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Found 65 Records with the keyword term of "Build/Operate/Transfer"

2015  Alternative Model for Determining the Optimal Concession Period in Managing BOT Transportation Projects

2014  Concessionaire Selection Model Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

2014  Real-Option Valuation of Build-Operate-Transfer Infrastructure Projects under Performance Bonding

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Stochastic Revenue and Cost Model for Determining a BOT Concession Period under Multiple Project Constraints

2014  Transaction-Cost Approach to the Comparative Analysis of User-Pay and Government-Pay Public-Private Partnership Systems

2013  Risk and Value in Privately Financed Health Care Projects

2013  Ventures of Highway BOT Projects Based on the Combination of Fuzzy Theory and AHP

2012  Net Asset Value–Based Concession Duration Model for BOT Contracts

2012  Optimization of Bid-Winning Potential and Capital Structure for Build-Operate-Transfer Road Projects in India

2012  Public Financing into Build-Operate-Transfer Hospital Projects in Italy

2012  Public-Private Partnership Risk Factors in Emerging Countries: BOOT Illustrative Case Study

2012  Risk-Neutral Pricing Approach for Evaluating BOT Highway Projects with Government Minimum Revenue Guarantee Options

2012  Study for Integrated Risk Management of BOT Projects

2011  Critical Success Factors for Transfer-Operate-Transfer Urban Water Supply Projects in China

2011  Risk Management of Asalouye Desalination Project

2011  Selecting BOT/PPP Infrastructure Projects for Government Guarantee Portfolio under Conditions of Budget and Risk in the Indonesian Context

2010  First Public-Private-Partnership Application in Taiwan’s Wastewater Treatment Sector: Case Study of the Nanzih BOT Wastewater Treatment Project

2010  Hierarchical Structuring of PPP Risks Using Interpretative Structural Modeling

2009  Perception of Financial Institutions toward Financing PFI Projects in Hong Kong

2009  Research on Calculation of Important Parameters of Freeway Financial Post-Evaluation

2009  Satisfaction Index for a BOT Project: Continuous Quality Improvement in the Operations Stage

2009  Win — Win Concession Period Determination Methodology

2008  Automated Approach to Negotiations of BOT Contracts with the Consideration of Project Risk

2007  BOT Viability Model for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

2007  Build-Operate-Transfer in Infrastructure Projects in the United States

2007  Effects of Regulation on Highway Pricing and Capacity Choice of a Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme

2007  Valuing Simple Multiple-Exercise Real Options in Infrastructure Projects

2006  Generalized Economic Modeling for Infrastructure and Capital Investment Projects

2005  Bid Compensation Decision Model for Projects with Costly Bid Preparation

2005  Concessionaire’s Financial Capability in Developing Build-Operate-Transfer Type Infrastructure Projects

2005  Criteria for Selecting the Private-Sector Partner in Public – Private Partnerships

2005  Financial Risk Analysis of Project Finance in Indonesian Toll Roads

2005  Financial Viability Analysis and Capital Structure Optimization in Privatized Public Infrastructure Projects

2005  Interface Management for China’s Build – Operate – Transfer Projects

2005  Risk Concession Model for Build/Operate/Transfer Contract Projects

2005  Risk Management on Build-Operate-Transfer Projects

2004  Case Study: Izmit Domestic and Industrial Water Supply Build-Operate-Transfer Project

2004  Concessionaire Selection: Methods and Criteria

2003  Alternate Financing Strategies for Build-Operate-Transfer Projects

2003  Optimal Capital Structure Model for BOT Power Projects in Turkey

2002  Alternative Concession Model for Build/Operate/Transfer Contract Projects

2002  Build-Operate-Transfer-Type Procurement in Asian Megaprojects

2002  Concessionaire Selection for Build-Operate-Transfer Tunnel Projects in Hong Kong

2002  Problems Facing Parties Involved in Build, Operate, and Transport Projects in Egypt

2001  BOT Financial Model: Taiwan High Speed Rail Case

2001  Hong Kong Experience in Managing BOT Projects

2001  Procurement Protocols for Public-Private Partnered Projects

2001  Unraveling of BOT Scheme: Malaysia’s Indah Water Konsortium

2000  BOT Financing in Public Infrastructure Projects

2000  BOT Risks and Their Correlations

2000  Evaluation and Management of Political Risks in China’s BOT Projects

2000  The Impact of Foreign Currency on BOT Projects

1999  Political Risks: analysis of Key Contract Clauses in China’s BOT Project

1998  Evaluation and Competitive Tendering of BOT Power Plant Project in China

1998  Risk Allocation in Design-Build and BOT Projects

1997  Automated Approach to Negotiation of BOT Contracts

1997  Final Negotiation in Competitive BOT Tender

1996  Application of BOT System for Infrastructure Projects in China

1996  CSFs in Competitive Tendering and Negotiation Model for BOT Projects

1995  Competitive Advantage of Equity in BOT Tender

1995  Impact of Financial Package Versus Technical Solution in a BOT Tender

1995  Risks and Guarantees in BOT Tender

1992  Critical Success Factors in Winning BOT Contracts

1990  Comparative Study of BOT Projects