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2014  Mean and Turbulent Bubble Velocities in Free Hydraulic Jumps for Small to Intermediate Froude Numbers

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. I: Experimental Results

2013  Oxygen Transfer by Air Injection in Horizontal Pipe Flow

2013  Passive and Active Methods for Enhancing Water Quality of Service Reservoir

2012  Feasibility of Bubble Plume Destratification of Central Lake Erie

2012  Mechanical Effects of Biogenic Nitrogen Gas Bubbles in Soils

2012  Modeling the Liquid Volume Flux in Bubbly Jets Using a Simple Integral Approach

2011  Bubble Sizes, Breakup, and Coalescence in Deepwater Gas/Oil Plumes

2011  Investigation into the Total Dissolved Gas Dynamics of Wells Dam Using a Two-Phase Flow Model

2011  Microscopic Modeling of Air Migration during Air Sparging

2011  Propagation of Pressure Waves in Two-Component Bubbly Flow in Horizontal Pipes

2010  Effects of Bubble Size and Diffusing Area on Destratification Efficiency in Bubble Plumes of Two-Layer Stratification

2010  Physics of Rock Scour: The Power of the Bubble

2010  Removal of Trichlorobenzene from Flue Gas Using Complex Absorbent

2010  Seepage Failure and Erosion of Ground with Air Bubble Dynamics

2010  Setting Up a Numerical Model of a DAF Tank: Turbulence, Geometry, and Bubble Size

2009  Bubble Movement in Downward-Inclined Pipes

2009  Effect of Reaction Temperature on CO2 Capture Using Potassium-Based Solid Sorbent in Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Reactor

2009  Fluidization in an Anaerobic EGSB Reactor: Analysis of Primary Wakes and Modeling of Sludge Blanket

2009  Measurement of Behavioral Properties of Entrained Ambient Water in a Stratified Bubble Plume

2008  Bubble Entrainment and Distribution in a Model Spillway with Application to Total Dissolved Gas Minimization

2008  Double-Plume Integral Models for Near-Field Mixing in Multiphase Plumes

2008  Effect of Tank Size and Geometry on the Flow Induced by Circular Bubble Plumes and Water Jets

2008  Froude Similitude and Scale Effects Affecting Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps

2008  Horizontal Injection of Gas – Liquid Mixtures in a Water Tank

2008  Quick Method for Open-Channel Discharge Measurements Using Air Bubbles

2008  Redistribution of Velocity and Bed-Shear Stress in Straight and Curved Open Channels by Means of a Bubble Screen: Laboratory Experiments

2007  CFD Analysis of Supercritical Converging Flow Structure

2007  Integral Model of a Multiphase Plume in Quiescent Stratification

2007  Is P-Wave Velocity an Indicator of Saturation in Sand with Viscous Pore Fluid?

2007  Noise of Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Data in Bubbly Flows

2007  Optical Properties of Seawater with Submerged Bubbles Generated by Ship Wakes

2007  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of the Mean Flow Characteristics in a Bubble Plume

2007  Use of Trashracks as Anti Vortex Structures at Submerged Intakes

2006  Bubbles and Droplets in Tubing in Reduced Gravity

2006  An Efficient Numerical Scheme for Modeling Two-Phase Bubbly Homogeneous Air-Water Mixtures

2006  Fundamentals of Bubble Formation during Coagulation and Sedimentation Processes

2006  Ozonation of 2-Chlorophenol in Aqueous Solutions with a Packed Contactor

2006  Response of a Tropical Reservoir to Bubbler Destratification

2005  Bubble Entrainment and Distribution in a Model Spillway with Application to TDG Minimization

2005  Field and Laboratory Validation of High-Flow Air Bubbler Mechanics

2005  Gas Transfer during Bubbler Destratification of Reservoirs

2005  Pressure Waves in Porous Medium Saturated with Liquid Containing Gas Bubbles

2005  Role of Slip Velocity in the Behavior of Stratified Multiphase Plumes

2004  Aerated Grit Chambers Hydraulic Design Equation

2004  Air Binding of Granular Media Filters

2004  Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy near a Bubble Plume

2004  Experimental Evidence for Scaling Laws in Bubble Plumes

2004  Gas Bubble Dissolution in a Non-Venting Gas Trap

2003  Characterization of Coherent Structures from Parallel, L.E.S. Computations of Wandering Effects in Bubble Plumes

2003  Issues Regarding the Measurement of Turbulence Properties in Bubble Plumes

2002  Dynamic Model of Ozone Contacting Process with Oxygen Mass Transfer in Bubble Columns

2002  Evaluation of ADV Measurements in Bubbly Two-Phase Flows

2002  Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in a Pilot-Scale Ozone Bubble-Diffuser Contactor. I: Model Development

2002  Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in a Pilot-Scale Ozone Bubble-Diffuser Contactor. II: Model Validation and Application

2002  Turbulence in Bubble Plumes

2002  Water Resources: Air Bubbles Surface as an Unexamined Problem in Drinking Water Treatment

2001  Prediction and Measurement of Bubble Formation in Water Treatment

2000  Buoyant Velocity of Spherical and Nonspherical Bubbles/Droplets

1999  Convective Mass Transfer onto Multiple Gas Bubbles

1999  Digital Image Analysis to Assess Microbubble Behavior in Porous Media

1999  The Dynamic Gas Bubble Trauma Mortality Model

1998  Application of Digital Image Analysis for Size Distribution Measurements of Microbubbles

1998  Breaking Wave Statistics in Nearshore and Surf Zones

1998  Modeling Dissolved Gas Supersaturation Below Spillway Plunge Pools

1997  Advection and Diffusion Properties of Air Bubbles in Open Channel Flow

1997  Air Bubble Entrainment in Free Surface Turbulent Shear Flow by Hurbert Chanson

1997  Effects of Turbulent Current on Buoyant Jets

1997  Extension and Validation of the MAC3D Numerical Model for Applications Involving Bubble Diffusers

1997  Oxygen Transfer Similitude for Vented Hydroturbine

1997  Prediction of Effective Saturation Concentration at Spillway Plunge Pools

1996  Constitutive Relations for Partially Saturated Soils Containing Gas Inclusions

1996  Void Sizes in Granular Soils

1995  Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

1994  Air Entrainment and Bubble Behavior in Plunge Pools

1994  Application of a Needle Probe in Measuring Local Parameters in Air-Water Flow

1994  Development of a Visual Method to Track the Movement of Hydrogen Bubbles in a Laboratory Flume

1994  Shear Modulus of Kaolin Containing Methane Bubbles

1994  The Use of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1994  Void Fraction Measurement Techniques for Gas-Liquid Bubbly Flows in Closed Conduits; A Literature Review

1993  A 2-D Lake Model with Artificial Destratification

1993  Energetic Bubble Plumes in Arbitrary Stratification

1993  Impact Breaking Wave Pressures on Vertical Walls

1993  Lake Destratification by Bubble-Plume Systems: Design Methodology

1993  Mechanisms of Fouling in Fine-Pore Diffuser Aeration

1993  Observations of Artificial Destratification

1993  Oxygen Transfer in Bubbly Turbulent Shear Flow

1993  Pressure Oscillations During Wave Impact on Vertical Walls

1993  Self-Aerated Flows on Chutes and Spillways

1992  Destruction of Stratification By Bubble Plume

1991  Formation of Droplets from Bursting Bubbles at an Air-Water Interface

1991  Oxygen Mass Transfer to Flowing Ground Water Using Oxygen Microbubbles

1991  Oxygen Transfer in Turbulent Shear Flows

1990  Indexing Gas Transfer in Self-Aerated Flows

1989  Application of Field Proven Fine Bubble Membrane Aeration Technology

1989  Computer Simulation of Ice Control with Thermal Bubbler Plumes: Point Source Configuration

1988  Air Transport in Vortex-Flow Drop-shafts

1987  Little Bubbles, Big Payoff

1986  Characteristics of Spherical Cloud Cavity

1986  Development of a Hydrogen Bubble Velocity Meter