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2013  Gunnison Tunnel: Engineering History of an Early American Reclamation Project

2010  Reclamation, the Army, and Hoover Dam during World War II

2007  Bureau of Reclamation Erosion Testing for Evaluation of Piping and Internal Erosion of Dams

2006  A Daily Time-Step Planning and Operations Model of the American River Watershed

2006  Hydrologic Modeling Inventory: Cooperative Research Effort

2006  U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Use of CALSIM: A Generalized Model for River System Analysis

2005  The Bureau of Reclamation — Its History

2005  Bureau of Reclamation Activities and Research in Concentrate Management

2004  History of Drainage in the Bureau of Reclamation

2004  Reclamation’s 100 Years of Embankment Dam Design and Construction

2003  Case Studies in Dam Decommissioning at the Bureau of Reclamation

2003  United States Bureau of Reclamation’s Contribution in K-12 Education

2002  The Bureau of Reclamation’s Legacy: A Century of Water for the West

2002  High Dams and Large Reservoirs: The Evolution of Concrete Dams at the Bureau of Reclamation

2001  Big Screen Debut

2000  The Hydrologic Modeling Inventory: A Cooperative Research Effort

2000  The Watershed and River Systems Management Program: An Overview of Capabilities

1999  Benefit and Cost Analysis: Western Threatened & Endangered Fish Critical Habitats

1999  BuRec Engineers Know Their History (ltr)

1999  Including Long-Term Biological Index Performance in a Multi-Criteria Decision Support System

1999  Title Transfer of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Projects: Fact or Fiction

1998  Bank Stabilization Experience on the Middle Rio Grande

1998  Changes in Emphasis for Hydraulic Research at Bureau of Reclamation

1998  Initial Analysis of Water Quality Changes on Muddy Creek

1998  Pacific Northwest Salmon Reservoir Operation Issues

1998  Rootwad Bank Stabilization of the Middle Rio Grande

1998  Southern California Water Reclamation Study

1998  Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

1997  Dam Foundation Erosion: Pit 4 Dam Scale and Prototype Model Test Results and Comparison

1997  Decision Support System for River Basin Water Rights Administration

1997  Hydropower’s Role in Corps of Engineer’s Basin Studies

1997  Improving Environmental Compatibility in the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Hydropower Program: A National Performance Review Analysis

1997  Modifying Reservoir Release Temperatures Using Temperature Control Curtains

1997  Reinventing the Bureau of Reclamation’s Power Program

1997  Replacement of Water-Operated Needle Valves at U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Facilities

1997  Simulation-Based Optimal Operating Policy for Reservoir Systems

1997  Thermography Applications in Hydroelectric Powerplants

1996  United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Perspectives on the Management Improvement Program As a Vehicle for Integrated Resource Planning

1995  Policy Instruments for Improving the Efficiency of Bureau of Reclamation Supplied Water

1994  Applying Sustainable Development

1994  Reclamation and Water Conservation

1993  Bureau of Reclamation Downstream Hazard Classification

1993  Economic Aspects of the Bureau of Reclamation Safety of Dams Program

1993  Emergency Action Plan

1993  Reclamation’s Design Process of Early Warning Systems for Dam Safety

1993  Reclamation’s Review of Operation and Maintenance Program

1993  Using Threat to Life Studies to Guide Dam Safety Decisions

1992  Agricultural Option Contracts

1992  Design of Irrigation Distribution System

1992  Information Management in Water Resources: Database and GIS Integration

1992  Role of Land Information System in Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems Bureau of Reclamation

1992  Steady and Unsteady Flow Profiles in Reclamation

1992  The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation—New Directions in Water Management and Conservation

1991  Buffalo Bill Gets Taller

1991  BuRec Report Urges Steps to Mitigate Western Drought

1991  Hydro Plant Modernization and Uprating

1991  The Impact of Drought on Hydropower Generation-Case Study of Bureau of Reclamation Hydropower Plant

1991  Implications of the 1987-1990 Droughts for Hydropower Generation at Reclamation Powerplants

1991  An Improved Incremental Economic Dispatch Method for Hydroelectric Generators with Nonconvex Energy Production Cost Curves

1991  Relational Database Design and Technology

1991  Technology Transfer in the Bureau of Reclamation

1991  Validation Studies on Indexed Sequential Modeling for the Colorado River Basin

1990  The Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems

1990  Development of an Underwater Canal Lining Method

1990  Fish Bypass Facilities - Tehama-Colusa Canal

1990  Managing Conflict Over a Dam Safety Problem

1990  A Methodology for Analyzing Alternative Reservoir Sizing, Shortage, and Operating Criteria

1990  Permeability Effects on the Sulfate Resistance of Concrete

1990  Prestressed Concrete Pipe Field Test

1990  Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards by the Bureau of Reclamation

1990  Ute Mountain Ute Indian Water Rights Settlement of 1988

1989  Buffalo Bill Dam Modifications—Modification of an Existing Bureau of Reclamation Facility to Increase Power Generation

1989  California-Nevada Interstate Water Allocation

1989  Computer-Aided Negotiation of Water Resources Issues in California’s Central Valley Project

1989  Concrete Lining the Coachella Canal in the Wet

1989  Conjunctive Operation of Surface and Subsurface Storages in California (Macroscopic Planning in Kern County)

1989  Continued Development of the Columbia Basin Project—A Status Report

1989  Dams Reborn

1989  Energy Dissipation Structure for Fixed-Cone Valves

1989  Experience with Cavitation in High Pressure Slide Gates

1989  How Many Years to Fill with Sediment, a Sediment Study of Lake Powell on the Colorado River

1989  Implementation Strategies for Salinity Projects

1989  Implication of Inclusion of Bureau’s facilities in the California State Water Project Operation Models

1989  Incorporating Environmental Considerations in Water Projects Under the New Bureau of Reclamation Mandate

1989  Los Banos Grandes Offstream Reservoir

1989  OMADSS—Operations and Maintenance Advanced Decision Support System

1988  AgriMet—“ET” Phones Home—(Adaptation of Satellite Telemetry for Crop Water Use Modeling in the Pacific Northwest)

1988  The Bureau of Reclamation in Transition

1988  Bureau of Reclamation Uprating Program

1988  Changing Federal/State Water Resources Roles

1988  Changing Role Between State and Federal Agencies

1988  The Changing Role of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

1988  Developing a Training Program for Inspectors

1988  Expert Systems Water Management: A Demonstration

1988  Probabilistic Maintenance Opportunities

1988  Submerged Flow in Parshall Flumes

1988  Synchronous Bypass Valves for Hydroplants

1988  Water-A-Plenty, 1987 Upper Rio Grande Water Year

1987  Blast Starts New Dam on Provo River

1987  BuRec Helps Italians Analyze Flood Data