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2015  Gowanus Canal Superfund Site. I: NAPL Mobility Testing of MGP-Impacted Sediments

2015  On the Web (

2014  Canal Automation for Irrigation Systems

2014  New York City’s Gowanus Canal to Benefit from Upgrades to Flushing Tunnel

2014  News2Note

2014  Recharge from an Array of Polygonal Channels

2014  Seismic Analysis of Soil Slopes Using FLAC2D and Modified Newmark Approach

2014  Simulating Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse Using QUAL2K Model: Case Study of the Ismailia Canal Catchment Area, Egypt

2013  The 102" Neuse River Challenge

2013  Addressing Geotechnical Challenges on Utah’s Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project

2013  Analysis of Freight Vessel Arrival Distribution on the Grand Canal, China

2013  Analytical Calibration Approach to Develop a Seepage Model for the London Avenue Canal Load Test

2013  Application of an In-Line Storage Strategy to Improve the Operational Performance of Main Irrigation Canals Using Model Predictive Control

2013  Application of the GoRoSo Feedforward Algorithm to Compute the Gate Trajectories for a Quick Canal Closing in the Case of an Emergency

2013  Applying Decentralized Water Level Difference Control for Operation of the Dez Main Canal under Water Shortage

2013  Building the Canal to Save Chicago

2013  Constrained Predictive Control of an Irrigation Canal

2013  Design and Construction of Deep Mixing at Orleans Avenue Canal, New Orleans

2013  Field Demonstration of Polyacrylamide in an Unlined Irrigation Canal

2013  Generic Free-Flow Rating for Cutthroat Flumes

2013  GoRoSo: Feedforward Control Algorithm for Irrigation Canals Based on Sequential Quadratic Programming

2013  Hydraulic Model Study of the Fuse Plug Spillway at Hagneck Canal, Switzerland

2013  Improved Planning Model for Canal Scheduling of Rotational Irrigation

2013  Integrated Modeling Framework to Evaluate Conjunctive Use Options in a Canal Irrigated Area

2013  Integrated Modeling of Conjunctive Water Use in a Canal-Well Irrigation District in the Lower Yellow River Basin, China

2013  Multivariable and Distributed LQG Control of a Water Delivery Canal

2013  Optimal Cutting and Filling Height for Canal Length

2013  Response Time of a Canal Pool for Scheduled Water Delivery

2013  Revisiting the Energy-Momentum Method for Rating Vertical Sluice Gates under Submerged Flow Conditions

2013  Rise and Fall of the Ohio and Erie Canal

2013  Simulation of Horizontal and Vertical Drainage Systems to Combat Waterlogging Problems along the Rohri Canal in Khairpur District, Pakistan

2013  U.S. EPA Proposes Plan for Cleaning Up Long-Polluted Canal in New York City

2012  The American Search for a Canal in Mexico, Nicaragua, or Panama

2012  The Americans Succeed in Constructing a Canal across Panama

2012  An Analysis of Strategies for Managing Sediment Inflows to an Off-Stream Reservoir from a Diversion Supply Canal under Conditions of Water Scarcity

2012  Canvass White: Pioneering Canal Engineer and Originator of American Cement

2012  Estimating Canal Pool Resonance with Auto Tune Variation

2012  From Sea to Shining Sea: 17th Century French Canal du Midi

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Improved Operations and Efficiency Conservation in Large-Scale Irrigation Systems

2012  Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Hurricane Surge Protection Barrier A Case Study in Jet Grouting for Seepage Mitigation and Structural Support

2012  Introducing Dynamics and Control to Civil Engineers through an Experimental Flume

2012  Machine Learning Approaches for Error Correction of Hydraulic Simulation Models for Canal Flow Schemes

2012  Managing Invasive Algae with Flushing Flows: New Perspectives for Canal Control

2012  Numerical Errors in Diffusion Wave Models When Simulating Kinematic Flow

2012  Numerical Modeling to Predict Canal Breach Outflow Hydrographs

2012  Portuguese Irrigation Canals: Lining Solutions, Anomalies, and Rehabilitation

2012  A River Ice Management Plan for the Gyeong-In Ara Waterway

2012  Simulation Study on the Influence of Roughness on the Downstream Automatic Control of an Irrigation Canal

2012  Unique Seepage Cut-off Barriers for Lockport Canal Wall Rehabilitation Lockport, Will County, Illinois

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2012  Water-Level Difference Controller for Main Canals

