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2015  Catchment Classification Framework in Hydrology: Challenges and Directions

2015  Gauging the Ungauged Basin: Relative Value of Soft and Hard Data

2015  Runoff Curve Numbers for Peat-Dominated Watersheds

2014  Designating Restricted Areas around Drinking Water Sources through an Index-Based Spatial Approach

2014  Impact of SWMM Catchment Discretization: Case Study in Syracuse, New York

2014  Impacts of Spatial Distribution of Impervious Areas on Runoff Response of Hillslope Catchments: Simulation Study

2014  Improvement of a System for Catchment, Pretreatment, and Treatment of Runoff Water Using PIV Tests and Numerical Simulation

2014  Influence of Spatial Precipitation Sampling on Hydrological Response at the Catchment Scale

2014  Response of Rainfall and Vegetation to ENSO Events during 2001-2011 in Upper Wardha Watershed, Maharashtra, India

2014  Simulating Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse Using QUAL2K Model: Case Study of the Ismailia Canal Catchment Area, Egypt

2014  Simulation of Distributed Base Flow Contributions to Streamflow Using a Hillslope-Based Catchment Model Coupled to a Regional-Scale Groundwater Model

2014  Surface Runoff at an Instrumented Catchment Scale Water Balance Final Cover

2014  Threshold of Basin Discretization Levels for HSPF Simulations with NEXRAD Inputs

2014  Use of Cokriging and Map Correlation to Study Hydrological Response Patterns and Select Reference Stream Gauges for Ungauged Catchments

2014  Using SWAT-VSA to Predict Diffuse Phosphorus Pollution in an Agricultural Catchment with Several Aquifers

2014  Volume-Based Runoff Coefficients for Urban Catchments

2014  Water Discharge Measurement in Agricultural Catchments Using Critical Depth Flumes Affected by Sediment Deposition

2013  Catchment Scale Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Stormwater Street Retrofits in Wilmington, North Carolina

2013  Catchment-Scale Evaluation of the Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Street Retrofits in Wilmington, NC

2013  Identifying Contributions of Climate Change and Human Activity to Changes in Runoff Using Epoch Detection and Hydrologic Simulation

2013  Optimal Removal of Heavy Metals Pollutants from Groundwater Using a Real Genetic Algorithm and Finite-Difference Method

2013  Relationship between Urban Runoff Pollutant and Catchment Characteristics

2012  550-Year Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in Spring Valley, Nevada

2012  Artificial Neural Network-Based Drought Forecasting Using a Nonlinear Aggregated Drought Index

2012  Effect of Urban Catchment Composition on Runoff Temperature

2012  Graphical Calculation of Small Catchment Peak Discharge

2012  Link between Flow Regime and the Catchment Hypsometry: Analysis of South Australian Basins

2012  Modeling Interannual Variability in Snow-Cover Development and Melt for a Semiarid Mountain Catchment

2012  Observation and Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff Characteristics in a Coastal Granite Catchment in Southern China

2012  Regional Statistical Models for the Estimation of Flood Peak Values at Ungauged Catchments: Peninsular Malaysia

2012  Study on Calculating-Software Development for Design Flood in Small Catchment

2011  Comparative Evaluation of Drought Indexes: Case Study on the Yarra River Catchment in Australia

2011  Estimation of the Nash Model Parameters Based on the Concept of Geomorphologic Dispersion

2011  A Real-Time Interface for Railway Hydraulic Hazard Forecasting

2010  Design Flood Estimation for Ungauged Catchments: Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Eastern Australia

2010  Evaluating Urban Pollutant Buildup/Wash-Off Models Using a Madison, Wisconsin Catchment

2010  Incentive Index Developed to Evaluate Storm-Water Low-Impact Designs

2010  Long-Term Simulation of a System for Catchment, Pretreatment, and Treatment of Polluted Runoff Water

2010  Performance Investigation of Nakagami-m Distribution to Derive Flood Hydrograph by Genetic Algorithm Optimization Approach

2010  Probabilistic Approach to Estimation of Urban Storm-Water TMDLs: Regulated Catchment

2010  Regional Flood Modelling: Use of Monte Carlo Cross-Validation for the Best Model Selection

2010  Scaling Issues in Design Flood Estimation for Ungauged Catchments: A Case Study for Eastern Australia

2010  Theory-Based SCS-CN Method and Its Applications

2010  The Value of International Collaborations in Understanding How Climate Change Affects Water Supplies from Snow Dominated Catchments

2009  Banjo Bill Rock Catchment Basins

2009  Characterizing Water Inputs to Catchments in the Santa Monica Mountains with δ18O and δD

2009  Curve-Number-Based Watershed Model Incorporating Quick Subsurface Runoff, with Applications in the Western Ghats, South India

2009  Human Impact on the Mobilization of a Naturally-Occurring Source of Selenium in an Urbanizing Catchment

2009  New Approach to Calibration of the AWBM for Use on Ungauged Catchments

2009  Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using L Moments for the Buyuk and Kucuk Menderes River Basins of Turkey

