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2015  Centrifuge Tests of Adjacent Mat-Supported Buildings Affected by Liquefaction

2015  Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure and Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction: Engineering Demands

2015  Performance of Buried Tunnels Subjected to Surface Blast Incorporating Fluid-Structure Interaction

2014  Coupled Thermo-Poro-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis of an Energy Foundation Centrifuge Experiment in Partially Saturated Silt

2014  Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of a Temporary Braced Excavation in Dry Sand

2014  Equivalent Static Analysis of Piled Bridge Abutments Affected by Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction

2014  Evaluation of Head Restraint Effects on Energy Foundations

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, and Displacements of a Rotating Annular Plate with Variable Thickness Subjected to a Centrifugal Body Force

2014  Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure and Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction: Centrifuge Test Observations

2014  Numerical Investigation of Centrifugal Compressor Performance in a Miniturbojet Engine

2014  Profile and Frictional Capacity of a Mooring Line Embedded in Sand via Centrifuge Model Testing

2013  Acceleration-Amplified Responses of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structures with a Wide Range of Input Ground Accelerations

2013  Centrifuge Test of Face Stability of Shallow Tunnels in Unsaturated Soil

2013  Downslope Ground Movements during Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading in Centrifuge Testing

2013  Effect of Fabric Anisotropy on Liquefaction of Sand

2013  Liquefaction Effects on Piled Bridge Abutments: Centrifuge Tests and Numerical Analyses

2013  Numerical Simulation of Building Response on Liquefiable Sand

2013  Shielding Piles from Downdrag in Consolidating Ground

2013  Simulations of a Centrifuge Test with Lateral Spreading and Void Redistribution Effects

2012  Centrifuge Model Simulations of Rainfall-Induced Slope Instability

2012  Centrifuge Test to Evaluate the Geotechnical Performance of Anchored Buried Pipelines in Sand

2012  Centrifuge Testing of Systems with Combined Structural Hinging and Rocking Foundations

2012  Evaluation of Soil Dynamic Properties in Centrifuge Tests

2012  Tunnel-Pile Interaction Analysis Using Cavity Expansion Methods

2011  Centrifuge Investigation of Seismic Behavior of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays

2011  Comparison of Properties of RAP Aggregates Extracted by Ignition and Centrifuge Methods

2011  Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of High-G Centrifuge Foundation

2011  Evaluation of a Centrifuge Consolidation Technique for Preparation of Direct Simple Shear Samples

2011  Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Research Using a Large Centrifuge

2011  Simplified Constitutive Model for Simulation of Cyclic Response of Shallow Foundations: Validation against Laboratory Tests

2010  Centrifuge Permeameter for Unsaturated Soils. I: Theoretical Basis and Experimental Developments

2010  Centrifuge Permeameter for Unsaturated Soils. II: Measurement of the Hydraulic Characteristics of an Unsaturated Clay

2010  Centrifuge Study on Ultra-Deep Foundation Pit Excavation in Soft Ground

2010  Centrifuge Testing to Evaluate and Mitigate Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlement Mechanisms

2010  CPT-Based Evaluation of Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading in Centrifuge

2010  Crushing of Particles under Simulated Static and Centrifuge Forces

2010  Mechanisms of Seismically Induced Settlement of Buildings with Shallow Foundations on Liquefiable Soil

2010  Nonlinear Dynamic Soil-Micropile-Structure Interactions: Centrifuge Tests and FEM Analyses

2010  Tunneling beneath Buried Pipes: View of Soil Strain and Its Effect on Pipeline Behavior

2009  Effect of Soil Permeability on Centrifuge Modeling of Pile Response to Lateral Spreading

2008  Centrifuge Modeling of Explosion Craters Formed over Underground Structures

2008  Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Slickensided Shear Surfaces

2008  Fast Stacking and Phase Corrections of Shear Wave Signals in a Noisy Environment

2008  New Orleans Levee System Performance during Hurricane Katrina: London Avenue and Orleans Canal South

2007  Is P-Wave Velocity an Indicator of Saturation in Sand with Viscous Pore Fluid?

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2007  Static Pushover Analyses of Pile Groups in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground in Centrifuge Tests

