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2015  Cable Replacement Method for Cable-Stayed Bridges Based on Sensitivity Analysis

2015  Damage Detection Strategy Using Strain-Mode Residual Trends for Long-Span Bridges

2015  Experimental Study of Vibration Characteristics of FRP Cables for Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges

2015  Physics-Based Stochastic Model to Determine the Failure Load of Suspension Bridge Main Cables

2014  Buffeting Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Three-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics

2014  Concepts of Developing Traffic Load Model for Multi-Span Cable Supported Bridges

2014  Conceptual Design of Superspan Partial Ground-Anchored Cable-Stayed Bridge with Crossing Stay Cables

2014  Dynamic Impact Analysis of Double-Tower Cable-Stayed Maglev Bridges Using a Simple Model

2014  Experimental Study of the Steel-Concrete Connection in Hybrid Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  Extending the Benchmark Cable-Stayed Bridge for Transverse Response under Seismic Loading

2014  Extradosed and Intradosed Cable-Stayed Bridges with Continuous Cables: Conceptual Consideration

2014  Fundamental Mode Estimation for Modern Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering the Tower Flexibility

2014  Impact of Damper Stiffness and Damper Support Stiffness on the Efficiency of a Linear Viscous Damper in Controlling Stay Cable Vibrations

2014  Impact of Key System Parameters on the In-Plane Dynamic Response of a Cable Network

2014  Long and Strong

2014  Longitudinal Restraint of a Double-Cable Suspension Bridge

2014  Making the Impossible Possible

2014  Novel Isolation Device for Protection of Cable-Stayed Bridges against Near-Fault Earthquakes

2014  Seismic Fragility Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering Different Sources of Uncertainties

2014  Seismic Fragility Relationships of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Equipped with Response Modification Systems

2014  Seismic Response Analyses of the Yokohama Bay Cable-Stayed Bridge in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

2014  Study on Wind-Induced Vibration Control of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Using TMD-Type Counterweight

2014  Threat Mitigation Options in the Design of Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  Three-Dimensional Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Cable-Stayed Bridges Using a Refined Double-Beam Model

2014  Time-Progressive Dynamic Assessment of Abrupt Cable-Breakage Events on Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  Ultimate Load Capacity of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Different Deck and Pylon Connections

2013  Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity of Cable-Supported Bridges: Identification of Nonlinear Features

2013  Analytical and Numerical Study of Deck-Stay Interaction in a Cable-Stayed Bridge in the Context of Field Observations

2013  Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Comparative Study on Buffeting Performance of Sutong Bridge Based on Design and Measured Spectrum

2013  Experimental Study on Fatigue Strength of Corroded Bridge Wires

2013  The Gerald Desmond Cable-Stayed Bridge - A Case Study in Performance- Based Seismic Design

2013  Influence of Dynamic Properties and Position of Rivulet on Rain-Wind-Induced Vibration of Stay Cables

2013  Long-Term Condition Assessment of Stay Cables: Application to Nanjing 3rd Yangtze River Bridge

2013  Method for Identifying Bridge Collapse Patterns: Analysis of Cases

2013  Multi-scale Analysis of the Steel Cable Anchorage System of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges

2013  Parametric Study on Fluid Viscous Damper for A Long Span 3-Pylon Cable-Stayed Bridge Based on Seismic Response Control

2013  Performance of Unpretensioned Wind Stabilizing Cables in the Construction of a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Post-rehabilitation Cable Force Adjustment of the Tension Rocker Bearing in a PC Cable-stayed Bridge

2013  Rain-Wind-Induced In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Vibrations of Stay Cables

2013  Santiago Calatrava’s Alamillo Bridge and the Idea of the Structural Engineer as Artist

2013  A Stochastic Finite Element Approach to Determine the Safety of Suspension Bridge Cables

2012  Approach to Reduce the Limitations of Modal Identification in Damage Detection Using Limited Field Data for Nondestructive Structural Health Monitoring of a Cable-Stayed Concrete Bridge

2012  Cable-Stayed Bridges: Case Study for Ambient Vibration-Based Cable Tension Estimation

2012  Dallas Bridge a First by Renowned Architect Calatrava

2012  Detection of the Presence of Broken Wires in Cables by Acoustic Emission Inspection

2012  Dynamic Monitoring of an Experimental Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Using Wireless Sensor Network

2012  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Fatigue Properties of Corroded Parallel Wire Cables

2012  Experimental Study of Static Force on Cable-Girder Anchorage of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2012  Experimental Study on Repair Methods of Corroded Bridge Cables