2009  Selecting Parameter Values for the AWBM Daily Rainfall-Runoff Model for Use on Ungauged Catchments

2008  Application of a Distributed Hydrologic Model to Flood Forecasting in Catchments of Different Conditions

2008  An Approach to Analyze the Hydrologic Effects of Rain Gardens

2008  Automatic Calibration of the U.S. EPA SWMM Model for a Large Urban Catchment

2008  Calibration of Rainfall Runoff Models in Ungauged Catchments: Regionalization Relationships for a Rainfall Runoff Model

2008  Daily Runoff Simulation by an Integrated Catchment Model in the Middle and Lower Regions of the Changjiang Basin, China

2008  Effects of Spatial Distribution of Hydrological Characteristics on Runoff According to the Spatial Scale of Catchments

2008  Integrated Catchment Management Planning in Auckland, New Zealand — Experiences and Lessons Learned

2008  Natural Catchments as Sources of Background Levels of Storm-Water Metals, Nutrients, and Solids

2008  Probabilistic Approach to Estimation of Urban Storm-Water Total Maximum Daily Loads: Unregulated Catchment

2008  Radar-Based Flood Forecasting: Quantifying Hydrologic Prediction Uncertainty in Urban-Scale Catchments for CASA Radar Deployment

2007  Ecohydrology, Habitat Restoration, and Catchment Hydrology: Findings from a Modeling and Extreme Value Analysis Study

2007  Identifying the Equilibrium Conditions for an Agricultural Iowa Catchment Using the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model

2007  Modifications to SCS-CN Method for Long-Term Hydrologic Simulation

2007  New Runoff Simulation Model for Small Urban Catchments

2006  Construction of the FFWS Using Supervised and Unsupervised Performance in the Small Catchment

2006  Effects of Catchment Modification on the Flow Frequency Curve Modeled Using the EPA-SWMM Model

2006  Estimating Infiltration in the Upper Split Wash Watershed, Yucca Mountain, NV

2006  Flood Estimation by Various Techniques for Small and Large Catchments

2006  Hybrid, Markov Chain-Based Model for Daily Streamflow Generation at Multiple Catchment Sites

2006  The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Contaminant Load Discharge to Coastal Receiving Environments

2006  The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Fate of Contaminants in Coastal Receiving Environments

2006  The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Long Term Groundwater Behaviour and Assessment

2006  The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Overview

2006  Modeling of Soil Hydraulic Processes and Base Flow in Flanders

2006  Peak Discharge Estimation using Analytical Probabilistic and Design Storm Approaches

2006  Runoff Quality Analysis of Urban Catchments with Analytical Probabilistic Models

2005  From the Paddock to the Stream — Unravelling the Nitrogen Flowpaths in a New Zealand Dairying Catchment

2005  GIS Based Distributed Model for Soil Erosion and Rate of Sediment Outflow from Catchments

2005  Hybrid Model for Derivation of Synthetic Unit Hydrograph

2005  Large Perennial Springs of Kentucky: Their Identification, Base Flow, Catchment, and Classification

2005  Mosquito Production from Storm Water Catchment Systems in Michigan

2005  round-Water Basin Catchment Delineation by Dye Tracing, Water Table Mapping, Cave Mapping, and Geophysical Techniques: Bowling Green, Kentucky

2005  Urban Catchment Management

2004  Channel and Watershed Assessment—Prioritizing Stream Projects in Pennsylvania

2004  Lumped Models for Catchment Scale Modeling of Water Quantity and Quality

2004  Neural Networks Model for Analysis of Input Information Uncertainty in the Small Catchment

2004  Potential Evapotranspiration for the Distributed Modeling of Belgian Catchments

2004  Simplified Use of Gamma-Distribution/Nash Model for Runoff Modeling

2003  Duration of Probable Maximum Precipitation on Lake Catchments: Alternative Analysis

2003  Evaluation of Historic and Stochastic Rainfall in Network Modelling in the Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland, New Zealand

2003  Hybrid Hydrologic Modeling: Conceptual Groundwater Model Coupled to a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2003  Water Quality Model Trial and Implementation in the Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City, New Zealand

2002  Analysis of Allotment Based Storage, Infiltration and Reuse Drainage Strategies to Minimize Urbanization Effects

2002  Catchment-Wide Efficiency Analysis of Distributed Stormwater Management Practices: The Case Study of Baerum (Norway)

2002  Estimation of Rainfall Heterogeneity across Space and Time Scale

2002  GIS Based Urban Runoff Modeling

2002  A Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement: Conceptualization

2002  A Physically Based Model to Study the Role of Soils in the Generation of Urban Flow Rates

2002  Quantity and Quality Integrated Catchment Modeling under Climate Change with use of Soil and Water Assessment Tool Model