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2015  Assessing Coordination Performance Based on Centrality in an E-mail Communication Network

2015  Building on the Edge

2015  Civic Beauty

2015  Design Phase Maintenance Checklist for Water Supply and Drainage Systems

2015  Integration of Building Information Modeling and Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis to Support Sustainable Building Design

2015  Methodology and Design Process of Smoke Control in Buildings and Structures

2015  On the Web (

2015  On the Web (

2015  Openness and accessibility are the themes embodied in the design of the new home of the National Library of Israel, conceived by the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron...

2015  Star Attraction

2015  Views of Calais, a picturesque port city in northern France, will be available all around the circular, glass-enclosed conference center that has been designed by Paris-based Arte Charpentier Architectes, along with ABCISS-Architectes, of Calais...

2014  Arles, France, which is included on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage List, is the site of a center for experimentation in the arts that is being constructed to anchor a revitalized 20-acre artists’ campus known as LUMA Arles...

2014  Automated Generation of User Activity-Space Pairs in Space-Use Analysis

2014  Brazilian Trio

2014  Bridging the Gap

2014  Buckling and Stiffness Optimization of Tall Buildings

2014  CAD-Centric Attribution Methodology for Multidisciplinary Optimization Environments: Enabling Parametric Attribution for Efficient Design Space Formulation and Evaluation

2014  Criteria for Architects and Engineers to Achieve Sustainability and Buildability in Building Envelope Designs

2014  Current Practice and Future Trends for Seismic Design for Buildings in New England

2014  Defining Excellence

2014  Designing a Roman Fort for Historical Recreation and Reenactment Purposes

2014  Difficult Site Leads to ’Split’ Decision at Carnegie Mellon

2014  The District’s Deepest Building

2014  Dutch Museum Extension Adds Modern Twist to Classical Building

2014  Dynamic Facade Adorns Hospital Garage

2014  Evaluation of Mean Recurrence Intervals of Wind Effects for Tall Building Design

2014  Fitting Tribute

2014  Global Differences in Building Enclosures

2014  Grace Under Pressure

2014  Great 2010 American Earthquakes: Lessons for Seismic Design and Construction

2014  Impact of Charrettes and Their Characteristics on Achieved LEED Certification

2014  Improved Geometric Design of Earthquake-Resistant RC Slender Structural Walls. I: Parametric Study

2014  Linear, Curvilinear Lines Help Shape Planned Aquarium in Brazil

2014  Los Grandes Terremotos Americanos del Año 2010: Enseñanzas para el Diseño y la Construcciön Sísmica

2014  Modeling of the Sustainability Goal and Objective Setting Process in the Predesign Phase of Green Institutional Building Projects

2014  New Saudi Airport Terminal to Launch First Phase of Expansion

2014  A New Station for West Haven

2014  Numerical Seismic Performance of an Innovative CFS Midrise Building Designed Using DDD

2014  Numerical Simulation of a Shallow Geothermal Heating/Cooling System

2014  On the Web (

2014  On the Web (

2014  Ontology for Representing Building Users’ Activities in Space-Use Analysis

2014  A Performance-Based Methodology for the Topology Design of Tall Buildings

2014  Revisiting Gust Averaging Time and Gust Effect Factor in ASCE 7

2014  Safety Issues in Building Design to Cope with Extreme Events: Case Study of an Evacuation Process

2014  Scottish Arena Features Unconventional Geometry

2014  Seismic Performance of Buildings Designed for Wind

2014  Sensational Planet

2014  The Sequis Centre, Indonesia’s first building to be designed with a view to earning platinum certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, is now under construction...

2014  Taking a bite out of traditional architecture, the blocklike design for a new headquarters building for the European multimedia company Axel Springer SE conceived by the international architecture firm OMA features a diagonal, glass-enclosed atrium that is cut away from the block and open to views from the street...

2014  Tall Buildings and Damping: A Concept-Based Data-Driven Model

2014  Tall Cross-Laminated Timber Building: Design and Performance Session WW300 Experimental and Modeling Studies on Wood Frame Buildings

2014  White sails inspired the design of a hospital and spa that will form part of Tunisia Economic City, a commercial zone that is being developed in that north African country...

2014  Work on the sleek Jockey Club Innovation Tower, in Hong Kong, is now complete. Designed by London-based Zaha Hadid Architects, the 15-story, 15,000 m2 tower will be the home of Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design and Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation...

2013  AEI 2013, Building Solutions for Architectural Engineering

2013  An Approach for Capturing Requirements of Collaborative Design Teams to Facilitate Evaluation of Energy Efficient Retrofit Design Options

2013  ATC-84 Project: Improved Seismic Performance Factors for Design of New Buildings

2013  Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models from Complicated Building Polygons

2013  California Towers Bring New Twists to Culver City Skyline

2013  Capturing As-Built Information for a BIM Environment Using 3D Laser Scanner: A Process Model

2013  Computational Framework Incorporating Human Behaviors for Egress Simulations

2013  Design of Hybrid Masonry Systems

2013  Design Philosophy of the Traditional Kuwaiti House

2013  Discovering Architecture: How the World’s Great Buildings Were Designed and Built By Philip Jodidio. New York City: Universe Publishing, 2013

2013  Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Orlando, Florida

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Engineers and Architects Get a Lesson in Site Challenges from University of Oxford Project

2013  Evidence-Based Assessment of Geometrical Staircase Configurations for Older Adults

2013  Fire Safety Design and Construction Considerations for Sustainable Residential Structures

2013  A Framework for Integrated Analysis of Building Designs Using a Life-Cycle Assessment and Energy Simulation

2013  The future of energy is the theme of EXPO-2017, an event to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, and of the winning design for the exposition...

2013  Inclined to Succeed

2013  Involvement of Facilities Management Specialists in Building Design: United Kingdom Experience

2013  Modeling of Fabric Structures and Associated Design Issues

2013  A Museum to Remember

2013  On the Web (

2013  On the Web (

2013  Ontology-Based Feature Modeling for Construction Information Extraction from a Building Information Model

2013  Peak Performance

2013  A Pedagogical Benchmark Experiment for the Application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in Early Stage Building Design

2013  Probability Based Structural Fire Load

2013  Project Cell: Cellular Organization of the Building Design Process

2013  Proposed Design Process for Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Building Retrofit Projects

2013  Savings to Sustainability: Application of a Novel Approach to Delivering a Sustainable Built Environment

2013  Seismic Design and Viability of Hybrid Masonry Building Systems

2013  Seismic Performance of Low-Rise Wood-Framed and Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Clay Masonry Veneer

2013  Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Five-Story Building: Pre-test Simulation of the Test Building and Development of an NCS Design Criteria

2013  SmartCodes and BIM

2013  Structural Configuration and Building Energy Performance

2013  Sustainable Innovations in Building Design: The Courtyard and Veranda Concepts in Nigeria

2013  ’Top-Down’ Approach Resolves D.C. Hotel Project’s Deep Site Challenges

2013  Vegas High Roller 3D Modeling and Integration

2012  1 Dubai—Engineering and Optimizing a Mega-Structure

2012  Alternate Path Method in Progressive Collapse Analysis: Variation of Dynamic and Nonlinear Load Increase Factors

2012  American Beauty

2012  ASCE 24: Improving the Performance of Buildings and Structures in Flood Hazard Areas

2012  Behavior of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections under Fire

2012  BIM-Model Checking in Building Design

2012  Cagelike Frame Will Support Shanghai Tower’s Twisting Curtain Wall

2012  Design and Simulative Evaluation of Buildings with Ecotect