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2015  Effect of Fuel Injection Allocation on the Combustion Characteristics of a Cavity-Strut Model Scramjet

2015  Elastic-Brittle-Plastic Analysis of Circular Deep Underwater Cavities in a Mohr-Coulomb Rock Mass Considering Seepage Forces

2015  Parametric Study of a Clayey Specimen Reinforced by a Granular Column

2014  Analysis of Transient Vaporous Cavitation in Pipes by a Distributed 2D Model

2014  As I See It: Report from an Underground World

2014  Characterization of the Karstic Process in an Urban Environment Using GPR Surveys

2014  Evaluating Depressional Process of Macropore Flow and Its Impact on Solute Transport

2014  Fracturing Pressure in Clay

2014  Parameterization of Mean Residence Times in Idealized Rectangular Dead Zones Representative of Natural Streams

2013  Analytical Approach to the Creep and Hydromechanical Couplings Around Underground Cavities

2013  The Application of Detection Technology in Pipe Jacking Construction

2013  Cavitation Potential of Flow on Stepped Spillways

2013  Complex Function Approach to Biot Consolidation Equations for Wave Scattering by a Cylindrical Cavity in Cross-Anisotropic Porous Media

2013  Cylindrical Cavity Expansion in Elastoplastic Medium with a Variable Potential Flow

2013  Cylindrical Cavity Expansion Penetration Model for Concrete Targets with Shear Dilatancy

2013  Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Induced Fluid Motions in a Submerged Cavity

2013  Land Subsidence in Arid Terrain: Methodology toward Risk Analysis

2013  Numerical Study on Cavitation Occurrence in Globe Valve

2013  The Scattering of Transient Plane SH Waves by Deep Buried Cylindrical Lined Cavity in Saturated Soil

2013  Stainless Steel Armor Plate Design for Protecting Supercavitating Baffle Blocks against Debris Impacts in High-Velocity Stilling Basins

2012  Orifice Spillway Aerator: Hydraulic Design

2012  Pullout Resistance Increase of Soil Nailing Induced by Pressurized Grouting

2012  Study on Identification of Cavity Area under Concrete Pavement Using Transient Impulse-response Method

2012  Tunnel-Pile Interaction Analysis Using Cavity Expansion Methods

2011  Characteristics Analysis of Cavity Expansion with Anisotropic Initial Stress in a Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

2011  Chute Aerators: Preaerated Approach Flow

2011  Chute Aerators: Steep Deflectors and Cavity Subpressure

2011  Cylindrical Cavity Expansion Analysis of Variable Penetration Rate Cone Penetration Testing Using an Anisotropic Soil Model

2011  Determining Air Demand for Small- to Medium-Sized Embankment Dam Low-Level Outlet Works

2011  Innovative Simulation of Unsteady Low-Pressure Flows in Water Mains

2011  Methodology for Risk Analysis of Ground Surface Subsidence

2011  Research of Dynamic Stress Concentration of Lined Cavities under Incident Plane SV Waves in Different Angles

2010  Analytical to the Issue of Spherical Cavities Expansion with the Non-Linear Mohr-Coulomb Failure Rule

2010  Application of Microgravity Survey to Detect Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain

2010  Chute Aerators. I: Air Transport Characteristics

2010  Chute Aerators. II: Hydraulic Design

2010  Cylindrical Cavity Expansion from a Finite Radius

2010  The Effects of Cavities upon Foundation Design & Construction

2009  Alternative Apparatus to Evaluate Cavitation Damage

2009  Case Study of Subsidence in Interstratified Sedimentary Bedrock: Parking Garage Distress Investigation and Remediation

2009  Developing Flow Region and Pressure Fluctuations on Steeply Sloping Stepped Spillways

2009  Evaluation of Detecting Cavity under Cement Pavement Slab by Deflection Difference of the Same Slab and Pumping Height

