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2015  Laboratory Study on 3D Flow Structures Induced by Zero-Height Side Weir and Implications for 1D Modeling

2014  Analytic Solution for Oscillatory Flow in a Channel for Jeffrey Fluid

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2013  Cavitation Potential of Flow on Stepped Spillways

2013  Near-Bed Sediment Condition in Oscillatory Sheet Flows

2013  SPH Modeling of One-Dimensional Nonrectangular and Nonprismatic Channel Flows with Open Boundaries

2012  Applicability of the De Marchi Hypothesis for Side Weir Flow in the Case of Movable Beds

2012  Evaluating Channelized Flow Sediment Control Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

2012  Hydraulic Performance of Asymmetric Labyrinth Side Weirs Located on a Straight Channel

2012  Machine Learning Approaches for Error Correction of Hydraulic Simulation Models for Canal Flow Schemes

2012  Roughened Channels with Cross Beams Flow Features

2011  Flow Resistance Caused by Large-Scale Bank Roughness in a Channel

2011  Hydraulic Models of the Flow Distribution in a Four Branch Open Channel Junction with Supercritical Flow

2011  Large Eddy Simulation of Sediment Deformation in a Turbulent Flow by Means of Level-Set Method

2011  Overbank Flow in Compound Channels with Nonprismatic Floodplains

2011  Transverse Dispersion Caused by Secondary Flow in Curved Channels

2011  Velocity Distribution and Energy Dissipation along Stepped Chutes Lined with Wedge-Shaped Concrete Blocks

2010  Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Constructed Compound Channel River Restoration Project on an Incised Stream

2010  Physically Realistic Roughness Closure Scheme to Simulate Turbulent Channel Flow over Rough Beds within the Framework of LES

2009  Construction of a Low-Flow Channel in Barber Creek: Case Study in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

2009  Effect of Nonuniformity of Flow on Hydraulic Geometry Relations

2009  Ensemble-Averaged Flow Routing in Channel Networks: Kinematic Wave Equation

2009  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Density Current in a Straight Channel

2009  Waves Generated by a Pressure Disturbance Moving in a Channel with a Variable Cross-Sectional Topography

2008  Application of a Routing Model for Detecting Channel Flow Changes with Minimal Data

2008  Conservative Scheme for Numerical Modeling of Flow in Natural Geometry

2008  Effect of Channel Shape on Time of Travel and Equilibrium Detention Storage in Channel

2008  Modeling the Effect of Flow Structures on Canal System Residence Time

2008  Modelling Flow and Vegetation Effects in a Curved Channel

2008  Quantifying Culvert Exit Loss

2007  Analytic Stage-Discharge Formulas for Flow in Straight Prismatic Channels

2007  Flow Patterns in Compound Channels with Vegetated Floodplains

2007  Flow through Trapezoidal and Rectangular Channels with Rigid Cylinders

2007  Investigating the Application of Channel Boundary Conditions for Model Calibration and Validation

2007  Kinematic and Diffusion Waves: Analytical and Numerical Solutions to Overland and Channel Flow

2007  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear in Trapezoidal Channels with Secondary Flows

2007  Numerical Simulation of Flow over a Rough Bed

2007  Power Law Velocity Profile in Fully Developed Turbulent Pipe and Channel Flows

2006  Dam Break Hydraulics in Natural Rivers

2006  Electrocoagulation of Silica Nanoparticles in Wafer Polishing Wastewater by a Multichannel Flow Reactor: A Kinetic Study

2006  Electromagnetic Wave Surface Velocimetry

2006  Evaluation of the Micromodel: An Extremely Small-Scale Movable Bed Model

2006  Formation Processes and Configuration of Channel-Flow Dominated Alluvial Deltas by Numerical Simulation

2006  Fuzzy Analysis of Slope-Area Discharge Estimates

2006  Green’s Function of the Linearized de Saint-Venant Equations

2006  Investigation of Flow Around a Bridge Abutment in a Flat Bed Channel Using Large Eddy Simulation

2006  Stage–Discharge Relations for Low-Gradient Tidal Streams using Data-Driven Models

2005  Analysis of Flow Mechanism Based on Master Recession Curves

2005  Channel Shape and Turbulence Issues in Flood Flow Hydraulics

2005  Channel-Forming Discharge and Hydraulic Geometry Width Predictors in Meandering Sand-Bed Rivers

2005  Channel-Forming Flow: Representations and Variability

2005  Development of Vegetated Systems and Engineered Vegetated Systems Testing Protocol in Channelized Flow

2005  Discharge Ratio of Side Outflow to Supercritical Channel Flow

2005  Friction Factors for Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Discharge

2005  Hydraulic Resistance in Grass Swales Designed for Small Flow Conveyance

2005  Mathematical Modeling of Meandering Channels with a Generalized Depth Averaged Model

2005  Multichannel Analysis of Passive Surface Waves – Modeling and Processing Schemes

2005  Net Transfer of Sediment from Floodplain to Channel on Three Southern U.S. Rivers

2004  Comparing Techniques to Estimate Roughness Due to Vegetation

2004  Designing Channel Bed Materials for Low Flow Stability around Refugia

2004  Discharge Coefficient of a Triangular Side-Weir Located on a Curved Channel

2004  Generalized Head-Discharge Equation for Flow over Sharp-Crested Inclined Inverted V-Notch Weir

2004  Hydraulics of Rectangular Dropshafts

2004  Overbank Flow in Symmetrically Narrowing Floodplains

2004  Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Pipe/Channel Networks

2004  Steady and Unsteady Simulations of Turbulent Flow and Transport in Ultraviolet Disinfection Channels

2003  Side Outflow from Supercritical Channel Flow

2003  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Compound Channel Flows

2002  Analytical Solution to the Zero-Inertia Problem for Surge Flow Phenomena in Nonprismatic Channels

2002  The BoogieDopp: A New Instrument for Measuring Discharge in Small Rivers and Channels

2002  Dam Break in Channels with 90° Bend

2002  Flow Velocity Measurements in Vegetated Channels

2002  Generalized Study of Hydraulics of Culvert Fishways

2002  Horizontal Viscous Dam-Break Flow: Experiments and Theory

2002  Hydraulic Resistance of Flow in Channels with Cylindrical Roughness

2002  Lateral Variation of Bed Shear Stress and the Presence of Secondary Currents in the Low Flow Conveyance Channel of the Middle Rio Grande

2002  Lateral Weir Flow Model using a Curve Fitting Analysis

2002  Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Single-Channel Streams

2002  Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics of Meandering Compound Channels

2002  Turbulence Characteristics in Gradual Channel Transition

2002  Turbulence Structure in Free-Surface Channel Flows

2002  Undular Hydraulic Jumps in Circular Conduits

2001  Dam-Break Waves in Power-Law Channel Section

2001  EDR in Circular Channels

2001  Formulas for Time of Travel in Channel with Upstream Inflow

2001  Integrating Equation of Gradually Varied Flow

2001  Large-Eddy Simulation of Sediment Transport: Currents over Ripples

2001  Modification of Canal Flow due to Stream-Aquifer Interaction

2001  Sensitivity Analysis of the CCHE1D Channel Network Model

2001  Simulation of Meandering Channel Migration Processes with an Enhanced Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

2001  Turbulence Characteristics in a Natural Channel Downstream of a Transition

2000  Application of Flow Velocity Distribution Models to Channel Discharge Measurements

2000  Bank Instabilities along the Missouri River: The Role of Positive Pore-Water Pressures and Flow Releases

2000  Channel Network Routing of Flow and Sediment in Agricultural Watersheds

2000  Channel Routing in River Networks Using NWS FLDWAV Model

2000  Discharge Calculation of Natural Channel Flows with AFM Data

2000  Effects of Bed Coarsening on Sediment Transport

2000  Hydraulics of Exchange Flows

2000  Numerical Study of Resistance with Rib Roughness of Various Scales

2000  Open-Channel Capacity Determination Using Hydraulic Performance Graph