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Found 83 Records with the keyword term of "Chimneys"

2012  Performance Evaluation of Solar Chimney System in the Tropics

2011  Time Series Prediction of Chimney Foundation Settlement by Neural Networks

2010  Design of Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Stacks

2009  Analysis of the Long-Term Settlements of Chimney Foundation on Silty Clay

2009  Design Synthesis and Analysis of a Solar Chimney at KAUST

2009  Evaluation of Concrete Chimneys Designed According to ACI 307 Standard

2009  From Cooling Towers to Chimneys of Solar Upwind Power Plants

2009  A Huff, and a Puff, and...It Blew the Chimney Down

2009  An Investigation on Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Industrial Chimneys

2009  The New ACI 307-08 Chimney Code — Seismic Design Requirements

2009  Nonlinear Analysis of a Collapsed Reinforced Concrete Chimney

2008  Design of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys for Earthquake Forces

2008  Special Climate around a Commercial Solar Chimney Power Plant

2007  Seismic Design of Concrete Chimneys — State of Practice

2006  Higher Mode Effects in the Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Collapsed Chimney

2005  Dynamic Response of a Collapsed Heater Stack

2003  Bibliography and Standards References

2003  Chimney and Stack Inspection Guidelines

2003  Front Matter

2003  Index

1998  Glass Fiber Wrap Saves Smokestacks

1997  Analysis of R/C Chimneys with Soil-Structure Interaction

1996  Methods and Procedural Considerations in Demolishing Tall Concrete Chimneys

1994  Aesthetic Considerations in the Design of a Stack Extension

1994  Blast Demolition of Reinforced Concrete Industrial Chimneys

1994  Evaluation of Corroded Steel Chimneys

1994  Failure of the Turkey Point Unit 1 Reinforced Concrete Chimney During Hurricane Andrew

1992  Finite Element Large Deflection Analysis of Cylindrical Shells with Different Types of Cutouts

1991  Structural Renovation of Tall Chimneys

1990  Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Industrial R/C Chimneys

1990  On the CICIND Code

1990  On the Failure Probabilities of R/C Chimneys

1990  Time Dependent Stochastic Characteristics of the Lateral Random Vibration of Tall Structures with Circular Cross-Section

1989  Aerodynamic Modeling of Chimneys

1989  Analysis of Long Cantilever Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Wind Loading

1989  Wind Induced Vibration of Two Flexible Cylindrical Structures

1988  Statistical Analysis of Tubular R/C Sections

1987  Power Plant Wind Design Problems and Practices

1987  Wind Forces Measured on a Tall R.C. Chimney

1986  Damage to Oil Refineries from Major Earthquakes

1986  On Thermal Blistering of FRP Chimney Liners

1984  Seasonal Temperature Effects on a Foundation

1983  Ductile Anchor Bolts for Tall Chimneys

1983  A Practical Probabilistic Model

1983  Reliability of Concrete Chimneys under Wind Loading

1983  Response to Wind Action of 265-m Mount Isa Stack

1980  Aerodynamics in Air Pollution Modeling

1980  Elastic-Plastic Seismic Response of Chimney

1980  Structural Characterization Of Concrete Chimneys

1977  Nonlinear Analysis of Towers and Stacks

1975  Design and Construction of Steel Chimney Liners

1975  Seismic Forces and Overturning Moments in Buildings, Towers and Chimneys

1975  Tendon Control in Tall Structures

1974  Brittle Failure of Steel Stack

1974  Dynamic Behavior of Steel Chimney Liners

1974  Dynamic Response of Steel Chimney Liners to Flue Gas Flow

1974  Introduction to the ASCE Recommended Practice for the Design and Construction of Steel Chimney Liners

1974  Modeling Gas Mixing Within Steel Chimney Liners

1974  Thermal Behavior of a 1000 Foot Steel Chimney Liner

1974  Top-Supported Chimney Liners

1973  Approximate Fundamental Frequencies for Chimneys

1973  Coherence of Grid-Generated Turbulence

1972  Design of Steel Chimney Liners

1972  Drag or Along-Wind Response of Slender Structures

1972  Lift or Across-Wind Response to Tapered Stacks

1971  Eddy Formation behind Circular Cylinders

1971  Vibration of Chimney Supported on Elevated Concrete Slab

1970  Basic Structural Design of Concrete Chimneys

1970  Clean Air Management in Allegheny County, PA

1970  Concrete Chimney Design, Construction and Operation

1970  Design of Browns Ferry Chimney

1969  TVA Experience with Concrete Chimney Lining Plants

1969  TVA’s Air Quality Management Program

1969  Vibrations of Stacks Supported on Steel Structures

1967  Earthquake Forces in Reinforced Concrete Chimneys

1965  Improving Chimney Flow Conditions

1963  Vibrations of Steel-Lined Concrete Chimneys

1962  Power Station Structural Steel and Concrete Chimneys

1891  Chimney for the Narragansett Electric Lighting Company, Providence R. I.

1885  Chimney Construction: Station B Chimney of the New York Steam Co.

1885  Chimney Construction: the "Crinoline" Chimneys of the Cambria Iron Company at Johnstown, Pa.

1885  Chimney Construction: the Merrimack Manufacturing Company’s Chimney at Lowell, Mass.

1885  Chimney Construction: the Pacific Mills Chimney at Lawrence, Mass., U. S. A.