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2014  Entropy Theory in Hydraulic Engineering, An Introduction

2014  Fluid Mud Properties in Nautical Depth Estimation

2014  Modeling the Vulnerability of Waterway Networks

2014  Slope Correction for Calculation of Bedload Sediment Transport Rates in Steep Channels

2014  SPAC to Improve Port Performance for Seaports with Very Long One-Way Entrance Channels

2014  Stage-Discharge Prediction in Compound Channels

2014  Surge Wave Propagation in a Common Tailrace Channel for Two Large Pumped-Storage Plants

2014  Sustainable Erosion Remediation and Restoration Measures in South Louisiana Navigation Channels

2014  Transient Mass Transport within Stokes Eddies Induced in a Junction of Orthogonal Flow Branches

2013  3D Flow and Sediment Dynamics in a Laboratory Channel Bend with and without Stream Barbs

2013  Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Side-Weir Detention Basin in Flood-Level Reduction in the Main Channel

2013  Analytical Solutions for the Suspended Sediment Transport in Channel with Arbitrary Velocity and Eddy Viscosity Distributions

2013  Bayport Ship Channel Improvements Project

2013  Case Studies

2013  Channel Requirements for Offshore Petroleum Exploration

2013  Cost

2013  Determining the Width of Bend Channel for Very Large Vessels Based on Simulation Trials

2013  Development of Channel Contraction Widths

2013  Dikes

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Baffle-Sluice Gates

2013  Effects of Varying Stream Channel Conductance on Siting New Pumping Wells in an Aquifer

2013  Environmental Design

2013  Front Matter

2013  History

2013  How Poor Stormwater Practices Are Shortening the Life of Our Nation’s Infrastructure--Recalibrating Stormwater Management for Stream Channel Stability and Infrastructure Sustainability

2013  Hydraulic and Contraction Scour Analysis of a Meandering Channel: James River Bridges near Mitchell, South Dakota

2013  The Impact on Maintaining Our Federal Channels with Today’s Fiscal Realities

2013  Index

2013  Inland Navigation, Channel Training Works

2013  Insights from Depth-Averaged Numerical Simulation of Flow at Bridge Abutments in Compound Channels

2013  Introduction

2013  Knickpoint Migration and Evolution in the Deep Loess Region of Western Iowa

2013  Mixed Sediment Modeling for Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas

2013  Model Studies

2013  Modeling and Designing Control Flow Systems for Drainage Channels at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2013  Modeling Curvature- and Topography-driven Secondary Currents in Sine-generated Meandering Channels

2013  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress in Rectangular Compound Channels with Secondary Flows

2013  Modeling Sediment Transport in Sine-Generated Meandering Channels

2013  Other Types of Training Structures

2013  Performance, Evaluation, and Inspection

2013  Pontoon Launch Channel Analysis, Design and Performance

2013  Port of Long Beach (-)76 MLLW Main Channel Dredging

2013  Rapid Prediction of Hydraulic Performance for Emitters with Labyrinth Channels

2013  Repair Techniques

2013  Revetments

2013  Sedimentation and Sediment Management in River Channels

2013  Spatially Variable Dispersion Coefficients in Meandering Channels

2013  Terminology

2013  Three-Dimensional Turbulence Intensity in a Compound Channel

2013  Training Structure Types and Layout

2013  Transverse Mixing Coefficient on Dunes with Vegetation on a Channel Wall

2013  Turbulence and Vorticity in a Laboratory Channel Bend at Equilibrium Clear-Water Scour with and without Stream Barbs

2013  Two-Dimensional Numerical Investigation for Short- and Long-Term Effects of Spur Dikes on Weighted Usable Area of Rhinogobius candidianus (Goby)

2013  Use of Stabilized Stream-Monitoring Sections to Monitor Annual Streamflow on the Alberta Boreal Plain

2013  Validation of a Risk-Based Numerical Model for Predicting Deep-Draft Underkeel Clearance

2013  Very Large Vessels into River Navigable Environment Analysis and Security Control Methods Research

2013  A Virtual Flow Meter to Develop Velocity-Index Ratings and Evaluate the Effect of Flow Disturbances on these Ratings

