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2014  Facility Location-Network Design Problem: Reliability and Investment Budget Constraint

2014  Leveling Process of Annual Budgetary Requirements for Pavement Preservation

2013  Congress Forestalls Spending Cuts, Debates Aid for Damaged Infrastructure

2013  Empirical Assessment of Spatial Prediction Methods for Location Cost-Adjustment Factors

2013  A Game-Theoretic Analysis on Dividing the Limited Budget between Building Emergency Facilities and Preparing Resources

2013  Performance Measurement to Aid Decision Making in the Budgeting Process for Apartment-Building Construction: Case Study Using MCDA-C

2013  Preliminary Engineering Cost Estimation Model for Bridge Projects

2013  Suburban Ponzi Scheme

2013  U-Concept Viaduct - Precast Segmental Application to UIJEONGBU LRT Project (South Korea)

2013  Uncertainty in Task Duration and Cost Estimates: Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling

2012  2011 Annual Report: Moving Forward

2012  Budget Cuts Loom for Infrastructure Programs Unless Congress Acts

2012  How to Avoid Future Problems Based on Previous Failure Analyses

2012  Optimal Multiasset Maintenance Budget Allocation in Highway Asset Management

2012  Quantitative Method for Updating Cost Contingency throughout Project Execution

2011  Annual Report 2010: Executive Summary: Moving the Vision Forward

2011  Business Strategy and Capital Allocation Optimization Model for Practitioners

2011  Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach to Budget Allocation in Highway Maintenance Activities

2011  Effective Management of Construction Dispute Resolution

2011  How to Fund Pipeline Renewal: Transitioning from O & M Funds to Capital Improvement Budgets

2011  An Info-Gap Model to Examine the Robustness of Cost-Efficient Budget Allocations

2011  Modeling Tool to Support Budgeting and Planning Decisions for Pump Overhauls

2011  Optimizing Cash Flows for Linear Schedules Modeled with Singularity Functions by Simulated Annealing

2011  Selecting BOT/PPP Infrastructure Projects for Government Guarantee Portfolio under Conditions of Budget and Risk in the Indonesian Context

2010  Ant Colony System for Multi-Depot Bus Scheduling Problem with Budget and Pollutant Emission Control

2010  Clearing the Utilities on Time and Under Budget

2010  Community-Driven and Reliability-Based Budget Allocation for Water Networks

2010  Managing Project Budget Expectations through the Monitoring and Reporting of Pipeline Material Costs

2010  Probabilistic Approach for Budgeting in Portfolio of Projects

2010  Reauthorization of COMPETES Legislation Stumbles in House

2009  Balancing the Budget: A Limited Detail Approach to Flood Studies

2009  Bidding Strategies Help Manage Construction Budgets: A Case History of the Nacimiento Water Project

2009  Budgeting Performance-Based Winter Maintenance: Snow Influence on Highway Maintenance Cost

2009  The Nitrogen Budget of DRW in the Northeastern China

2009  Pavement Preservation Optimization Considering Multiple Objectives and Budget Variability

2009  Planning for Evacuation: Insights from an Efficient Network Design Model

2009  Sampling of Residential Water Use for Leak Control via Water Budgets

2009  Sensitivity Analysis of the Cost Benefit Ratio as a Function of the Level of Service Targets in the Highway Maintenance Budget Allocation Process

