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2015  Shrinkage Characteristics of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements

2014  Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Steel Rebars Manufactured in Pakistan and Their Design Implications

2013  In-situ Chemo-Mechanical Characterization of Cementitious Microstructures with Coupled X-Ray Microanalysis and Indentation Technique

2013  Measuring the Chemical Shrinkage of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements Using the Buoyancy Method

2013  Retracted: Pan, Tongyan, Yu, Qifeng, and Lloyd, Stephen, "Quantum-Chemistry-Based Study of Beech-Wood Lignin as an Antioxidant of Petroleum Asphalt", Int. J. Geomech., 12(4), 414-427, 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0000684

2013  Rheological Properties and Chemical Bonding of Asphalt Modified with Nanosilica

2013  Texas Department of Transportation Fly Ash Database and the Development of Chemical Composition-Based Fly Ash Alkali-Silica Reaction Durability Index

2013  A Theoretical Framework for Modeling Chemo-Mechanical Behavior of Porous Media with Multiphases and Multispecies

2013  Thermal Consolidation with Chemical Dehydration Reactions: Pore Pressure Generation in the Slow Slip Region of Subduction Zones

2012  Characterization of Clays Using Quantitative XRD and Chemical Analyses

2012  Chemical and Mineralogical Behaviour of Lignosulfonate Treated Soils

2012  Effect of Acid Rain on Chemical and Hydraulic Properties of Cement Solidified/Stabilized Lead Contaminated Marine Soft Clay

2012  Geochemical Characterization of Deep Groundwater in KURT Using Geochemical Modeling

2012  Studies on the Effect of Retention Time of Rice Husk Combustion on the Ash’s Chemo-Physical Properties and Performance in Cement Mixtures

2011  Chemical Characterization of Biobinder from Swine Manure: Sustainable Modifier for Asphalt Binder

2011  Chemical Properties of Blended Cement Pastes

2011  Investigation of Chemistry by FTIR and NMR during the Natural Exposure Aging of Asphalt

2011  Relations between Basin Characteristics and Stream Chemistry in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

2011  Response of Soil Water Chemistry to Simulated Changes in Acid Deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains

2011  Rheological and Chemical Properties of Hydrated Lime and Polyphosphoric Acid–Modified Asphalts with Long-Term Aging

2011  Selective Algicidal Activity of Surfactant and Its Mechanism

2011  Use of Bagasse Ash in Concrete and Its Impact on the Strength and Chloride Resistivity

2010  Recent Developments in Modelling THCM Behaviour of Geoenvironmental Problems

2009  ’Electronic Nose’ Aims to Improve Chemical Sensing Capabilities

2009  Factor and Cluster Analyses of Water Chemistry in and around a Large Rockfill Dam: Implications for Water Leakage

2009  Geochemistry of Yukon and Copper River Tributaries, Alaska

2008  Development of a Hydro-Salinity Simulation Model for Colorado’s Arkansas Valley

2008  Impact Assessment and Remediation Strategies for Roadway Construction in Acid-Bearing Media: Case Study from Mid-Appalachia

2007  Isolation and Characterization of NP4, Arsenate-Reducing Sulfurospirillum, from Maine Groundwater

2006  Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Behavior of Bentonite Engineered with a Controlled Organic Phase

2006  Field Monitoring of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Removal of Chlorinated Organics

2006  Influence of Water Chemistry on the Swelling Capacity of a High-Density Bentonite

2006  Porochemoelastic Solution for an Inclined Borehole in a Transversely Isotropic Formation

2005  Biological Considerations in Geotechnical Engineering

2005  Estimating Stream Temperature from Air Temperature: Implications for Future Water Quality

2005  Functionalized Nanoelectrode Arrays for In-Situ Identification and Quantification of Regulated Chemicals in Water

2005  Geochemistry of Surface-Waters in Mineralized and Non-Mineralized areas of the Yukon-Tanana Uplands

2005  Porochemothermoelastic Solution for an Inclined Borehole in a Transversely Isotropic Formation

2005  Sources of Hydrogen Sulfide in Groundwater on Reclaimed Land

2005  Unique Effects of Hydrated Lime Filler on the Performance-Related Properties of Asphalt Cements: Physical and Chemical Interactions Revisited

2004  Evaluation of Geostatistics for Combined Hydrochemistry and Microbial Community Fingerprinting at a Waste Disposal Site

