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2014  ABV Procedure Combined with Mechanistic Response Modeling for Roof- and Surge-Loss Estimation in Hurricanes

2014  Achieving Sustainable Building Maintenance through Optimizing Life-Cycle Carbon, Cost, and Labor: Case in Hong Kong

2014  Composite Floor Systems under Column Loss: Collapse Resistance and Tie Force Requirements

2014  Defects in Affordable Housing Projects in Klang Valley, Malaysia

2014  Demonstrating the Impact of the Occupant on Building Performance

2014  Estimation of Indoor Temperature for a Direct-Gain Passive Solar Building

2014  Impact of Social Network Type and Structure on Modeling Normative Energy Use Behavior Interventions

2014  In-Plane Drift Capacity of Contemporary Point Fixed Glass Facade Systems

2014  Integration of Health Monitoring and Control of Building Structures during Earthquakes

2014  Irrigation Systems Evaluation for Living Walls

2014  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2014  Life Cycle Asset Management Methodologies for Buildings

2014  Long-Term Performance of Rigid Plastic Foam Building Insulation

2014  Method for Energy Performance Integration in Corporate Public Real Estate Management

2014  Modeling and Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections under Column Loss

2014  Modeling Evolution of Stains Caused by Collection of Dirt in Old Building Facades

2014  Optimizing Building Energy Operations via Dynamic Zonal Temperature Settings

2014  Performance Assessment Based on Evidence Theory and Fuzzy Logic: Application to Building and Dam Performance

2014  Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Example of the Building Administration Authorities in Taiwan

2014  Performance of Mediator Tactics in Building Management Disputes

2014  Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of Setback Buildings under Bidirectional Excitation

2014  Pros and Cons of Rotating Ground Motion Records to Fault-Normal/Parallel Directions for Response History Analysis of Buildings

2014  Reliability-Based Assessment of Sustainable Heat Exchange through Pile Foundations

2014  Review of Detailed Schedules in Building Construction

2014  Seismic-Isolation Retrofits of School Buildings: Practice in China after Recent Devastating Earthquakes

2014  Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of a Full-Scale Energy Foundation

2013  Active Monitoring and Control of Light Fixtures during Building Construction and Operation: Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

2013  Agent-Based Modeling of the Impact of Stakeholder Requirements on Sustainable Retrofit of Buildings

2013  Analysis of Balance Between Modeling Accuracy and Computational Speed for a Hybrid Ray-Tracing and Radiosity Method Used in Lighting Simulation

2013  Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Building Energy Conservation Design in Hot Summer and Warm Winter Zones

2013  Annual Thermal Performance of a Hollow Roof in Combination with a Cavity Wall and Static Sunshade: Experimental Study of Energy-Efficient Rooms

2013  Apparatus for Building Electrical Systems Education

2013  Application of Gamma Process for Building Deterioration Prediction

2013  ASCE 31/41 Evaluation of Damaged Chilean Walled Buildings

2013  Assessing the Impact of Using Photographic Images to Influence Building Retrofit Design Education

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Assessment of the Potential Savings Resulting From Shutting Down University Buildings during Periods of Very Low Occupancy: A Case Study

2013  Assessment of the Quality Steel Reinforcement Bars Available in Nigerian Market

2013  Blast Design Considerations for Double-Façade Curtain Walls

2013  Building Code Requirements for Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Concrete

2013  Building Science Integrated Systems Methodological Framework

2013  Building Sustainability into the UAE: ESTIDAMA

2013  Calculating the Cost of Heating and Cooling Loss for Building Diagnostics Using EPAR (Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models)

2013  Coupling Distributed Energy Simulation and Occupancy Models for Comprehensive Building Energy Consumption Analysis

2013  A Cross-Case Analysis of Decision-Making Environments for Deep Retrofit Projects

2013  Delivering Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings: Influence of Project Delivery Methods on Integration and Project Outcomes

2013  Demand Response in Buildings: Engaging Thermostatically Controlled Loads in the Power Grid

2013  Designing Buildings for New Automated Terminals

2013  Determination of Behaviors in Building Product Information Acquisition for Developing a Building Product Information System in Turkey