2008  2007 Annual Report: Taking Action to Build a Better World

2008  Architectural and Engineering Fees from the Public Institutional Perspective

2008  Estimation of the Effects of Influential Factors on Pavement Service Life with Cox Proportional Hazards Method

2008  Natale Outlines ASCE’s Stance on Proposed NIST and NSF Budgets

2007  2006 Annual Report: Welcoming Challenges, Developing Leaders

2007  Budgeting Owner’s Construction Contingency

2007  Expected Performance of Pavement Repair Works in a Global Network Optimization Model

2007  Management of Daily Progress in a Construction Project of Multiple Apartment Buildings

2006  2005 Annual Report: Leading the Profession Into the Future

2006  Contingency Planning in Project Selection using Multiobjective Optimization and Chance Constraints

2006  Managing Fast Track Design and Construction Projects — How to Stay on Schedule and within Budget

2006  Setting the Construction Priorities of the Routes in a Common Duct Network

2006  A Stochastic Optimization Model for Highway Project Selection and Programming under Budget Uncertainty

2005  Outside the Budget Box — Public/Private Partnership as a Creative Vehicle for Finance and Delivery of Public School Facilities

2005  Water Quality Sensor Placement in Water Networks with Budget Constraints

2004  Advanced Interactive Budget Planning for Highway Management

2004  Budget Allocation for Steel Bridge Paint Maintenance

2003  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice

2003  FY 2004 Budget Skimps on Infrastructure

2003  Optimal Fund-Allocation Analysis for Multidistrict Highway Agencies

2002  Achieving Multiple Project Objectives through Contingency Management

2002  Budget and Schedule Success for Small Capital-Facility Projects

2002  Discrete Network Design Problem without Budget Constraint

2002  More Money for Road Construction

2002  Washington UpDate: State Budget Shortfalls Affecting Infrastructure Programs

2001  ASCE’s Infrastructure ‘Report Card’ Points Dismal Picture

2001  BOT Financial Model: Taiwan High Speed Rail Case

2001  Buildings: Unique Shape of Art Museum Expansion Presents Framing Challenge

2001  Coastal Evolution and Sediment Budget at the Mouth of the Columbia River, USA

2001  Effects of Accounting and Budgeting on Capital Allocation for Infrastructure Projects

2001  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice: When in Rome...

2001  FHWA Proposes Process to Resolve NEPA Disputes

2001  The Future of ASCEs Infrastructure Assessments

2001  Introduction to Transportation Systems by Joseph Sussman

2001  Port of Oakland - Vision 2000 Project Delivery of the Wharf and Middle Harbor Fill at Berths 55/56: Realization of the Vision or the Project of 2.5 Million Decisions

2001  Project Management: Federal Report Provides Framework for Creating Sustainable Facilities

2001  TEA-21 and AIR-21 Guarantees Omitted from FY 2002 Budget

2001  Water Treatment: Seattle Returns to D/B/O for Drinking Water Treatment Facility

2000  Board Team Explores Budget and Funding Issues

2000  Clinton Releases Fiscal Year 2001 Budget

2000  Clinton Signs EPA Budget Bill for FY 2001

2000  A Decision Support System for Road Maintenance Budget Allocation

1999  Balanced Budget Approved—No Dues Increase for Third Year in a Row

1999  Board Briefs

1999  Budgeting for Facility Maintenance and Repair. I: Methods and Models

1999  Budgeting for Facility Maintenance and Repair. II: Multi-Criteria Process for Model Selection

1999  Critical Success Factors for Different Project Objectives

1999  Deadline Nears for Aviation Funding Bill

1999  Institutional Arrangements Regarding Binational Plans for the Remediation of Water Quality in Great Lakes’ Connecting Channels

1999  Lower Wages Increase Construction Costs, Study Finds

1999  Negotiating a User Interface

1999  Optimization of Infrastructure Systems Maintenance and Improvement Policies

1998  The 105th Congress: A Mixed Bag of Achievements

1998  Commission to Review Infrastructure Budgeting

1998  Construction Forum

1998  Diagnosis of Buried Sewers: Tools and Methods, the French Experience

1998  Internet-Based Solutions to the Fragmentation of the Construction Process

1998  Long Beach Port Improvements: $2 Billion Challenge

1998  A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

1998  Objective Condition Assessment for Inland Navigation Structures

1998  Once More unto the Breach for USGS

1998  The Relationship Between Air Quality and Transportation