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Found 31 Records with the keyword term of "Canyons"

2012  Crossing the Canyon: The Navajo Bridge

2010  Efficient Algorithm Proposed to Generate Non-Uniform Ground Motion on Canyon Sites

2010  Scenic Footbridge Clings To Canyon Wall

2009  Scattering of SH Waves by Truncated Semicircular Canyon

2008  The Glen Canyon Dam Temperature Control Device: Restoring Downstream Habitat for Endangered Fish Recovery

2005  Highways: Road Widened through Landslide-Prone Canyon

2004  Nonlinear Seismic Response of Earth Dams with Canyon Interaction

2002  Dams: Adaptive Management Group Finds Common Ground at Glen Canyon

2001  Seismic Elastic Response of Earth Dams with Canyon Interaction

2000  The Effects of Wildfire on the Peak Streamflow Magnitude and Frequency, Frijoles and Capulin Canyons, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

1999  Antiplane Diffraction from Canyon above Subsurface Unlined Tunnel

1999  Watershed Management: A Tool for Flood Mitigation in the Petra Area (Jordan)

1999  Wyoming DOT Nails Down Roadway Project in Snake River Canyon

1998  Uncertainty in Flood Estimates Associated with Roughness Coefficient

1995  Compaction Grouting in a Canyon Fill

1995  Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

1995  Freshwater Bypass Microtunnels for a Class III Sanitary Landfill

1995  Geotechs Spanned Grand Canyon, Too

1994  Spanning the Grand Canyon

1991  Earthquake Stresses in Arch Dams. I: Theory and Antiplane Excitation

1991  Earthquake Stresses in Arch Dams. II: Excitation by SV, P, and Rayleigh Waves

1991  Glen Canyon Hydropower vs. The Grand Canyon (The Conflict of Basic Values)

1989  Diffraction of SV Waves by Circular Canyons of Various Depths

1987  Vibration Characteristics of Dams in Narrow Canyons

1986  Computer Modeling of Large Rock Slides

1986  Scenic Squeeze

1983  Case Histories: Construction on Canyon Wall Terrain

1982  Seismic Response of Earth Dams in Triangular Canyons

1976  I-70 Glenwood Canyon — Design Concept

1976  Influence of Canyon on Soil-Structure Interaction

1973  Field Measurements at La Angostura Cofferdams