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2014  Adaptivity of Budyko Hypothesis in Evaluating Interannual Variability of Watershed Water Balance in Northern China

2014  Buried Pipe Affected by River Erosion When Crossing the Yangtze River

2014  Case Study of Applying Multifractal Models for Rainfall IDF Analysis in China

2014  Clustering Urban Multifunctional Landscapes Using the Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Model

2014  Combining the Crop Coefficient of Winter Wheat and Summer Maize with a Remotely Sensed Vegetation Index for Estimating Evapotranspiration in the North China Plain

2014  Community-Initiated Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings and Sustainable Development in the Inner City of Shanghai

2014  Competitive Strategies Associated with Particular Localization Patterns Adopted by Implanted Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms in China

2014  Construction Supervision Mechanism for Public Projects in China: Progress Goal-Oriented Perspective

2014  Damping Properties of Highway Bridges in China

2014  Detecting the Characteristics of the Spatial Patterns of Trees Adjacent to Buildings within Changed Settlements of Farmers in Shanghai, China

2014  Development and Application of Single-Parameter Soil Water Diffusivity Models for the Nanxiaohegou Basin

2014  Distribution Shift for Wind Power Development in China: Strategy Analysis

2014  Does Expectation Match Reality? Examination of Risk Management Education in China

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Flow Updating in Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Runoff Correction by a Dynamic System Response Curve

2014  Forces Driving Changes in Urban Construction Land of Urban Agglomerations in China

2014  Fundamental Mode Estimation for Modern Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering the Tower Flexibility

2014  Gradient Analysis of Urban Construction Land Expansion in the Chongqing Urban Area of China

2014  Great 2010 American Earthquakes: Lessons for Seismic Design and Construction

2014  Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modeling of the Poyang Lake Catchment System in China

2014  Impacts of Urbanization on Precipitation in Taihu Lake Basin, China

2014  Inner-City Urban Redevelopment in China Metropolises and the Emergence of Gentrification: Case of Yuexiu, Guangzhou

2014  Key Relational Contracting Practices Affecting Performance of Public Construction Projects in China

2014  Knowledge-Based Approach for Reservoir System Optimization

2014  Land Use Optimization for a Rapidly Urbanizing City with Regard to Local Climate Change: Shenzhen as a Case Study

2014  Long-Term Effects of Water Diversions on the Longitudinal Flow and Bed Profiles

2014  Long-Term Performance of a Capillary-Barrier Cover with Unsaturated Drainage Layer in a Humid Climate

2014  Los Grandes Terremotos Americanos del Año 2010: Enseñanzas para el Diseño y la Construcciön Sísmica

2014  Optimal Operation of Large-Scale Cascaded Hydropower Systems in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

2014  Optimization of Water Diversion Based on Reservoir Operating Rules: Analysis of the Biliu River Reservoir, China

2014  Postoperation Performance of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme in Storm Events: 2D Hydraulic Analysis and Field Verification

2014  Proposed Strategy for the Application of the Modified Harmony Search Algorithm to Code-Based Selection and Scaling of Ground Motions

2014  Quality Management Evaluation Based on Self-Control and Cosupervision Mechanism in PIP

2014  Research on Variable Eco-Environmental Water Demand and Its Application to the Weihe River

2014  Role of Human Resource Practices in Enhancing Organizational Learning in Chinese Construction Organizations

2014  Seismic-Isolation Retrofits of School Buildings: Practice in China after Recent Devastating Earthquakes

2014  SPAC to Improve Port Performance for Seaports with Very Long One-Way Entrance Channels

2014  Spatial Patterns of Distinct Urban Growth Forms in Relation to Roads and Pregrowth Urban Areas: Case of the Nanjing Metropolitan Region in China

2014  Surveying Colocated GNSS, VLBI, and SLR Stations in China

2014  Sustainable Land-Use Planning for a Downtown Lake Area in Central China: Multiobjective Optimization Approach Aided by Urban Growth Modeling

2014  Technical Innovations of the Aizhai Bridge in China

2014  Tree Ring-Based Reconstruction of October to November Runoffs in the Jiaolai River since 1826

2014  Uniform Model for Moisture Transport in Porous Materials and Its Application to Concrete at Selected Chinese Regions

2014  Water Requirement with Irrigation Expansion in Jingtai Irrigation District, Northwest China: The Need to Consider Irrigation-Induced Local Changes in Evapotranspiration Demand

2014  Wisdom of Ancient Engineering Practice in China

2013  3-D Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis of a Double Subway Station