2013  Water Surface Profiles along a Rectangular Side Weir in a U-Shaped Channel (Analytical Findings)

2012  Balloon Photogrammetry along the Middle Fork John Day River, Oregon

2012  Channel Morphology Prediction with and without a Temporary Channel Upstream of the Elephant Butte Reservoir

2012  Computational Procedures Used for Radial Gate Calibration in WinGate

2012  Crossbar Block Ramps: Flow Regimes, Energy Dissipation, Friction Factors, and Drag Forces

2012  Discontinuous Galerkin Method for 1D Shallow Water Flow in Nonrectangular and Nonprismatic Channels

2012  Dynamic Response of Circular-Arc Channel in a Liquid-Filled Solid Half-Space under Harmonic Plane Compressional Waves

2012  Evaluating Boundary Shear Stresses in Natural-Shaped Channel Bendways

2012  Evaluation of Flushing Efficiency in an Embayment System Depending on Different Channel Configurations Using FVCOM: A Case Study in Abu Dhabi

2012  Experimental Study on Scour around a T-Shaped Spur Dike in a Channel Bend

2012  Exploring Effects of Urbanization on Stream Health: A Characterization of Water Quality and Channel Stability along Lost Creek

2012  FPGA Embedded System Design of Multi-Channel Guided Waves Ultrasonic Testing Instrument for Pipeline Inspection

2012  Getting Ready for a Larger Panama Canal—Assessing a Critical Large Diameter Force Main

2012  Hydraulic and Hydrological Regime of Ice-Affected Channels at Freezeup

2012  Importance of Hydrology on Channel Evolution Following Dam Removal: Case Study and Conceptual Model

2012  Jumping to Conclusions: Modeling Super/Sub-Critical Flow in a Long, High-Velocity Highway Culvert

2012  Large Eddy Simulation of Lock-Exchange Flow in a Curved Channel

2012  Maximum Velocity Effects from Vane-Dike Installations in Channel Bends

2012  Modeling Metal and Sediment Transport in a Stream-Wetland System

2012  Modeling Transport of Disposed Dredged Material from Placement Sites in Grays Harbor, WA

2012  Momentum Considerations in Hydraulic Jumps and Bores

2012  New Solution Method for Water Surface Profile along a Side Weir in a Circular Channel

2012  Piano Key Weir: Reservoir versus Channel Application

2012  Piano Key Weir Submergence in Channel Applications

2012  Relationships between Watershed and Stream Characteristics and Channel Forming Discharge in Snowmelt Dominated Streams

2012  Reliability Based Design on Long Irrigation Channel Considering the Soil Investigation Locations

2012  Research on a Rescue Channel Digging-Robot

2012  Resistance to Shallow Uniform Flow in Small, Riprap-Lined Drainage Channels

2012  River Flux Boundary Considerations in a Coupled Hydrologic-Hydrodynamic Modeling System

2012  Seasonal Variation of Velocity Fields in Lined Channels: Impact on Flow Measurement

2012  Separation Zone in Flow past a Spur Dyke on Rigid Bed Meandering Channel

2012  Stage-Discharge Prediction for Straight and Smooth Compound Channels with Wide Floodplains

2012  Water Quality Assessment during River Channel Alteration for Flood Mitigation in Metro Manila, Philippines

2011  Analysis of Traffic Capacity at Harbor Public Channel: A Simulation Approach

2011  Analysis of Turbulent Hydraulic Jump over a Transitional Rough Bed of a Rectangular Channel: Universal Relations

2011  Application of Sheet Pile Wall in a Channel to Upgrade Waterways

2011  Appraisement Method of Integral Rigidity of Navigation Channel Bridges Based on Ambient Vibration Signals

2011  A Channel for Life: Gunnison Tunnel

2011  Cyclical Fluvial Response Caused by Rechannelization

2011  Determining Width of Channel for Large Container Based on Simulation Trials

2011  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Semisubmerged Structure in a Channel

2011  Dispersion Model for Varying Vertical Shear in Vegetated Channels

2011  Effect of Channel Restoration on Flood Wave Attenuation