2012  What Are the Odds? Factors Influencing Potential Asian Carp Migration past the CSSC Fish Barrier

2011  American Swing Bridges 1797 to 1907

2011  Applying Water-Level Difference Control to Central Arizona Project

2011  Assessing the Effectiveness of Spreader Canals in Delivering Water to Marshes

2011  Canal do Fundão Contaminated Sediments GDT Analysis versus Actual Full Scale Project Results

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. I: Design

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. II: Results

2011  Commonality Test Methodology for Residential Structures in Katrina Canal Breaches Class Action

2011  Conditional Assessment of Flow Measurement Accuracy

2011  Flow Rate Sensitivity due to Parshall Flume Staff Gauge Location and Entrance Wing Wall Configuration

2011  History of the Marseille Canal in France

2011  Hydrologic Modeling of a Canal-Irrigated Agricultural Watershed with Irrigation Best Management Practices: Case Study

2011  Influence of Regulators in Controlling Upstream Water Depth

2011  Selection of Conduit Material for the Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project

2011  Shipping Uphill: The Morris Canal

2011  Use of Environmental Isotopes to Determine Impacts on Wetlands Due to Lining of Irrigation Canals, Salton Sea Area, California

2010  Aggradation of Irrigation Canal Network in Z\aditný Ostrov, Southern Slovakia

2010  Analytical Study on Mitigation of Liquefaction-Related Damage to Flume Channel Using Sheet-Pile with Drain

2010  Application of Software for Automatic Canal Management (SacMan) to the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Bogged Down: The Dismal Swamp Canal

2010  Canal Seepage Reduction by Soil Compaction

2010  Closed-Form Expression of the Response Time of an Open Channel

2010  Design of a Single-Pool Downstream Controller Using Quantitative Feedback Control Theory

2010  Downstream-Water-Level Control Test Results on the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Energy and Momentum Velocity Coefficients for Calibrating Submerged Sluice Gates in Irrigation Canals

2010  High-Resolution Method for Modeling Hydraulic Regime Changes at Canal Gate Structures

2010  Impact of Irrigation Management Changes on Lower Chenab Canal System

2010  Linking the Lakes: The Lake Washington Ship Canal

2010  Macro Scale Wetlands Restoration by Drainage Canal Removal—Challenges, Solutions, and Lessons Learned.

2010  Modeling Controlled Water Systems

2010  Modeling the Effect of Flow Structure Selection on Residence Time in an Artificial Canal System: Case Study

2010  Real-Time Implementation of Model Predictive Control on Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District’s WM Canal

2010  Routing Demand Changes to Users on the WM Lateral Canal with SacMan

2010  Supervised Gain-Scheduling Multimodel versus Linear Parameter Varying Internal Model Control of Open-Channel Systems for Large Operating Conditions

2010  Supervision and Water Depth Automatic Control of an Irrigation Canal

2009  Analytical-Numerical Solution for Seepage along an Earth Canal Disconnected from the Shallow Aquifer

2009  Benchmark of Discharge Calibration Methods for Submerged Sluice Gates

2009  Evaluation of the Water Delivery Performance of the Menemen Left Bank Irrigation System Using Variables Measured On-Site

2009  Field Calibration of Submerged Sluice Gates in Irrigation Canals

2009  Hydraulic Study of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

2009  Interstate Collaboration in the Arkansas River Compact Compliance Process: The "Nuts and Bolts" of Developing PET for Canal Service Areas for Input to the H-I Model

2009  Least-Cost and Most Efficient Channel Cross Sections

2009  Realizing the Dream: The Union Canal

2009  Reducing Water Seepage with Anionic Polyacrylamide: Application Methods and Turbidity Effects

2009  Robust Fractional-Order PI Controller Implemented on a Laboratory Hydraulic Canal

2009  Three-Dimensional Analysis of Seepage below and around Hydraulic Structures

2008  1-D Sediment Mathematical Model for Irrigation Canals of the Lower Yellow River

2008  Alternative Rotational Delivery Scheduling for Better Water Regime in Canal Command

2008  Conversion from Discharge to Gate Opening for the Control of Irrigation Canals