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2014  Turbulent Interaction of a Buoyant Jet with Cross-Flow

2013  Behavior of Dense Discharges beyond the Return Point

2013  Buoyancy Effect on Turbulent Round Jet under Regular Waves

2013  Fuel Storage Container Performance during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan, Tsunami

2012  Dilution and Penetration of Vertical Negatively Buoyant Thermal Jets

2012  How Buoyant Flow Control Devices Can Reduce Pond Size Requirements

2012  Mixing of Multiple Buoyant Jets

2012  Unique Superposition Solution of Multiple Plane or Round Buoyant Jets for Tracer and Buoyancy Fluxes

2011  Deposition of Cohesive Sediment from Turbulent Plumes, Gravity Currents, and Turbidity Currents

2011  Geysering in Rapidly Filling Storm-Water Tunnels

2011  Physical Processes Resulting in Geysers in Rapidly Filling Storm-Water Tunnels

2009  Buoyancy-Driven Flow in a Two-Story Compartment

2008  Time-Varying Underflow into a Continuous Stratification with Bottom Slope

2007  Bridges: Inverted Suspension Bridge Planned for China

2002  Analysis of Direction Spectra in Shallow Environment: Comparison of Field Data and Results from Mathematical Modeling

2002  A Biomodal Directional Distribution Model for Directional Buoy Measurements

2002  Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra from Non-Stationary Wave Sensors

2002  Estimation of JONSWAP Spectral Parameters by Using Dependent-Variables Analysis

2002  Improved Estimates of Swell from Moored Buoys

2002  The Italian Wave Measurement Buoy Network: 12 Years Management Experience

2002  Validation of Operational Global Wave Prediction Models with Spectral Buoy Data

2002  Wave Climate Change and Coastal Erosion in the US Pacific Northwest

2002  A Wave Spectra Study of the Typhoon Across Taiwan

2001  Assessing the Quality of Directional Wave Measurement by a Differential GPS Buoy

2001  Graphical Sizing and Analysis of Ocean Outfalls with Buoyant Plumes

2001  Hydrodynamics and Design of a Unique Gravity Base for a Tethered Control Buoy

2001  Long Period Wave Effects as Measured by a Dual Frequency DGPS Buoy

2000  Buoyant Velocity of Spherical and Nonspherical Bubbles/Droplets

2000  Locating Discharge Trajectories in Still and Moving Ambient Fluids

1999  Numerical Investigation of Plunging Density Current

1998  Comparison of Directional Wave Spectrum Between Buoy Data and SAR Image Data

1998  Comparison of Intermediate-Water Directional Wave Data Measured from PUV Gages and Ocean Buoys

1998  An Eulerian-Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Modeling for Surface Heat Transport

1998  Global Wave Patterns from Recorded Wave Data

1998  A Hand-Deployable Wave Buoy Utilizing Triaxial Accelerometer, Angular Rate, and Magnetometer Sensors

1998  The Harvest Project Phase 1–HarvEx

1998  Inter-Calibration of Satellite and Buoy Wave Data

1998  Measurement of Wave Period from Radar Altimeters

1998  Numerical Verification of Scaling Laws for Smoke Movement in Room-Corridor Structure

1998  On the Average Wave Steepness

1998  A Proposed Method for Minimizing the Number of Bits Needed to Encode Nondirectional Wave Spectra for Satellite Transmissions

1998  The SCAWVEX Project

1998  SMART-800: A GPS Based Directional Wave Buoy

1998  Towards a Systematic Verification of Operational Wave Models

1998  A Wind and Wave Database for the North Atlantic Ocean

1997  20,000 Trees Under the Lake: Public Safety Matters

1997  Flexible Membrane Wave Barrier. II: Floating/Submerged Buoy-Membrane System

1997  Integral Control Data Assimilation in Wave Predictions

1997  Performance Evaluation of Buoy-Membrane Wave Barriers

1997  Riprap Particle Stability by Moment Analysis

1997  Thermal-Saline Jets with Reversing Buoyancy

1997  Ventilation of Industrial Process Drains: Mechanisms and Effects on VOC Emissions

1997  Wave Gauging Networks Worldwide - An Overview

1996  Application of the Model SPECIES to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

1996  Application of Vertical Turbulence Closure Schemes in the Chesapeake Bay Circulation Model — A Comparative Study

1996  Characteristics of Radial Jets and Mixing under Buoyant Conditions

1996  Development of a Pressure Suit Simulation System for Neutral Buoyancy Operations

1996  Dynamics of Turbidity Current with Reversing Buoyancy

1996  Mechanisms Involved in Vibratory Destabilization of NAPL Ganglia in Sands

1996  Natural Ventilation of an Exothermic Waste Repository

1996  Thermohaline Buoyancy Effects on Turbulent Flows

1995  Analysis of a Natural Convection Loop Which Includes Reservoirs

1995  CDF - A New Bedding System for Clay Pipe

1995  Comparison of Oil Trajectory Model with Drifting Buoys

1995  Inlet-Structure Design for Final Clarifiers

1994  Alternative Formulation of Laterally Averaged Hydrodynamics

1994  Buoy Directional Wave Measurements Using Magnetic Field Components

1994  Buoyant Advection of Gases in Unsaturated Soil

1994  A Comparison of Three Wave-Measuring Buoys

1994  Design and Testing of the NDBC Wave Processing Module

1994  Design Waves and Wave Spectra for Engineering Applications

1994  Implementation and Validation of a Global Third-Generation Wave Model at Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center

1994  Instrumented Buoy Network Response to Ocean Swell

1994  MAC3D: Multiblock Numerical Model for Hydraulic Applications

1994  NDBC Wave Data—Current and Planned

1994  New Program for the Marine Observation and Prediction Center of the Central Weather Bureau

1994  On Hurricane-Generated Seas

1994  The Re-derivation of the NDBC Wind-Wave Algorithm

1994  A Sonobuoy-Sized Expendable Air-Deployable Directional Wave Sensor

1994  Spectral and Parametric Wave Models of Lake Erie

1994  Wave Monitoring in The Southern California Bight

1993  Density Currents in Pollutant Transport and Mixing

1993  The Italian Waves Measurement Network

1993  Mixing Processes in a Shallow Lagoon

1993  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Single Point Moored Buoy Under Wave and Current Loadings

1993  Non-Linear Wave-Current Interactions in the SWADE Research Program

1992  Laptop Automated Navigation Aid Positioning System with Differential GPS

1992  Oil Under Ice: Buoyancy Viscous Spreading

1992  On-Orbit Assembly of Large Space Structures: A Mars Aerobrake Mock-up Study

1992  A Three-Dimensional Simulation of Buoyancy and Wind-Induced Circulation and Mixing in the New York Bight

1991  Buoyant, Miscible Plume in Heterogeneous Aquifer

1991  Hydrodynamic Classification of Submerged Multiport-Diffuser Discharges

1991  Hydrodynamic Classification of Submerged Single-Port Discharges

1991  Motion of Dense Thermals on Incline

1991  NDBC’s Observations in the Coastal Zone

1991  Wave Calculation Using WAM Model and NMC Wind

1990  Applications of a Two-Equation Turbulence Model to Geophysical Boundary Layers

1990  Chemically Reacting Thermals with Buoyancy Reversal

1990  Clouds Formed by Large Area Fires

1990  Density Currents from a Radial Source in Stratified Flowing Environments