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2014  Bulkhead Design for the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal

2013  Bulkhead Design Procedure and Challenges on Harbor Island

2013  Design and Permitting the Des Moines Marina Improvements

2013  Ground Improvement to Enhance Bulkhead Seawall Stability

2013  Performance of Constructed Habitat Beach

2013  Replacement of a Failing Bulkhead Wall with Inches to Spare

2013  Seismic Design of Bulkhead and Foundation in Stratified Soft Clay and Liquefiable Soils

2012  Flexible Seawalls: Modified Bulkhead Approach

2012  Lateral Earth Pressure Coefficients for Anchored Sheet Pile Walls

2011  3D Numerical Analysis for Seismic Retrofit of a Cellular Bulkhead

2011  Seawalls, Seacliffs, Beachrock: What Beach Effects? Part 1

2010  Seismic Design Methods for Anchored Sheet Pile Bulkheads

2009  Variable-Height Bulkhead Design Concept for Storm Flood Protection

2007  Bulkhead Design Using Recycled Materials as Backfill

2007  Design and Construction of Bulkheads Using Synthetic Sheeting

2007  Field Measurements of Shore Conditions to Assess Bulkhead Effects in Thurston County, South Puget Sound

2006  Olmsted Lock Operating Bulkhead

2006  Thermohydromechanical Modeling of a Full-Scale Tunnel Sealing Clay Bulkhead

2004  An Alternative to Sheet Pile Bulkheads at the Bayport Terminal Complex

2004  Design Issues for Marginal Wharf Structures

2004  Dynamic Pressure to Waterproof Sheet Placed in the Backfill Region of a Caisson-Type Bulkhead for Waste Disposal

2004  Project-Specific Steel Sheet Piling Applications

2004  Protection of Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead Using Precast Concrete Veneer

2004  Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses of an Underwater Bulkhead and Wharf System

2004  The Utilization of Jet Grouting and Soil Mixing Methods to Repair and Support Bulkhead Structures

2003  Sheet Pile Tensions in Cellular Structures

2003  Super Jet Grouting Repairs and Extends the Life of Ailing Coastal Front Structure

2001  Long-Term Strength of Sheet Pile Bulkheads with Ground Anchors

2001  Soil Mixing Supports a Deepwater Bulkhead in Soft Soils

2001  The Use of an Innovative Mechanical Fastening Technology to Replace Failed Fixing Bolts and Extend the Useful Life of Anchored Steel Bulkheads

1998  Alterations and Additions to Morgan Creek Harbor, Isle of Palms, South Carolina

1998  Estimation of Seismically Induced Lateral Deformations for Anchored Sheetpile Bulkheads

1998  Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazards to Anchored Sheet Pile Bulkheads

1998  Protective Fender System, Waterfront Park–Louisville, KY

1998  Seismic Damage Level for Existing and Proposed Anchored Bulkhead Waterfront Structures in the Boston Harbor

1998  Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

1997  Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Perform Benefit/Cost Analyses for Water Resources Projects

1997  Vinyl Bulkheads Used For Yacht Club Rehabilitation

1996  Composite Holds Back Seawater at 13 Fathoms

1996  Model Uncertainty in Anchorage Design for Anchored Bulkheads

1995  Bulkhead Hoist System for Harry Truman Powerplant

1995  Canaveral Port Authority Cruise Terminal No. 10 Pier

1995  The Development and Rehabilitation of South Florida Bulkheads and Seawalls

1995  Hartford Riverwalk Development Riverfront Recapture, Inc.

1995  “Lessons Learned from the Pit 3 Dam Interim Instream Flow Release System”

1995  Mariner Square Bulkhead Ground Improvement-A Case History

1995  Modernization of Ferry Terminals State of Maine Department of Transportation

1995  Open Cell Bulkheads

1995  Renovation of the Quay Wall on the Right Bank of the Entrance to the Great Dock in the Port of Ghent - Belgium

1995  Replacement of Draft Tube Floating Caisson and Handling System at the Wilson Hydroelectric Plant

1995  The Teredos are Coming! The Teredos are Coming!

1994  Pot-Nets, Delaware, Wetland Habitat and Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material Project

1993  Washington State Coastal Erosion Management Strategy

1992  Deep Water Container Wharf & Crane Foundation

1992  Design and Construction of Waterfront Facilities at U.S. Navy Homeport at Ingleside, Texas

1992  Incorporating Corrosion in Reliability-Based Design of Anchored Bulkheads

1992  Naval Homeport Facilities at Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama

1992  Pine Creek Tidal Hydraulic Study

1992  Replacement of a Deteriorated Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead

1991  Dewatering Using a Floating Bulkhead Proves Flexible, Reusable and Cost Effective

1991  Dynamic Revetments

1991  Numerical Modeling of Storm-Induced Beach Erosion, Folly Beach, South Carolina, Beach Fill Alternatives

1991  Shore Protection Construction Along the California Coast

1991  Wave-Induced Scour Prediction at Vertical Walls

1990  Cellular Sheetpile Bulkheads

1990  A Description and Status of the Yucca Mountain Project Repository Sealing Program

1989  Backbarrier Beaches on a Developed Shoreline

1989  Dynamic Stability of Dumped Riprap

1989  Handling of Intake Bulkhead at King Talal Dam

1989  Replacement of Oil Dock No. 2 at the Port of Corpus Christi

1989  Sidescan Sonar Examination of Deteriorated Revetments and Bulkheads Along Chicago’s Lake Front

1989  U.S. Navy’s First Double Deck Pier, Post Construction

1988  Bulkhead Failure Investigation and Redesign

1987  Analytical Solutions for Sheet Piles

1987  Anchored Timber Bulkhead Seaport Industrial Center

1987  Anchored Timber Bulkhead, Seaport Industrial Center

1987  Bulkhead Instability in Soft Soil

1987  Practical Aspects of Timber Bulkhead Construction

1987  Practical Aspects Of Timber Bulkhead Construction

1987  Protection of Timber Bulkheads from Marine Borers

1987  Protection of Timber Bulkheads from Marine Borers

1987  Shoreline Erosion Protection and Beach Nourishment

1987  Timber Bulkheads

1987  Timber Wave Fence for Marina Protection

1987  Timber Wave Fence for Marine Protection

1987  Underwater Tracks for Marine Railways

1987  Wharf Bulkhead Behavior at Fulton Terminal 6

1986  Behavior of Concrete Bulkheads in Salt Drifts

1986  Case History: St. Louis Municipal Terminal

1986  A Case Study of the Behavior of Seaport Facilities During the 1978 Miyagi-Ken-Oki Earthquake

1986  Designing Marinas to Mitigate Impacts

1986  Earth Tieback Support for an Existing Floodwall

1986  Innovative Bulkhead Design: Third Port Project—St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

1986  An OCEANWHEEL Breakwater

1986  Permanent Tiebacks on Waterfront Structures

1986  Port of Kismayo (Somalia) Rehabilitation

1986  Rehabilitation of Wharf No. 8—Port of Houston

1986  Tiebacks for Bulkheads

1986  Tiebacks for Waterfront Bulkheads

1986  U.S. Navy’s First Double Deck Pier