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Found 69 Records with the keyword term of "Change management"

2015  Comparative Study on the Use of Output Specifications for Australian and U.K. PPP/PFI Projects

2014  Collaboration Environments for Construction: Management of Organizational Changes

2014  Predicting and Tracing Change-Formation Scenarios in Construction Projects Using the DEMATEL Technique

2013  Construction Risk Identification and Allocation: Cooperative Approach

2013  The Need for Change and Dependency Management in Energy Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Thinking about Delay, Disruption, and the Cumulative Impact of Multiple Changes

2012  Change Management with Building Information Models: A Case Study

2012  Identification and Quantification of Non-Value-Adding Effort from Errors and Changes in Design and Construction Projects

2012  Identification of Changes Formation Scenarios in Construction Projects Based on Changes Occurrence Paths Analysis

2011  Improving Productivity on a Troubled Bridge Project

2011  Leadership of Multidisciplinary Programs and Systems

2011  Transformation of Infrastructures: Sector Characteristics and Implications for Fundamental Change

2010  Clearing the Utilities on Time and Under Budget

2010  Exploring the Potential of SME Alliances in the Construction Sector

2010  Prediction System for Change Management in Construction Project

2009  Resistance to IT Change in the AEC Industry: Are the Stereotypes True?

2009  Simulating Learning Dynamics in Project Networks

2008  Collalboration Environments for Construction: Implementation Case Studies

2008  Managing Tipping Point Dynamics in Complex Construction Projects

2008  Staircase Model for New Practice Implementation

2007  Benchmarking of Project Management Office Establishment: Extracting Best Practices

2006  Reliability and Stability Buffering Approach: Focusing on the Issues of Errors and Changes in Concurrent Design and Construction Projects

2006  Web-Enabled System Dynamics Model for Error and Change Management on Concurrent Design and Construction Projects

2005  Dynamic Error and Change Management in Concurrent Design and Construction

2005  Fabrication Lead Time and Demand Variability: An Empirical Study

2005  Factors Affecting International Construction

2005  Project Management is a Capital Investment Process

2005  Quality and Change Management Model for Large Scale Concurrent Design and Construction Projects

2005  Structuring Change in Providing Telecommunications Services

2004  Contracting Relationship Trends and Transitions

2003  Individuals’ Resistance to Technological Change in the AEC Industry

2003  Quality and Change Management Framework for Concurrent Design and Construction

2002  Diversity: The Future of Engineering

2002  Integrating Versioning and Workflow for Change Management for Concurrent Engineering

2002  Leadership in Management Situations of Rapid Uncertain Change

2001  The AEC Dilemma—Exploring the Barriers to Change

2001  The Emerging Role of Project Management

2001  Evolution, Not Revolution

2001  Improving Design Coordination for Building Projects. I: Information Model

2001  Project Change Management System

2000  ASCE Is Strong but Must Remain Willing to Change

2000  Change is Coming: A Customer-Driven Publication That Adds Value

2000  The Changing Environment of Civil Engineering

2000  Communications

2000  Editor’s Letter

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Forum

2000  Governance and Opportunity in Metropolitan America by Alan Altshuler, William Morrill, Harold Wolman, and Faith Mitchell

2000  A New Century, but Some Things Never Change

2000  NSF/CII Construction Research Workshop Results

2000  Wisdom in Managing the Construction Process

1999  Assessment of Organizational Change for Public Construction Organizations

1999  Captivity Revisited

1999  Look Over the Horizon: A Call for Tomorrow’s Champions

1999  More on the Redesign

1999  An Opportunity for Change

1998  Accounting for the Risks

1998  Air & Water Technologies Restructured

1998  ASCE: The March Toward the 21st Century

1998  Boston Convention Addresses Changing Roles of Engineers

1998  ‘Change’ and ‘Challenge" Will Be Keynotes of Turner’s ASCE Presidency

1998  Environmental Engineering: Changes Then, Now, and Next

1998  Half-Life...What Half-Life?

1998  Information Model for Managing Design Changes in a Collaborative Environment

1998  Management Forum

1998  Simultaneous Management—Managing Projects in a Dynamic Environment by Alexander Laufer

1997  Engineering Education: The Challenge of Reform

1997  Mobilizing the Organization: Bringing Strategy to Life by George Litwin, John Bray, Kathleen Lusk Brooke

1997  Re-Creating A Company