2007  Uplift Capacity of Suction Caissons under Sustained and Cyclic Loading in Soft Clay

2006  3D Data Viewing of Centrifuge Physical Models

2006  Centrifuge Model Study on Pile Responses due to Adjacent Excavation

2006  DSC Model for Soil and Interface Including Liquefaction and Prediction of Centrifuge Test

2006  Dynamic Response of Bridge Piles on Soft Ground Using NUS Geotechnical Centrifuge

2005  Analysis of Group Pile Behavior under Lateral Spreading

2005  Behavior of Pile Foundations in Laterally Spreading Ground during Centrifuge Tests

2005  Centrifuge Tests Investigating Inclined Grout Micro-Piles as a Method of Liquefaction Remediation for Existing Buildings

2005  Evaluation of Shear Modulus and Damping in Dynamic Centrifuge Tests

2005  Experimental Observations of Inertial and Lateral Spreading Loads on Pile Groups during Earthquakes

2005  Failure Mechanisms in Pipelines Bridging a Void

2005  A High Speed Resistivity System for Investigation of Processes on Geocentrifuges

2005  Horizontal-Vertical Two Dimensional Shaker in a Centrifuge

2005  Liquefaction and Drainage in Stratified Soil

2005  Model for Large Strain Consolidation by Centrifuge

2005  Needle Probe Application for High-Resolution Assessment of Soil Spatial Variability in the Centrifuge

2005  Observations and Analysis of Pile Groups in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground in Centrifuge Tests

2005  Seismic Performance of Geomembrane Placed on a Slope in MSW Landfill Cell: A Centrifuge Study

2005  Using Geotechnical Centrifuges for Geosynthetic Research and Practice

2004  Centrifuge Model Test and Numerical Analysis of Embankment Widening on Soft Ground

2004  Centrifuge Simulations of Large-Scale Shaking Table Tests: Case Studies

2004  Centrifuge Tests on Methods Stabilizing Embankments

2004  Scaling Laws for Centrifuge Modeling of Capillary Rise in Sandy Soils

2004  Seismic Deformation of Bar Mat Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls. I: Centrifuge Tests

2004  Strength Loss and Localization at Silt Interlayers in Slopes of Liquefied Sand

2003  Centrifuge Tests on Installation of Suction Anchors in Soft Clay

2002  Effect of Speed on the Performance Characteristics of a Centrifugal Slurry Pump

2002  Preferential Flow of a Nonaqueous Phase Liquid in Dry Sand

2002  Technology: Reinventing the Wall with Liquid Metal

2000  Centrifuge Study of DNAPL Transport in Granular Media

2000  The Influence of High Confining Stress on the Cyclic Behavior of Saturated Sand

2000  Numerical Simulation of Prenotched Gravity Dam Models

2000  Rotating Block Method for Seismic Displacement of Gravity Walls

2000  Transient Behavior of Complex Aeraulic or Hydraulic Networks Including Centrifugal Fans or Pumps

1999  Determination of Vertical Loading on Underground Structures Based on an Arching Evolution Concept

1999  Dynamic and Static Load Testing of Model Piles Driven into Dense Sand

1999  Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction Experiments and Analyses

1998  Centrifuge Testing of Large Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Sands

1998  Lateral Cyclic Loading Centrifuge Tests on Square Embedded Footing

1998  Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

1998  Performance of Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes at Failure

1998  Using Imaging Technologies in Experimental Geotechnics

1997  Aspects of Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Soil-Pile-Superstructure Interaction

1996  Rotation of Large Gravity Walls on Rigid Foundations under Seismic Loading

1996  Self Deployable Mechanism for Large Disk Antenna Using Centrifugal Force

1995  Centrifuge Modeling and Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams

1995  Lateral Response of Three-Row Groups in Loose to Dense Sands at 3D and 5D Pile Spacing

1994  A Conceptual Study of A Solar Power Satellite Using Centrifugal Force

1994  Ozonization of Anaerobic Sludge Dewatering Centrate for Ammonia Removal

1994  Predicted Behavior of Two Centrifugal Model Soil Walls

1992  Modeling Effects of Chemical Explosives for Excavation on Moon

1992  A Multiple Disk Centrifugal Pump as an Artifical Ventricle

1992  Use of Explosives on the Moon