distribution Systems

2009  Temporal and Spatial Variations in Bulk Chlorine Decay within a Water Supply System

2008  Assessing Uncertainty in Chlorine Residual Predictions in Drinking Water Distribution System

2008  Calibration of Chlorine Decay Rates by a Combined Optimization Algorithm

2008  Chlorine Decay and DBP Formation under Different Flow Regions in PVC and Ductile Iron Pipes: Preliminary Results on the Role of Flow Velocity and Radial Mass Transfer

2008  Chlorine Residual as a Predictor of Trihalomethane Values

2008  Effect of ClO2 Pretreatment on Subsequent Water Treatment Processes

2008  Evaluation of Biodegradation Potential of Carbon Tetrachloride and Chlorophenols under Acidogenic Condition

2008  Exploring the Correlation between Halorespirer Biomarker Concentrations and TCE Dechlorination Rates

2008  Hydrophobicity and Molecular Size Distribution of Unknown TOX in Drinking Water

2008  Microbial Characterization of Drinking Water Systems Receiving Groundwater and Surface Water as the Primary Sources of Water

2008  Modeling the Impact of Microbial Intrusion on Secondary Disinfection in a Drinking Water Distribution System

2008  Predicting the Loss of Chlorine and Chloramine Residuals in Metallic Pipes

2008  Study on Evaluation of On-Line Free Chlorine Sensors in Water Supply Facilities

2008  Use of Bayesian Statistics to Study Chlorine Decay within a Water Distribution System

2008  Use of CFD Modeling for Predicting Contact Time and Improving Hydraulic Conditions in a Chlorine Contact Tank

2008  Using Bayesian Statistics to Estimate Chlorine Wall Decay Coefficients for Water Supply System

2008  Water Quality Modeling of Chilliwack’s Water Distribution System in Preparation of the Emergency Chlorination Test

2007  Calibrating Pipe Wall Demand Coefficient for Chlorine Decay in Water Distribution System

2007  Effects of Bromide Ion and Natural Organic Matter Fractions on the Formation and Speciation of Chlorination By-Products

2007  Impact of Secondary Disinfectants on Copper Corrosion under Stagnation Conditions

2007  Inactivation of Adenovirus Types 2, 5, and 41 in Drinking Water by UV Light, Free Chlorine, and Monochloramine

2007  Reduction of Low-MW Model Compounds by Ozonation and O3/UV Processes

2007  Removal of Model Organic Precursors by Coagulation

2006  Field Investigation at a Chlorinated Ethylene Contaminated Site

2006  A Framework for the Removal of Bacterial Contamination from UASBR Effluent

2006  Inactivation Kinetics of the Cyanobacterial Toxin Microcystin-LR by Free Chlorine

2006  Iron Oxide Enhanced Chlorine Decay and Disinfection By-Product Formation

2006  MS2 Inactivation by Chloride-Assisted Electrochemical Disinfection

2006  Multiyear Temporal Changes in Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations at 23 Monitored Natural Attenuation Sites

2005  Analytical Tools for Modeling Natural Attenuation Processes at Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Sites

2005  Characterizing Pipe Wall Demand: Implications for Water Quality Modeling

2005  Factors Affecting Inactivation Behavior in the Monochloramination Range

2005  Impact of Booster Chlorination on THM Production: A Simulated Analysis

2005  In-Situ Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents using Zero Valent Iron and Clay Mixtures: A Case History

2005  Monitored Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Attenuation for Chlorinated Solvent Plumes — It’s All About Balance

2005  Predicting Chlorine Residuals in Unlined Metallic Pipes

2005  Treatment and Distribution System Effects on Chloramine Decay, pH, Nitrification, and Disinfection By-Products: Case Study

2005  Trihalomethane Species Forecast using Optimization Methods: Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing

2004  Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Bioreactor Landfills

2004  Characterizing the Pipe Wall Demand for Free Chlorine in Metallic Pipes

2004  Comparative Analysis of Chlorine Dioxide, Free Chlorine and Chloramines on Bacterial Water Quality in Model Distribution Systems

2004  Control of Molybdenum Emission by Sorbents: Equilibrium Analysis

2004  Electrochemical Wastewater Disinfection: Identification of its Principal Germicidal Actions

2004  Optimal Selection of Rechlorinization Station in Water Distribution System by Optimization Techniques

2004  Performance of a Biofilm Airlift Suspension Reactor for Synthetic Wastewater Treatment

2004  Randomized Stratified Sampling Methodology for Water Quality in Distribution Systems

2004  Simulation of Chlorine Decay in Drinking Water Distribution Systems