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2015  Assessing Failure Envelopes of Soil-Fly Ash-Lime Blends

2015  Inspection, Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation System of Painted Rendered Façades

2015  Modeling and Shock Tube Testing of Architectural Glazing Systems for Blast Resistance

2015  Remote Field Monitoring of Thermal and Moisture Deformations in Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelopes

2015  Three-Dimensional Thermography-Based Method for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Efficiency Building Envelope Retrofits

2014  Case Studies and Practical Examples Related to Facade Access Equipment

2014  Criteria for Architects and Engineers to Achieve Sustainability and Buildability in Building Envelope Designs

2014  Design of a Museum Facade Bracing System for Changing Performance Requirements Using Multiobjective Optimization

2014  Development of an Innovative Load-Bearing Steel Stud Wall System for Blast Protection of Building Envelopes

2014  Effect of Uniaxial Strength and Fracture Parameters of Concrete on Its Biaxial Compressive Strength

2014  Evaluation and Testing of Building-Supported Facade Access Equipment

2014  Exergy Management between a Building and Its Environment for Residential HVAC

2014  Global Differences in Building Enclosures

2014  Guideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope

2014  Improved Blast Protection of Buildings through Implementation of Ductile Building Envelope Connectors

2014  Numerical Simulation and Verification of Curtain Wall Systems under Shock Pressure

2014  Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology of Exterior Surfaces Defacement Caused by Algae Growth

2014  Static Experimental Testing to Define Force-Deformation Relationships of Precast Concrete Cladding Building Façade Systems

2014  Structural Design Recommendations for Building-Supported Facade Access Equipment

2014  Undrained Sliding Resistance of Shallow Foundations Subject to Torsion

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  As-Is 3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Building Envelopes Using a Hybrid LIDAR System

2013  Building Envelope Leakage Measurement Using the Air-Handler Fan Pressurization Approach

2013  Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency of Glazing Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2013  Constructing Energy Efficiency: Rethinking and Redesigning the Architectural Detail

2013  Factors Contributing to Global Differences in Building Enclosures

2013  Hurricane Mitigation Design of Glazing Systems: Requirements for Wind and Windborne Debris Protection

2013  Post-Peak Fully-Softened Strength and Curved Strength Envelope in Shallow Slope Failure Analysis

2013  Prioritizing Method for Retrofitting Toronto’s Single-Family Housing Stock to Reduce Heating and Cooling Loads

2013  Review and Preliminary Evaluation of the Performance of Weather Resistive Barriers Under Seismic Induced Light Frame Wall Deformations

2012  Advances in Hurricane Engineering, Learning from Our Past

2012  Artificial Neural Network for Controlling the Openings of Double Skin Envelopes and Cooling Systems

2012  Blast Protection of Buildings—Structural Systems, Protected Spaces, Building Envelope, and Glazing

2012  Building Envelope As an Environmental Apparatus: Integrating Architectural and Natural Systems

2012  Casing the Joint: Cutting Corners with Stucco Trim ≠ Waterproofing Flashing

2012  Forensic Engineering 2012, Gateway to a Safer Tomorrow

2012  Framework for the Assessment of Building Envelope Failures Due to Hurricane Wind Hazards

2012  The Hamptons at MetroWest: A Case Study of an Investigation into the Causes for Structural Rot Damage

2012  Hazard Mitigation of the Building Envelope: Are Our Building Envelopes Ready for a Powerful Storm?

2012  Investigating Large Scale Building Envelope Leakage: Ten Practical Tips for Litigation Projects

2012  Investigation and Remedial Strengthening of Deteriorated Masonry Walls

2012  Potential Problems Arising from the Use of Composite Foam Panels on Sloping Roofs

2012  Simulation of the Impact of Climate Change on the Current Building’s Residential Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) Regulation in Singapore

2012  Sustainable Building Design in Cold Regions: High Performance Envelope and Façade-Integrated Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Systems at High Latitudes

2012  Thermal Breakage of Spandrel Glass: A Case Study

2011  AEI 2011, Building Integration Solutions

2011  Back Matter

2011  Evaluation of Three-Coat Stucco Installations on Commercial Buildings

2011  Failure Envelope of Pipe Pile Foundation under Combined Loading

2011  Front Matter

2011  Introduction of a Transparent Sustainable Load-Bearing Wall System with Integrated Photovoltaic for Residential Construction

