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Found 39 Records with the keyword term of "Calcium carbonate"

2015  Comparison of the Ability of Two Bacteria to Improve the Behavior of Sandy Soil

2015  Using Calcium Carbonate Whisker in Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites

2014  Accelerated Carbonation of Portland Limestone Cement

2011  Biocalcification of Sand through Ureolysis

2011  Early Marine Diagenesis in Calcium Carbonate Rich Sediments: A Review of Implications for Geotechnical Systems

2011  Microbial Concrete: Way to Enhance the Durability of Building Structures

2011  Ureolytic Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Presence of Non-Ureolytic Competing Bacteria

2010  Improved Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Mushroom Compost Amended with Crab-Shell Chitin

2009  Characterization of Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Oxide, and Calcium Hydroxide as Starting Point to the Improvement of Lime for Their Use in Construction

2009  Modification of CaO by Organic Alumina Precursor for Enhancing Cyclic Capture of CO2 Greenhouse Gas

2007  Clogging of Gravel Drainage Layers Permeated with Landfill Leachate

2006  Assessing the Carbonation Behavior of Cementitious Materials

2005  Unique Effects of Hydrated Lime Filler on the Performance-Related Properties of Asphalt Cements: Physical and Chemical Interactions Revisited

2004  Impact of Water Blending on Calcium Carbonate Equilibrium in Water Distribution Systems

2003  Biogeochemical Evaluation of Mechanisms Controlling CaCO3(s) Precipitation in Landfill Leachate-Collection Systems

2002  Beach and Reef-Flat Sediments along the South Shore of Molokai, Hawaii

2002  Carbonate Beaches of the Eastern Part of the Sea of Azov under Anthropogenic Impact

1996  Low Temperature Solidification of CaCO3 Using Hydrothermal Hot-Pressing

1995  Calcite and Zeolite Fracture Coatings in Topopah Spring Tuff Along Drill Hole Wash, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1995  Calcite Fracture Fillings as Indicators of Paleohydrology at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden

1994  Fluid Inclusion Studies of Calcite Veins from Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Tuffs: Environment of Formation

1994  Inferences of Paleoenvironment From Petrographic, Chemical and Stable-Isotope Studies of Calcretes and Fracture Calcites

1994  Paleoclimatic and Paleohydrologic Records From Secondary Calcite: Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1992  Softening by Fluidized Bed Crystallizers

1991  Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Clogged Drains at Concrete Gravity Dams

1991  An Evaluation of Evidence Pertaining to the Origin of Vein Deposits Exposed in Trench 14, Nevada Test Site, Nevada

1991  Tropical Carbonate Coastal Processes

1991  The Use of Aragonite as an Alternate Source of Beach Fill in Southeast Florida

1990  A Preliminary Model for Carbon-14 Transport in a Clay Buffer

1990  Removal of Scale from Potable Hot Water Systems by Carbon Dioxide Injections

1987  Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Transparency in Lakes: A Case Study

1987  Calcium Carbonate Scale Removal in Potable Water Systems: New Technology

1987  Estimating Chemical Doses for Water Stabilization

1987  Interaction of Flow and Incrustation in the Roman Aqueduct of Nîmes

1982  CaCO3 Neutralization of Acidified Surface Waters

1981  CaCO3 Neutralization of Acidified Surface Waters

1980  For Disposal: 10 m cu m of Calcium Carbonate Slurry

1972  Effect of Calcium Bicarbonate on Disinfection by Halogens

1969  Salt and Water Balance, Coachella Valley, California