2004  Predicting Swelling Characteristics of Bentonites

2004  A Review of Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Shredded Tires and Soil Mixtures

2002  The Compression Behaviour of Structured Clayey Soils

2002  Water Chemistry by Mark M. Benjamin

2001  Surface Cleanliness Effect on Lunar Soil Shear Strength

2000  Enhanced Mobility of Lead in Soil Rhizosphere: Model Development and Validation

2000  Natural Groundwater Tracers for Hydrochemical Evolution Investigations

2000  Space Weathering of Lunar Mare Soils: New Understanding of the Effects on Reflectance Spectroscopy

2000  Zeoponic Plant Growth Substrate Development at the Johnson Space Center and Possible Use at a Martian Outpost

1999  Summary Report of Bioassays for the City of Hollywood Water Plant Membrane Reject Water as it Mixed with Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Effluent in an Ocean Outfall Environment

1998  Navigating the Planning and Implementation Efforts of a Dredging Project Amidst the Myriad of Local, State and Federal Bureacratic Floating Mines

1998  The State Water Resources Control Board’s Marine Bioassay Project

1998  Water Quality of Kangra Valley (India) - A Case Study

1997  Determination of Sedimentary Source in the Port of Hashidate by Using Geochemical Elements

1997  Estimating Effective Germicidal Dose from Medium Pressure UV Lamps

1997  Response of MICROTOX Organisms to Leachates of Autoclaved Cellular Concrete

1996  BAYMAP: A Simplified Embayment Flushing and Transport Model System

1996  The Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI) for Water Related Benefits Transfers

1996  Identifying Potential Trophic Relationships and Bioaccumulation Pathways between Fish and Invertebrates

1996  Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

1996  Soil Water Chemistry of Irrigation with Drainwater

1995  Artificial Recharge and Quality Variation in Shanghai

1995  Calcite Fracture Fillings as Indicators of Paleohydrology at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden

1995  Colloid Stability in a Proposed Nuclear Waste Repository

1995  Controlling Iron Concentrations in the Recovered Water from Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

1995  Coupling Between Water Chemistry and Thermal Output at Unsaturated Repositories

1995  An Evaluation of Chemical Oxidizers for Algae Control in Hydroelectric Canals

1995  Groundwater Predictions in the Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

1995  Implications of Colloids on the Performance of a HLW Repository

1995  Proposed Models of Colloid-Facilitated Transport for Total-System Performance Assessment

1995  The Role of Cation Exchange in Controlling Groundwater Chemistry at Äspö, Sweden

1995  The Ski Repository Performance Assessment Project Site-94

1995  Synthesis of 1.1 NM Tobermorite: A Cement Phase Expected Under Repository Conditions

1995  Water Quality Aspects of Groundwater Recharge: Chemical Characteristics of Recharge Waters and Long-Term Liabilities of Recharge Projects

1994  A Framework for the Environmental Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sediments

1994  Geoscientific Studies in the Tono Area, Japan

1994  Preliminary Screening Studies for Dredge Disposal Options

1994  Progress in Understanding the Structure and Thermodynamics of Calcium Silicate Hydrates

1994  Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Laboratory Bioassays of Dredged Material

1994  Raw Water Cement-Mortar Lined Pipeline Corrosion A Case Study

1994  Strontium Isotope Geochemistry of Soil and Playa Deposits Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  TBP Revisited: A Ten Year Perspective on a Screening Test for Dredged Sediment Bioaccumulation Potential

1994  U-234/U-238 Ratio: Qualitative Estimate of Groundwater Flow in Rocky Flats Monitoring Wells

1994  Water Chemistry of Lead Corrosion Control

1993  Aquifer Characteristics and Long-Term Ground-Water Levels

1993  Bioaccumulation in Mussels Caged in Alamitos Bay, CA

1993  Dependence of Radionuclide Sorption on Sample Grinding Surface Area, and Water Composition

1993  Long-Term Water Quality of Shallow Ground Water at Irrigated Sites

1993  NOAA, Bioassessment Techniques and the Superfund Process

1993  Transient Pulses of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Douglas Reservoir

1992  Characterization of a Heavy Metal Contaminated Site

1992  The Effects of Land Applied Water Treatment Residuals on Soil Phosphorus

1992  Flow and Transport Through Unsaturated Rock—Data from Two Test Holes, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1992  Forecasting Instabilities in Groundwater Parameters

1992  The International CHEMVAL Project: Verification and Validation of Geochemical Models

1992  Interpreting Dredge Material Bioassay Data—COBIAA

1992  Modelling the Effect of Atmospheric Emissions on Groundwater Composition

1992  Permanence of Grouted Sands Exposed to Various Water Chemistries

1992  QSAR Parameters for Toxicity of Organic Chemicals to Nitrobacter