2009  Improved Prediction of Lateral Deformations due to Installation of Soil-Cement Columns

2009  Minimal-Seepage Depth of Isobaric Cavity under Ponded Conditions

2008  Cavities Detection and Treatment at a Residential Area under Development in the State of Kuwait

2008  Hydraulic Performance of Step Aerator

2007  Modeling Study of the Flow past Irregularities in a Pressure Conduit

2006  Building Above Natural Subsurface Cavities

2006  Cavity Effects on the Bearing Capacity of Footing Foundations and the Calculation Method

2006  Development of Air Concentration on Chute Spillways

2006  Investigation of the Influence of Sprinkler Fins and Dissolved Air on Jet Flow

2006  State-of-the-Art of Land Subsidence Prediction due to Groundwater Withdrawal in China

2006  Stress Zones Near Displacement Piers: I. Plastic and Liquefied Behavior

2005  Dynamic Signatures of Cavities and Buried Objects Obtained from Surface Wave Testing

2005  Energy Dissipation in Transient Gaseous Cavitation

2005  Lateral Displacement of Ground Caused by Soil – Cement Column Installation

2004  Dynamic Cone Penetration Resistance of Soils — Theory and Evaluation

2003  A Creative Solution to Problems with Foundation Construction in Karst

2003  Effect of Lateral Deflector on Outlet Cavity Lengths

2003  Prediction of Undrained Sinkhole Collapse

2003  Simulation for Ground Movements due to Pipe Bursting

2002  Interpretation of Pressuremeter Tests in Sand using Advanced Soil Model

2002  Rigorous Similarity Solutions for Cavity Expansion in Cohesive-Frictional Soils

2002  Use of Cavity Expansion Theory to Predict Ground Displacement during Pipe Bursting

2001  Analysis of Cavity Expansion in Sand

2001  Cavitation Prevention with Roughened Surface

2001  Hydraulic Characteristics of Multistage Orifice Tunnels

2001  Local Collapse in Soft Rock Bank Cavities

2000  Aspects of Cavitation Damage in Seismic Bearings

2000  Effects of Disturbance on Undrained Strengths Interpreted from Pressuremeter Tests

2000  Interpretation of Pressuremeter Tests in Unsaturated Soil

2000  Stretches of Fluid Materials for Stokes Flows in Circular Cavity

2000  Study of Transient Vapor Cavitation in Series Pipe Systems

1999  Antiplane Diffraction from Canyon above Subsurface Unlined Tunnel

1999  Compromise Orifice Geometry to Minimize Pressure Drop

1999  Hydro Turbine Profitability and Cavitation Erosion

1999  Influence of Surface Finish on Cavitation Erosion

1999  Pipeline Column Separation Flow Regimes

1999  Pressure Distribution in Cavitating Circular Cylinder Wakes

1998  Analysis of Cone Resistance: Review of Methods

1998  Blast Loads Versus Point Loads: The Missing Factor

1998  Folsom Dam Outlet Works Modifications

1998  The New Methods for Preventing Cavitation of High-Lift Ship Lock Valves in Hydro-Power Projects

1998  New Techniques for Research on Lock Valve Cavitation Problems with Unsteady Flow

1998  A Study on Top Sealing Slit of Reversed Tainter Valves and Its Application

1997  Analysis of the Fort Peck Spillway

1997  Application of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1997  Cavitation Resistant Alloy for Hydroturbine Repair

1997  Cavity Expansion and Penetration Resistance in Sand

1997  Chaotic Advections for Stokes Flows in Circular Cavity

1997  Detection of Underground Obstacles by SASW Method—Numerical Aspects

1997  The Effect of Nappe Impact Angle on Aerator Performance

1997  Experimental Evaluation of the Compressible Portion of a Liquid Flow Crossing a Cavitating Control Valve

1997  Increased Output of Old Power Plants - Limitation and Problems to be Solved

1997  Initiation of Aeration in Stepped Spillways

1997  Lateral Stress Effects on CPT Liquefaction Resistance Correlations

1997  Linear Stability of Incompressible Fluid Flow Using Finite Element Method

1997  Measurement of Subsurface Vortices in a Model Pump Sump

1997  New Welding Alloys and Approaches for Insitu Repair of Cavitation Damage

1997  NOREM: A Welder-Friendly Cavitation-Erosion Resistant Hardfacing Alloy