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2015  Analytical and Numerical Observations on the Hetényi Solution for Buckling of Beams on Elastic Foundations

2015  Axial Loading Tests and Simplified Modeling of Sandwich Panels with GFRP Skins and Soft Core at Various Slenderness Ratios

2015  Field Testing of All-Steel Buckling-Restrained Braces Applied to a Damaged Reinforced Concrete Building

2015  Finite-Element Method to Predict Reinforcing Bar Buckling in RC Structures

2015  Flexural and Torsional Buckling Behavior of Eccentrically Compressed Laminated Glass Elements with a Viscoelastic PVB Interlayer

2015  Hygrothermoelastic Buckling Response of Laminated Composite Plates with Random System Properties: Macromechanical and Micromechanical Model

2015  Importance of Isotropic Hardening in the Modeling of Buckling Restrained Braces

2015  In-Plane Analyses of Elastic Three-Pinned Steel Arches

2015  Local-Global Interaction Buckling of Stainless Steel I-Beams. II: Numerical Study and Design

2015  Nonlocal Equivalent Continua for Buckling and Vibration Analyses of Microstructured Beams

2015  Numerical and Experimental Study of Uplift Mobilization of Buried Pipelines in Sands

2015  Numerical Stress-Strain Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Crossing Active Strike-Slip Faults with an Emphasis on Fault Modeling Aspects

2015  Postbuckling of FGM Cylindrical Panels Resting on Elastic Foundations Subjected to Axial Compression under Heat Conduction

2015  Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges with Corrugated Steel Webs: Review

2015  Seismic Performance of Storage Steel Tanks during the May 2012 Emilia, Italy, Earthquakes

2015  Strengthening Slender Reinforced Concrete Columns Using High-Modulus Bonded Longitudinal Reinforcement for Buckling Control

2015  Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Failure Behavior of One-Way High-Strength Concrete Wall Panels

2015  Threshold Stiffness of Discrete Lateral Bracing for Out-of-Plane Buckling of Steel Arches

2014  Analytical Evaluation of FRP Wrapping Effectiveness in Restraining Reinforcement Bar Buckling

2014  Bracing of Wood Composite I-Joists to Resist Lateral Buckling from Walking Loads

2014  Buckling Analysis of a Functionally Graded Thin Circular Plate Made of Saturated Porous Materials

2014  Buckling and Postbuckling Finite-Element Analysis of Pultruded FRP Profiles under Pure Compression

2014  Buckling and Stiffness Optimization of Tall Buildings

2014  Buckling and Vibration of Symmetrically Laminated Composite Elliptical Plates on an Elastic Foundation Subjected to Uniform In-Plane Force

2014  Buckling Delamination of a Rectangular Viscoelastic Sandwich Plate Containing Interface Inner Cracks

2014  Buckling of Built-Up Columns of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer C-Sections

2014  Cast Steel Yielding Brace System for Concentrically Braced Frames: Concept Development and Experimental Validations

2014  Computational Approach for Collapse Assessment of Concentrically Braced Frames in Seismic Regions

2014  Design of Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns

2014  Determining Geometric Out-of-Plane Imperfections in Steel Tied-Arch Bridges Using Strain Measurements

2014  Distortional Buckling of CFS Stiffened Lipped Channel Compression Members

2014  Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge Collapse during Deck Removal

2014  Exact Analysis of Postbuckling Behavior of Anisotropic Composite Slender Beams Subjected to Axial Compression

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ductile Top-Flange Beam Splices for Improved Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Behavior

2014  Exploring Complex Spatial Arrangements and Deformations in Virtual Reality

2014  Flexural Tests and Associated Study of a Full-Scale 65-kW Wind Turbine Tower

2014  Flexural-Torsional Buckling and Ultimate Resistance of Parabolic Steel Arches Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Vertical Load

2014  Increasing Girder Elastic Buckling Strength Using Split Pipe Bearing Stiffeners

2014  Laminated Glass Members in Compression: Experiments and Modeling

2014  Local Buckling Restraining Behavior of Thin-Walled Circular CFT Columns under Seismic Loads

2014  Loss of Pressure Boundary through Buckling-Induced Fracture in the Ciudad Nezahualcöyotl Pipeline

2014  Low-Complexity Candidate for Benchmarking Collapse Prediction of Steel Braced Structures

2014  Material Model Incorporating Buckling of Reinforcing Bars in RC Columns

2014  Modified Nonlocal Mindlin Plate Theory for Buckling Analysis of Nanoplates

2014  New Finite-Element Formulation for Buckling Analysis of Cracked Structures

2014  Out-of-Plane Elastic Buckling of Circular Arches with Elastic End Restraints

2014  Performance-Based Design and Optimization of Buckling Restrained Knee Braced Truss Moment Frame

2014  Piezoelectric Effect on the Buckling of Piezoelectric Thin Film with Viscoelastic Substrate

2014  Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Containing Buckled and Fractured Reinforcement by Plastic Hinge Relocation

2014  Revision of Engesser’s Approach to the Problem of Euler Stability for Built-Up Columns with Batten Plates

2014  Static and Dynamic Buckling of Cylindrical Tanks

2014  Synopsis of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Design

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2014  Thin-Walled, Cold-Formed, Steel-Welded Tube Design in a Long Span Dome

2014  Transverse Stiffener Requirements to Develop Shear-Buckling and Postbuckling Resistance of Steel I-Girders

2014  Visualizing Force-Chain Buckling in Stress and Displacement Fields of Granular Assembly Using Photoelastic Measurement

2014  Web Buckling in Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deep Beams Subjected to Concentrated Loads

2013  Bending Strength of a Horizontally Curved Composite I-Girder Bridge

2013  Bonded FRP Plates for Strengthening Rectangular Hollow Steel Section T-Joints against Web Buckling Induced by Transverse Compression

2013  Brief History of Upheaval Buckling Studies for Subsea Buried Pipeline

2013  Buckling Analysis of a Long-Span Roof Structure Collapsed during Construction

2013  Buckling Behavior and Failure of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Pultruded Short Columns

2013  Buckling Behavior of Sinusoidal Web for Composite Wood I-Joist with Elastically Restrained Loaded Edges under Compression

2013  Buckling in Eccentrically Discharged Silos and the Assumed Pressure Distribution

2013  Buckling Loads of Two-Layer Composite Columns with Interlayer Slip and Stochastic Material Properties

2013  Buckling of Asymmetrically Delaminated Three-Dimensional Twisted Composite Beam: Exact Solution

2013  Buckling of Generic Higher-Order Shear Beam/Columns with Elastic Connections: Local and Nonlocal Formulation

2013  Buckling of One-Way High-Strength Concrete Panels: Creep and Shrinkage Effects

2013  Buckling of Stiffened Antisymmetric Laminated Plates

2013  Buckling of Timoshenko Beams in Frictionless Contact with an Elastic Half-Plane

2013  Buckling, Postbuckling, Strength, and DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Continuous Lipped Channel Beams

2013  Collapse Assessment of Steel Moment Frames Based on E-Defense Full-Scale Shake Table Collapse Tests

2013  Combination of Bamboo Filling and FRP Wrapping to Strengthen Steel Members in Compression

2013  Comparison of Dynamic Characteristics and Response Analysis of Building Structures Incorporating Viscous Fluid Dampers and Buckling Restrained Braces

2013  Comparison of Variational, Differential Quadrature, and Approximate Closed-Form Solution Methods for Buckling of Highly Flexurally Anisotropic Laminates

2013  Development of an Axial Load Capacity Equation for Doubly Symmetric Built-Up Cold-Formed Sections

2013  Developments on the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Angles

2013  Effect of Fiber Orientation on Buckling and First-Ply Failures of Cylindrical Shear-Deformable Laminates

2013  Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Circular Bridge Columns

2013  Experimental Evidence of Erosion of Critical Load in Interactive Buckling

2013  Experimental Investigation and Direct Strength Design of High-Strength, Complex C-Sections in Pure Bending

2013  Experimental Performance of Steel Braced Frames Subjected to Bidirectional Loading

2013  Experimental Study of Cold-Formed Ferritic Stainless Steel Hollow Sections

2013  Experimental Tests of Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections with Sway-Buckling Response

2013  Experiments on Cold-Formed Steel C-Section Joists with Unstiffened Web Holes

2013  Finite Element Method Analysis on Deformation of a Φ660-mm × 7.1-mm Pipe Buckling

2013  Finite-Element Formulation for the Lateral Torsional Buckling of Plane Frames

2013  Flexural Strength and Rotation Capacity of I-Shaped Beams Fabricated from 800-MPa Steel

2013  Flexure and Shear Interaction in Steel I-Girders

2013  Global Restraint in Ultra-Lightweight Buckling-Restrained Braces

2013  Investigation on Axial Deformation of High Strain Line Pipe

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Deformations of Steel-Reinforced High-Density Polyethylene Pipes under Static Loads

2013  Lateral-Torsional Buckling Analysis of Arches Having In-Plane Rotational End Restraints under Uniform Radial Loading

2013  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Partially Composite Horizontally Layered or Sandwich-Type Beams under Uniform Moment

2013  Local Buckling Analysis of Restrained Orthotropic Plates under Generic In-Plane Loading

2013  Mechanical Buckling of Thick Composite Plates Reinforced with Randomly Oriented, Straight, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Resting on an Elastic Foundation using the Finite Strip Method

2013  Mechanical Response of Unbraced Wood Composite I-Joist to Walking Loads

2013  Model Test Studies on Soil Restraint to Pipeline Buried in Bohai Soft Clay

2013  Modeling of Interactive Buckling in Sandwich Struts with Functionally Graded Cores

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars