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2011  Comprehensive Decision Support Framework for Strategic Railway Capacity Planning

2009  Probabilistic Capacity Models for Corroding Posttensioning Strands Calibrated Using Laboratory Results

2008  Capacity of U-Turn Movement at Median Openings on Multilane Highways

2007  Queuing Model of Railway Section Carrying Capacity

2007  Uplift Capacity of Suction Caissons under Sustained and Cyclic Loading in Soft Clay

2006  Probabilistic Model for Signalized Intersection Capacity with a Short Right-Turn Lane

2005  Procedural and Operational Consequences of Navigational Equipment Outages: Exploration of Airport Performance

2004  Effect of Road Roughness on Capacity of Two-Lane Roads

2002  Capacity Analysis of Drilled Shafts with Defects

2002  Computation of Capacity at Marshalling Yard under Imbalanced Transportation Circumstance

2002  The Influences of Speed-Raising Passenger Trains on Carrying Capacity and Traveling Speed in Single Railway Lines

2002  A New Approach to Calculate District Carrying Capacity

2002  Pile Capacity Prediction in Glacial Soils Using Piezocone

2002  Probabilistic Capacity Models and Fragility Estimates for Reinforced Concrete Columns based on Experimental Observations

2002  Static Capacity Analysis of Augered, Pressure-Injected Displacement Piles

2002  Study of the Influence on Carrying Capacity & Traveling Speed on Speed-Up Single-Track Lines

2002  Wastewater: Sacramento to Increase Pipeline Capacity

2001  Introduction to Transportation Systems by Joseph Sussman

2000  Airport Capacity According to ICAO Rules: Some Quantitative Evaluations

2000  Importance of Capacity Constraints to Construction Cost and Schedule

2000  A New Sediment Transport Formula for Local Scour Prediction

2000  Open-Channel Capacity Determination Using Hydraulic Performance Graph

1999  Erie Outfall Increases Discharge Capacity

1999  Flux-Based Estimation of Field Capacity

1999  Fuel Storage System Replacement: U.S. South Pole Station

1999  Residual Capacity of HSC Thermally Damaged Deep Beams

1999  Runway Capacity Enhancement: FAA’s ACE Plan

1999  Scheduling Hydro Generation. More Dollars or More Megawatt Hours: The TVA Story

1998  The CABLE Liner: The APM System of the Future

1998  A Capacity Restraint Assignment Model for Congested Public Transport Systems

1998  Clarifier Baffles Increase Treatment Plant Capacity

1998  Method to Estimate Water Storage Capacity of Capillary Barriers

1998  Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

1998  Procurement Management and Design Review for Automated Guideway Transit Systems for Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas

1998  The Proposed New Version of German Highway Capacity Manual

1998  PRT System Capacity

1998  Refining the Definition of Field Capacity in the Literature

1998  Research on Dynamic Properties of the Train Operating Diagram with Multi-Redundant Time Distributions

1998  Station Capacity: An Issue in PRT System Planning

1997  Capacity and Stiffness of Bridge Abutments During Earthquakes

1997  The Effect of Open Dams on Debris Flows

1997  Turbulent Bursting-Based Formulation of Suspended Sediment Transport Capacity

1997  An Updated Approach to Assimilative Capacity Assessment in Canada: The Grand River Experience

1997  Use of Reservoirs and Large Capacity Distribution Systems to Simplify Flexible Operations. Part II - Reservoir Capacity and Case Studies

1996  Anchorage Behavior of Shaft Anchors in Alluvial Soil

1996  Capacity Predictions for Full Scale Transmission Line Test Foundations

1996  Determining Rehabilitated Sewer Flow Capacity

1996  Determining Rehabilitated Sewer Flow Capacity

1996  Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

1996  High-Capacity Bus Systems Based on Transit Centres and Convoying

1996  Model Uncertainty in Anchorage Design for Anchored Bulkheads

1996  Practitioners’ Forum

1995  Design of Labyrinth Spillways

1995  Firm’s Capacity Choice Model in Competitive Bidding Environment

1995  Impact of Steel Fibers and Stirrup Spacing on Compression Strut Capacity

1995  Pigging Submarine Outfalls

1995  Preserve Reservoir Capacity by Hydraulic Flushing

1995  Sanitary System Modeling Automated Mapping/Facility Management Fort Benning, Georgia

1995  Space Standards for Sizing Air Terminal Check-In Areas

1995  Tests on Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete

1995  Wise, John

1994  Optimal Capacity-Expansion Planning in Multiaquifer Systems

1994  Reliability Analysis of Open Drainage Channels under Multiple Failure Modes

1993  Airport Infrastructure Management

1993  Capacity Building Bandwagon

1993  The Integration of the Highway Capacity Manual and the TRAF-NETSIM Simulation Model

1993  Microcomputer Model for Design and Location of Runway Exits

1993  Risk and Capacity Impacts of ATC Separation Rules

1992  Alameda Transportation Corridor

1992  A Competitive Framework for Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Port Improvements

1992  On-Off Terminal Ship-to-Rail Transfer

1992  Optimal Capacity Expansion in Multi-Aquifer Systems

1992  Planning Operations of Bulk Loading Terminals by Simulation

1992  Port of Ningbo Master Plan

1992  Predicting Influence of Bank Vegetation on Channel Capacity

1992  Probabilistic Design of Open Drainage Channels

1991  Burns Waterways—Boat Capacity Study

1991  Evaluating Capacities of GAC Preloaded with Natural Water

1991  A Logical Variable Approach to Water Supply Reliability

1991  Operation of Freeway Simulation Tools on I-35W

1991  The Radiological Capacity of Transport Casks Loaded in a 2-Region Non-Uniform Pattern

1991  Raising of an Ash Disposal Pond by Hydraulic Filling

1991  Space Saving Dry-Stack Boat Storage Facility

1991  Suspended Sediment-Transport Capacity for Open Channel Flow

1990  Capacity Expansion for Regional Wastewater Systems

1990  Optimization/Simulation Modeling for Waste Management Capacity Planning

1990  Sufficiency of Infrastructure Capacity for Infill Development

1989  Buffalo Bill Dam Modifications—Modification of an Existing Bureau of Reclamation Facility to Increase Power Generation

1989  A Capacity Expansion Model for Hydrothermal Power Systems

1989  Capacity Loss Due to Corrosion in Steel-Girder Bridges

1989  Determining Hydro Project Dependable Capacity

1989  Grouse Mountain Aerial Tramway

1989  Influential Mode of Imperfection on Carrying Capacity of Structures

1989  An Innovative People Mover for Low Capacity Transit Applications

1989  Loss of Carrying Capacity in Pipes—Transporting Softened Water with High pH

1989  Methodology for Optimal Design of a Parking Lot

1989  Optimization Models for Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation

1989  Planning and Operation of Hydropower Development on a Navigation System, a Case Study

1989  Planning for the 21st Century: Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors

1989  Potential for Urban Applications of Multi-Car Tramways