2013  Developing a Standard Energy Auditing Process for Pennsylvania State University

2013  Development of Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling Based 100% Outdoor System

2013  Diagrids, the New Stablity System: Combining Architecture with Engineering

2013  Dynamic Wind Load on an Internal Partition Wall inside a Compartmentalized Building with an External Dominant Opening

2013  Effect of Early Solar Energy Gain according to Building Size, Building Openings, Aspect Ratio, Solar Azimuth, and Latitude

2013  Evaluating the Tradeoffs of Occupant Comfort and Energy Savings: A Study of Window Control Sensitivity

2013  Experimental Investigation and Design Method Research on Low-Rise Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Steel Framing Buildings

2013  Front Matter

2013  A Fuzzy Risk Management Framework for the Egyptian Real Estate Development Projects

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  Green Star Points Obtained by Australian Building Projects

2013  Image Analysis of Measuring Building Configuration for Seismic Damage Estimation

2013  Impact of Flood on a Simple Masonry Building

2013  Improving Campus Chilled Water Systems with Intelligent Control Valves: A Field Study

2013  Improving In-Building Asset Localization by Offset Vector and Convergence Calibration Methods

2013  Independent Data for Quality-Management Design

2013  Influence of Surrounding Buildings on Wind Loads Acting on Low-Rise Building

2013  Internal Pressure in Real Flexible Porous Buildings with a Dominant Opening: Design Perspective

2013  Methods for Assessing Longitudinal Variations of Energy Production by PV Systems

2013  Microclimate Analyses for the Design of Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

2013  Modeling and Predictive Control of Mixed-Mode Buildings with MatLab/GenOpt

2013  Moisture Safety in Cold Attics with Thick Thermal Insulation

2013  Mortar Joint Maintenance - From Abomination to Preservation

2013  Multisensor Data Fusion for Determining Hallway Blockages in a Building during Evacuation

2013  Observations of Structurally Enhanced and Adjustable Foundations, Fairbanks Area, Alaska

2013  Office Worker Response to Fluorescent Lamps of Different CCT and Lumen Output

2013  On the Web

2013  On The Web (

2013  Optimization of the Hybrid Energy Harvest Systems Sizing for Net-Zero Site-Energy Houses

2013  Overview of the Building Nonstructural Components and Systems (BNCS) Project

2013  Parametric Identification of Nondegrading Hysteresis in a Laterally and Torsionally Coupled Building Using an Unscented Kalman Filter

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. I: Experiments

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. II: Analysis

2013  Potentials of RGB-D Cameras in As-Built Indoor Environment Modeling

2013  A Probabilistic Approach to Nonstructural Failure

2013  Probabilistic Identification of inverse Building Model Parameters

2013  Protection of Buildings against Damages as a Result of Adjacent Large-Span Tunneling in Shallowly Buried Soft Ground

2013  Quantifying the Impact of Occupant Behavior in Mixed Mode Buildings

2013  Reasoning about Building Systems and Content to Support Vulnerability Assessment in Building Emergencies

2013  Regional Hazard Damage Estimation Using System Reliability

2013  Relative Displacement Sensing Techniques for Postevent Structural Damage Assessment: Review

2013  Reliability-based Performance Indicators for Buildings, Bridges and Other Civil Infrastructure

2013  Research Needs for Seismic Rehabilitation of Sub-standard Buildings using Stiff Rocking Cores

2013  Robustness of Prototype Steel Frame Buildings against Column Loss: Assessment and Comparisons

2013  Seismic Behavior of Building Frames Considering Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

2013  Seismic Design and Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Walls with Coupling

2013  Seismic Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems Representing Low-Ductility Steel Concentrically Braced Frames with Reserve Capacity

2013  Simulation of Steel Brace Hysteretic Response Using the Force Analogy Method

2013  Structural Aspects and Seismic Performance of 1-Story Precast Buildings in Turkey

2013  Structural Identification of Constructed Systems, Approaches, Methods, and Technologies for Effective Practice of St-Id

2013  Structures Congress 2013, Bridging Your Passion with Your Profession