2011  Managing Occupant Comfort with Highly Transparent All-Glass Facades

2011  Racking Test Evaluation of Unitized Curtain Wall Systems Using Glazing Tapes

2011  Recent Stress-History Effects on Compressible Chicago Glacial Clays

2011  Seismic Evaluation of Storefront Systems through Cyclic Racking Test

2011  Seismic Evaluation of the Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazing Curtain Wall System for Cathedral Hill Hospital Project

2011  You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: Rethinking the Open Rainscreen for the Exterior Building Envelope

2010  Automated Code Compliance Checking for Building Envelope Design

2010  BIM-Integrated Sustainable Material and Renewable Energy Simulation

2010  Envelop the Steel!

2010  Life-Cycle Costs of Commercial Roof Systems

2010  Wind Tunnel Studies on Sawtooth and Monosloped Roofs

2009  Blast Protection of Buildings — Structural Systems, Protected Spaces, Building Envelope, and Glazing

2009  Building Envelope Life Cycle Condition Evaluation Using a Distress-Based Methodology

2009  Design of Concrete Members Subjected to Triaxial Compression

2009  Inspection, Rating, and Repair of a Residential Building Envelope Detail

2009  Thermal and Economic Evaluation of Slab-on-Grade Insulation in Wood-Framed Buildings

2009  Water and Moisture Management with Sustainable Building Products

2008  Collapse of Suspended Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Soffit

2008  Envelope and Building Systems: A Tool for Controlling and Managing Smart Buildings

2008  Evaluating the Sensitivity of Attic Radiant Barrier Performance to Climate Parameters

2008  Green Envelopes: Contribution of Green Roofs, Green Facades, and Green Streets to Reducing Stormwater Runoff, CO2 Emissions, and Energy Demand in Cities

2008  High-Performance Vacuum Insulation Panel: Development of Alternative Core Materials

2007  Automated Code Compliance Checking of Building Envelope Performance

2007  Development of Regional Envelope Curves for Assessing Limits and Trends in Scour

2007  IFC-Based Framework for Evaluating Total Performance of Building Envelopes

2007  Test Method to Measure the Relative Capacity of Wall Panels to Evacuate Moisture from Their Stud Cavity

2006  Application of Hygrothermal Modeling Tool to Assess Moisture Response of Exterior Walls

2006  Blast Protection of Buildings — Structural Systems, Protected Spaces, Building Envelope, and Glazing

2006  Building Integration Solutions

2006  Cam Cap Models for Lunar Soil: A First Look

2006  Direct Shear Testing of Rockfill Material

2006  Effects of Hysteresis on Shear Strength Envelopes from Constant Water Content and Consolidated Drained Triaxial Tests

2006  Exposure to Condensation Moisture of Sheathing in Retrofitted Leaky Wall Assemblies

2006  Joint First-Passage Probability and Reliability of Systems under Stochastic Excitation

2006  A Study on the Shear Strength Envelope of an Unsaturated Colluvium Soil

2005  Cladding-Structure Interaction under Impact Loads

2005  Development of an Analytical Method for Simultaneous Heat and Moisture Transfer in Building Materials Utilizing Transfer Function Method

2005  Lessons Learned from Failures of the Building Envelope in Windstorms

2005  Pioneering Building Envelope Commissioning to Prevent Moisture Intrusion

2004  Experimental Evaluation of Thermal Response and Condensation Performance of Metal Curtain Walls Subjected to Air Leakage

2004  Nonlinear Mohr Envelopes Based on Triaxial Data

2003  Modeling of Moisture Behavior of Wood Planks in Nonvented Flat Roofs

2002  Effects of Missile Size and Glass Type on Impact Resistance of “Sacrificial Ply” Laminated Glass

2000  Building Wind Damage Prediction and Mitigation Using Damage Bands

2000  Envelopes for Seismic Response Vectors. I: Theory

2000  Envelopes for Seismic Response Vectors. II: Application

2000  Guideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope

2000  Stress-Strain Characteristics of Brick Masonry under Cyclic Biaxial Compression

2000  Variation of Wind-Driven Rain Intensity with Building Orientation