2013  Adaptability and Pattern Study of Developing Bus Rapid Transit in Xining City

2013  Analysis and Countermeasures of Chinese Hub Airports Construction

2013  Analysis and Detection of Groundwater Exploitation-Induced Urban Deformation Disaster Based on PS-InSAR and GIS

2013  Analysis and Discussion on Limits of Dimensions, Axle Load and Masses for Road Vehicles

2013  Analysis and Prevention of Accident in Nantong Jurisdiction of Yangtze River

2013  Analysis of Balance between Supply and Demand in Indemnificatory Housing Based on Housing Affordability

2013  Analysis of Compressive Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture under Freeze-Thaw Cycles in Cold Plateau Regions

2013  Analysis of Freeway Visibility Characteristics and Influencing Factors Based on Statistical Analysis Method

2013  Analysis of Freight Vessel Arrival Distribution on the Grand Canal, China

2013  Analysis of Harbin Urbanization Factors

2013  Analysis of Reasonable Energy Price Ratios in China

2013  Analysis of Residential Energy Consumption Characteristics: A Comparative Study Between Two Cities in China and the U.S.

2013  Analysis of Risk Factors and Safety Countermeasures of Collision between Seaplanes and Vessels Based on ISM Theory

2013  Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of the Xiaoyangqi River in Northeast China

2013  Analysis of the Effect of Individual Estate Tax Reform in China

2013  Analysis of the Fundamentals to Influence the Price of China’s Real Estate

2013  Analysis of the Mechanisms Contributing to Spatial Mismatch in Transitional Chinese Cities

2013  Analysis of the Railway Crossing Traffic in Jinzhou Urban District

2013  Analysis of the Track Irregularities Spectrum for the He-Wu Passenger-Dedicated Line

2013  Analysis of the Traffic Operating Efficiency in China after the Economic Stimulus Plan

2013  Analysis of Transportation Development Needs Requirement and Policy Suggestions for Road Highway Transportation in Urban Agglomeration Areas in China

2013  Analysis on Changchun Urban Planning of Construction and Management

2013  Analysis on Problems of the Vocational Qualification System for Registered Structural Engineers in China

2013  Analysis the Safety Characters of the Ship Container Logistics Networks of China

2013  Applicability Analysis of Ozone Disinfection in Rural Drinking Water Supply from Two Aspects: Ozone Decay and Bromate Formation

2013  Application Effect Assessment of Highway Tunnel Luminescence Guiding Facilities

2013  Application of a SWAT Model for Hydrological Modeling in the Xixian Watershed, China

2013  The Application of Detection Technology in Pipe Jacking Construction

2013  The Application of Internet of Things Technology to Water Transport Safety

2013  Application of Lean Theory in China’s Logistics Firms

2013  The Application of Potential Rupture Surface Model on PSHA in the Area Near the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

2013  Applying Six Sigma to Supply Chain in Rural Logistics

2013  Arterial Transit Signal Priority in Chinese Metropolis

2013  Assessing the Impacts of Future Climate Change on Hydrology in Huang-Huai-Hai Region in China Using the PRECIS and VIC Models

2013  Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis with Historical Information Based on Copula

2013  A Case Study of Wave Equation Drivability Analysis for Super-Large Diameter Steel Pipe Pile

2013  Cause and Countermeasure of Structure Disease of Bridge

2013  The Characteristic of Vehicle Speed Under Angry Driving in China

2013  Characteristics of a Large-Scale Deep Foundation Pit Excavated by the Central-Island Technique in Shanghai Soft Clay. I: Bottom-Up Construction of the Central Cylindrical Shaft

2013  Characteristics of Fatal Road Accidents in China

2013  Characteristics of Pedestrian Speeds at Urban Road Crosswalks

2013  China’s Municipal Pipelines: Today and Tomorrow

2013  Chinese Dynamic Penetration Test for Liquefaction Evaluation in Gravelly Soils

2013  Chinese Nuclear Emergency Situations and Suggestions after Fukushima Nuclear Accident

2013  The city of Changsha will soon be able to boast three designs from the London-based ZahaHadid Architects...

2013  Cluster Analysis of Mineral Resources Based on AHP

2013  Coherency Function Model of Seismic Ground Motion Based on Accelerograms Recorded by Zigong Seismograph Array

2013  Community Regeneration in a Central City against an Aging Background: A Case of China

2013  The Comparative Analysis of the Commercial Housing Prices in Beijing and Harbin Based on the Stepwise Regression Model

2013  Comparison of Comprehensive Transportation Development Goals in Domestic Cities

2013  Comparison of the Integrated Transport System Concepts between China and Foreign Countries

2013  Comparison of Vulnerable Road Users Involved in Traffic Accidents in China and Developed Countries

2013  Comprehensive Delimitation and Ring Identification on Urban Spatial Radiation of Regional Central Cities: Case Study of Zhengzhou

2013  Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Listed Real Estate Company Based on GARCH Models and Factor Analysis