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2015  Automated Chamber System to Measure Field Evapotranspiration Rates

2015  Concepts of Information Content and Likelihood in Parameter Calibration for Hydrological Simulation Models

2015  Effect of Temperature and Salinity on the Precision and Accuracy of Landscape Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor Systems

2015  Second-Order Autoregressive Model-Based Likelihood Function for Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of SWAT Model

2014  Application of Formal and Informal Bayesian Methods for Water Distribution Hydraulic Model Calibration

2014  Application of Linearized Calibration Method for Vertically Mixed Runoff Model Parameters

2014  Bayesian Framework for Water Quality Model Uncertainty Estimation and Risk Management

2014  Calibration of Failure Criteria for Bucket Foundations on Drained Sand under General Loading

2014  Calibration of Pavement ME Design and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Performance Prediction Models for Iowa Pavement Systems

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Calibration of Resistance Factors of Soil Nails for the LBJ Express Project

2014  Collaborative Approach to Calibration of a Riverine Water Quality Model

2014  Comparison of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in Hydrological Model Calibration

2014  Comparison of Traditional and Bayesian Calibration Techniques for Gray-Box Modeling

2014  Condition Assessment of Existing RC Highway Bridges in China Based on SIE2011

2014  Dealing with Uncertainty in Water Distribution System Models: A Framework for Real-Time Modeling and Data Assimilation

2014  Effective Optimization Technique for a Nonlinear Rainfall-Runoff Model

2014  Evaluation of Time Evolution of Mechanical Parameters of Polymeric Pipes by Unsteady Flow Runs

2014  Fidelity and Robustness of Detailed Micromodeling, Simplified Micromodeling, and Macromodeling Techniques for a Masonry Dome

2014  Identification of Vehicular Axle Weights with a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System Considering Transverse Distribution of Wheel Loads

2014  Impact of SWMM Catchment Discretization: Case Study in Syracuse, New York

2014  Improvement of Rainfall-Runoff Simulations Using the Runoff-Scale Weighting Method

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Investigation of Uncertainty Changes in Model Outputs for Finite-Element Model Updating Using Structural Health Monitoring Data

2014  Laboratory and Field Calibration of the Diviner 2000 Probe in Two Types of Soil

2014  LRFD Calibration of Bridge Foundations Subjected to Scour

2014  New Models for Scattering Bias Compensation in Time-of-Flight Range Camera Self-Calibration

2014  Numerical and Experimental Validation of FRP Patch Anchors Used to Improve the Performance of FRP Laminates Bonded to Concrete

2014  Partitioned Analysis of Coupled Numerical Models Considering Imprecise Parameters and Inexact Models

2014  Performance Evaluation of a Stone Masonry-Arch Railway Bridge under Increased Axle Loads

2014  Probabilistic Calibration of a Dynamic Model for Predicting Rainfall-Controlled Landslides

2014  State-Based Overburden Normalization of Cone Penetration Resistance in Clean Sand

2014  Structural Identification of an Elevated Water Tank

2014  Two-Dimensional Features of Viscoelastic Models of Pipe Transients

2014  Variability of Moisture Content Measurement Devices on Subgrade Soils

2013  Analytical Calibration Approach to Develop a Seepage Model for the London Avenue Canal Load Test

2013  Assessment of Reference Evapotranspiration by the Hargreaves Method in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

2013  Attitude Stabilization for the Nano Remote Sensing Satellite PRISM

2013  Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Storm Water Model and Its Application to a Heavily Urbanized Watershed

2013  Bayesian Updating of Fragility Functions Using Hybrid Simulation

2013  Calibrated Analytical Formulas for Foundation Model Parameters

2013  Calibrated Hydrodynamic Model for Sazlidere Watershed in Istanbul and Investigation of Urbanization Effects

2013  Calibration of Platoon Dispersion Parameter Considering the Impact of the Number of Lanes

2013  Calibration of the 10HS Soil Moisture Sensor for Southwest Florida Agricultural Soils

2013  Calibration of the Parameters of a Rainfall-Runoff Model in Ungauged Basins Using Synthetic Flow Duration Curves as Estimated by Regional Analysis

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Development of a Hydrological Model for the Rio Conchos Basin

2013  Efficient Calibration Technique under Irregular Response Surface

2013  Error and Uncertainty Analysis of Inexact and Imprecise Computer Models

2013  Generic Free-Flow Rating for Cutthroat Flumes

2013  Global Calibration of Distributed Hydrological Models for Large-Scale Applications

2013  Health Assessment of a Plate Girder Railway Bridge under Increased Axle Loads

2013  Hybrid Simulation of Curved Four-Span Bridge: Comparison of Numerical and Hybrid Experimental/Analytical Results and Methods of Numerical Model Calibration

2013  Hybrid Technique for Calibrating Network-Level Performance Models of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements

2013  Hydraulic Calibration of a Water Distribution System Model

2013  Improving In-Building Asset Localization by Offset Vector and Convergence Calibration Methods

2013  Initial Calibration Studies of Water Distribution System - São Lourenço -MG, Brasil

2013  Local Calibration of MEPDG for Flexible Pavements in New Mexico

2013  LRFD Calibration of Metallic Reinforced Soil Walls

2013  Macroelement for Statically Loaded Shallow Strip Foundation Resting on Unsaturated Soil

2013  A Method to Calibrate P Controllers for the Real-Time Control of Pressures in Water Distribution Networks

2013  Microplane Model M7 for Plain Concrete. II: Calibration and Verification

2013  Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis for Runoff in the Upper Sind River Basin, India, Using Sequential Uncertainty Fitting

2013  New Methodology for Density and Water Content by Time Domain Reflectometry

2013  New Stage-Discharge Relationships for Radial Gates

2013  Predictive Analysis by Incorporating Uncertainty through a Family of Models Calibrated with Structural Health-Monitoring Data

2013  Predissolution and Postdissolution Penetration Resistance

2013  Regionalization of the Hargreaves Coefficient for the Assessment of Distributed Reference Evapotranspiration in Southern Italy

2013  Reliability-Based Calibration of Load and Resistance Factors for Design of RC Bridges under Multiple Extreme Events: Scour and Earthquake

2013  Revisiting the Energy-Momentum Method for Rating Vertical Sluice Gates under Submerged Flow Conditions

2013  Spatiotemporal Distribution of Calibration Coefficients of Hargreaves Equation for Estimating Potential Evapotranspiration in Mainland China

2013  Statistical Analysis of Non-Pressure-Compensating and Pressure-Compensating Drip Emitters

2013  Study of the Xinanjiang Model Parameter Calibration

2013  A Transformational Approach to Explicit Stereo Camera Calibration for Improved Euclidean Accuracy of Infrastructure 3D Reconstruction

2013  Water Distribution Systems Complex Contamination Simulations for Event Detection Model Calibration and Verification

2012  3D Numerical Modeling of Stratified Flows: Case Study of the Bosphorus Strait

2012  Battle of the Water Calibration Networks

2012  Calibration and Validation of a Numerical Model for Early Age Damage Analysis

2012  Calibration of a Freeze-Thaw Prediction Model for Spring Load Restriction Timing in Northern New England

2012  Calibration of a Reusable Nonlinear Beam-Column Connection for Use in an Experimental Ground Motion Scaling Study

2012  Calibration of Runoff Curve Numbers for a Small Urban Watershed

2012  Calibration of Storm Drainage Design Inputs for a Small Urban Watershed

2012  Calibration of Tides in an Operational Forecast System for the Shelikof Straits—Cook Inlet Region of Alaska

2012  Comparison of Laboratory and Field Calibration of a Soil-Moisture Capacitance Probe for Various Soils

2012  Computational Procedures Used for Radial Gate Calibration in WinGate

2012  Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Unsaturated Sands and Silts. II: Integration, Calibration, and Validation

2012  Development of a VISSIM Simulation Model for U-Turns at Unsignalized Intersections

2012  The Development of Allowable Fatigue Stresses in API RP2A

2012  Effect of Data Collection on the Estimation of Wall Reaction Coefficients for Water Distribution Models

2012  Effective Approach for Solving Battle of Water Calibration Network Problem

2012  Enhancing MIKE11 Updating Kernel and Evaluating Its Performance Using Numerical Experiments

2012  Evaluating Autoselection Methods Used for Choosing Solutions from Pareto-Optimal Set: Does Nondominance Persist from Calibration to Validation Phase?

2012  Evaluation and Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation Prediction Models in Southern Spain

2012  Field Calibration of Weirs Using Partial Volumetric Flow Measurements

2012  Improving Model Performance Using Season-Based Evaluation

2012  Lattice Discrete Particle Model for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. II: Tensile Fracture and Multiaxial Loading Behavior

2012  Local Calibration and Implementation of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Flexible Pavement Design

2012  Local Deformation Analysis of a Sand Specimen Using 3D Digital Image Correlation for the Calibration of a Simple Elasto-Plastic Model

2012  LRFD Calibration for Steel Strip Reinforced Soil Walls

2012  LRFD Calibration of the Ultimate Pullout Limit State for Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls