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2015  Framework for Aligning Project Management with Organizational Strategies

2014  Do Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness Reduce Physical Damage to Businesses in Disasters? Critical Role of Business Disaster Planning

2014  Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences By Jane Hyun and Audrey S. Lee. New York City: Harper Business, 2014

2014  Model for Systematic Innovation in Construction Companies

2014  Modelo para la Innovaciön Sistemática en Empresas Constructoras

2014  Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation By Adam Bryant. New York City: Times Books, 2014

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Dean Palumbo, P.L.S., on how to attract and manage clients

2014  Strategies for Building and Sustaining a Successful Engineering and Consulting Company

2013  Analysis of the Fundamentals to Influence the Price of China’s Real Estate

2013  The Business of Geotechnics

2013  An Empirical Analysis between Internal Control Disclosure Level and Enterprise Value in the Real Estate Industry

2013  Empirical Research on the Determinants of Effective Tax Rates of the Real Estate Industry

2013  Empirical Study on Earnings Management of Listed Construction Enterprises in China

2013  A Grey Relational Analysis on Factors Affecting the Price of Commercial Housing

2013  Predicting Loss for Large Construction Companies

2013  Principal Component Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Development of China’s Real Estate Market

2013  Real Estate Project Group Progress Synergetic Management Based on Spatial Network Structure

2013  Research on Dividend Policy Characteristics of China’s Real Estate Industry Based on the Data of Real Estate Listed Companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen A-Share

2013  Research on the Stability of Real Estate Corporate Earnings Influenced by Assets Structure

2013  Rethinking the Business Model in Construction by the Use of Off-Site System Deliverance: Case of the Shaft Project

2013  Sell. Sell. Sell.

2013  Soundness Research of Listed Real Estate Company Based on Model of Gains and Stock Returns Relationship

2013  Study of Potential Demand Confidence Index in Dalian Residential Market

2013  Study of the Effect of M&A on Real Estate Industry Firms’ Performance

2013  Study on Executives’ Replacement, Corporate Performance, and Board Characteristics of Real Estate Listed Companies

2013  A Study on Operating a Performance Evaluation of Listed Real Estate Companies

2013  Study on the Real Options Model of Duopoly Game in Real Estate Investment

2013  Visualizing Evolution of Knowledge Management Capability in Construction Firms

2012  Business Design Modeling for Industrialization in Construction: Cooperative Approach

2012  The Business Mode of Super Trade Logistics Parks

2012  The Business of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

2012  Construction Business Cycle Analysis Using the Regime Switching Model

2012  Cost Estimation Certification for Managers and Engineers

2012  Developing Key Performance Indicators for Public-Private Partnership Projects: Questionnaire Survey and Analysis

2012  Dynamic Evolution of IOT Application’s Business Mode in Retail

2012  House-Building Business Models and Off-Site Construction Take-Up

2012  How to Avoid Future Problems Based on Previous Failure Analyses

2012  How To Select and Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project

2012  Integrated Application of IOT in Agricultural Trade and Logistics Business Processes

2012  Internal Governance of Design and Engineering: The Case of the Multinational Firm

2012  Leveraging LinkedIn for Business

2012  Market Structure and Organizational Performance of Construction Organizations

2012  Mathematical Models for Predicting Organizational Flexibility of Construction Firms in Singapore

2012  Optimal Analysis and Design of a Warehouse Management Business Process Based on RFID Technology

2012  Organizational Structure and Management Systems

2011  Civil Engineers as Master Builders and the Professionalization of Construction

2011  Effective Business Governance

2011  Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Organizational Flexibility in the Construction Business

2011  Federalism and Change

2011  Geo-Risks in the Business Environment

2011  Permanent versus Mobile Entry Decisions in International Construction Markets: Influence of Home Country– and Firm-Related Factors

2011  Railway Administration Organization Modes Evaluation of Passenger Dedicated Line

2010  CMAA Survey Results: Staff Reductions Prevalent, Owners Cautious

2010  Critical Review of Collaborative Working in Construction Projects: Business Environment and Human Behaviors

2010  Engineering Leadership and Management during Financial Crisis

2010  Exploitation of the Workflow Management System

2010  Improved Procedures for Business Accommodation on Transportation Construction Projects

2010  Logistics Fleet Remote Management System

2010  Mobilizing Institutional Knowledge for International Projects

2010  Partnerships Are the Answer

2010  Research on Integrated Evaluation System of Corporate Business and Staff Performance

2010  A Rocky Road Ahead

2010  Three-Stage Outsourcing Decision Model Based on Different Outsourcing Patterns

2009  Beyond Sustainability: The Contractor’s Role in Regenerative System Design

2009  The Business of Ethics

2009  Chinese Contractors in Africa: Home Government Support, Coordination Mechanisms, and Market Entry Strategies

2009  Investigation and Modeling of Critical Success Factors in Construction Organizations

2009  Psychological Capital: The New Thinking of Business Human Resources Management

2009  Relationship between Construction Firm Strategies and Innovation Outcomes

2009  Strategic Assets Driving Organizational Capabilities of Thai Construction Firms

2009  United Kingdom Anticorruption Forum

2008  BP Neural Network-Based Research of Business Process Reengineering Effect Evaluation

2008  Business Process Control along Supply Chain of Offshore Software Outsourcing

2008  A Comparative Study of Logistics Service Quality Dimensions in the British and Chinese Online Retailing Markets

2008  Decision-Making Model of Agricultural Production Supplier

2008  The Improvement Research of Ant Colony Algorithm In The Bullwhip Effect Application

2008  Innovations in Hydrologic Research: Lessons from the World of Business

2008  The Multi-Stage Coordinative Mechanism Research in Supply Chain

2008  Performance Implications of Buyer-Seller Relationships in China’s Agricultural Wholesale Markets: An Empirical Study

2008  Research on Management Model in Supply Chain Based on the Lotka-Volterra Competition

2008  Research on the Optimal Cycle Time and Credit Time for Retailers under Permissible Delay in Payment

2008  The Retailer’s ordering Policy for Two-Way Complete Substitute Commodity with Lead Time Reliability

2008  Return Policy for Consumer Electronic Products under Channel Rebate and Penalty Strategy

2008  Staircase Model for New Practice Implementation

2008  Strategies Adopted by International Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms in Southeast Asia

2008  Structures Congress 2008, Crossing Borders

2008  A Study on the Combined Contract of Return Policy and Sales Rebate

2008  Study on the Control Model of Logistics Based On Cybernetics

2008  A Study on the Modern Logistics System for CBD

2008  A Trial Essay on the Solution of the Bullwhip Effect

2007  Business Process Analyzing and Reengineering of Container Non-Stop Express Transportation

2007  E-Business Transformation Stages for Construction Companies

2007  The Intellectual Capital Impacts on Logistics Business Performance

2007  Promoting the Business of the FMGM Community

2007  Study on Analyzing and Optimizing the Business Process of Multimodal Transport

2006  Business: Report Advises Procurement Staff to Place Fabrication Orders Early

2006  Characteristics for Leveraging Value Management Processes on Capital Facility Projects

2006  Construction Business Automation System

2006  Detection of Security Concerns on Data Communications Systems

2006  Determinants of Initernational Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms’ Project Success in China