2012  Fatigue Considerations in the Design of Cable-Stayed Road-Rail Bridges with Orthotropic Steel Deck

2012  Full Scale Instrumented Pile Load Test for the Port Mann Bridge, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

2012  Investigation and Repair Schemes of the Cracks in Steel Box Girders of a Cable Stayed Bridge

2012  Method for Identifying Bridge Collapse Pattern: Theoretical Analysis

2012  A Modern Marvel Crosses the Mighty Mississippi

2012  Optimization of Cable Cross-Sectional Area in Long Span Cable Stayed Bridges

2012  Practical Formula for Cable Tension Estimation by Vibration Method

2012  RFID and CCTV-Based Material Delivery Monitoring for Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction

2012  Structural Inverse Conversion Analysis on Removal of Closure Segment in Prestressed Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridges

2011  Additional Temperature Forces of Continuous Welded Rail on Large-Span Steel Truss Cable-Stayed Bridge

2011  Applicability of 4D CAD in Civil Engineering Construction: Case Study of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Project

2011  Damping of Taut-Cable Systems: Effects of Linear Elastic Spring Support

2011  Effects of Cables on Dynamic Properties of Short-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges

2011  Eliminating Temperature Effect in Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection

2011  Estimation of Error Factors in Concrete Cable-Stayed Structures with Sensitivity of Creep

2011  Estimation of Tension in Cables with Intermediate Elastic Supports Using Finite-Element Method

2011  Experiment and Theoretical Research on Cable-Girder Anchorage Structure of Long Span Steel Cable-Stayed Bridges

2011  Full-Scale Model Test for One Box with Three Rooms Cable-Pylon Anchorage Zone of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2011  Graceful Gateway

2011  Load Transfer and Recovery Length in Parallel Wires of Suspension Bridge Cables

2011  Seismic Response Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridge Considering the Interaction of the Soil-Pile-Superstructure

2011  Seismic Strengthening of Low Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Metal Alloy Brace

2011  Symbol for a City

2011  Test Result for Tension Control Experiment of U-Shaped Prestressed Tendons in Cable-Stayed Bridge Pylon

2011  Three-Dimensional Elastic Catenary Cable Element Considering Sliding Effect

2011  Why We Need Renaissance Engineers: Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Phase II Case Study

2011  Wind Engineering Studies for a Cable-Stayed Bridge in Talavera de la Reina, Spain

2011  Wind-Excited Flutter Analysis of Asymmetric, Double Lanyard, and Single King-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge

2010  Analysis of Stress Influence of Top Deck Thickness on Main Girder with Box Cross Section Used in Cable Stayed Bridge

2010  The Assessment Method of Safety Performance of Cable-Stayed Bridge under Multi-Hazard Based on Structure Vulnerability

2010  Conceptual Design of the Cable Stayed Miradoiros Bridge in La Coruna (Spain)

2010  Contact Analysis of Interaction between Beam and Bearing in Cable-Stayed Bridges

2010  Curving, Offset Masts Will Create England’s Tallest Bridge

2010  Damage Monitoring of Bridge Cable through Acoustic Emission Technique

2010  Determining the Rational Completion Cable Forces Based on Influence Matrix Method United Minimum Bending Energy Method

2010  Dynamic Analysis of a Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge: Escaleritas Viaduct

2010  Elbow River Cable-Stayed Bridge, Calgary, Canada

2010  Engineering the Tower and Main Span Construction of Stonecutters Bridge

2010  Evaluation, Rehabilitation Planning, and Stay-Cable Replacement Design for the Hale Boggs Bridge in Luling, Louisiana

2010  Experimental Investigation of Bending Fatigue Response of Grouted Stay Cables

2010  Experimental Research and FEM Analysis of Steel Corbel in Pylon Cable Anchor Zone of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2010  Mitigating the Stay Cable Vibration under Deck Excitation

2010  Redesigned Cable-Stayed Span to Link St. Louis and Illinois

2010  Research into the Influence of Cable Local Vibration over Wave Response for Cable-Stayed Bridges

2010  Research on the Key Problems of CFRP Cables for Cable-Stayed Bridges

2010  Status and Development of Maintenance and Strengthening Technologies for Existing Prestressed Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridges

2010  The Strange Behavior of Cracked Wires in a Cable

2010  Worth the Wait

2009  Analysis of Identified Cable Force of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2009  Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process in Performance Evaluation of Existing Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridge