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2014  3-D Modeling of the Modified, Disconnected Spread Footing System at Segment 4 of the Golden Ears Bridge

2014  Analysis of Structural Health Monitoring Data from Hammersmith Flyover

2014  Application of Local Reference-Free Damage Detection Techniques to In Situ Bridges

2014  Are Some Top-Heavy Structures More Stable?

2014  Bridge Influence Line Estimation for Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System

2014  Calendar: Bridges 2014

2014  Computational Modeling of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Piston-Type Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  Design and Construction of a Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System

2014  Determination of Dynamic Amplification Factors Using Site-Specific B-WIM Data

2014  Determination of Impact Force History during Multicolumn Barge Flotilla Collisions against Bridge Piers

2014  Development of a Long-Term Bridge Element Performance Model Using Elman Neural Networks

2014  Development of an Experimentally Validated Analytical Model for Modular Bridge Expansion Joint Behavior

2014  Development of an Integrated Method for Probabilistic Bridge-Deterioration Modeling

2014  Energy-Based Damage Assessment Methodology for Structural Health Monitoring of Modern Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Evaluation of Existing Equations for Local Scour at Bridge Piers

2014  Evaluation of Flood-Resistant Capacity of Scoured Bridges

2014  Evaluation of the New Technique of Geogrid-Reinforced and Pile-Supported Embankment at Bridge Approach

2014  Examination of Self-Compacting Concrete Options for Marine Bridge Applications

2014  Fatigue Reliability of Hammerhead Bridge Piers

2014  Flow and Scour Patterns around Bridge Piers with Different Configurations: Insights from CFD Simulations

2014  Identification of Vehicular Axle Weights with a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System Considering Transverse Distribution of Wheel Loads

2014  Identifying Magnitudes and Locations of Loads on Slender Beams with Welded and Bolted Joints Using Strain Gauge-Based Force Transducers with Application to a Portable Army Bridge

2014  Instrumentation and Early Performance of a Large-Grade GRS-IBS Wall

2014  Large-Scale Seismic Testing of a Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Posttensioned Segmental Bridge System

2014  Management of Civil Infrastructure Systems: QFD-Based Approach

2014  Measurement of Local Deformations in Steel Monostrands Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Network Level Data Collection for Asset Management of Bridge Approach Slabs

2014  New Unified Approach for Aeroelastic Analyses Using Approximate Transfer Functions of Aerodynamic Forces

2014  News2Note

2014  Nonlinear Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Analysis of Bridges: Frequency Domain Approach

2014  O-Cell Tests on Two 70 m Long Bored Piles in Vietnam

2014  On the Web (

2014  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Deterioration Trends

2014  Optimal Sensor Placement for Modal Identification of Bridge Systems Considering Number of Sensing Nodes

2014  Optimization of Life-Cycle Maintenance of Deteriorating Bridges with Respect to Expected Annual System Failure Rate and Expected Cumulative Cost

2014  Options to Bring Design and Construction Experience into the Classroom

2014  Pile Capacity in a Bouldery Stratum

2014  Pre-Earthquake Multi-Objective Probabilistic Retrofit Optimization of Bridge Networks Based on Sustainability

2014  Proposed Revisions to the Current Charpy V-Notch Requirements for Structural Steel Used in U.S. Bridges

2014  Quantifying the Effects of Modeling Simplifications for Structural Identification of Bridges

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Reconceptualization and Optimization of a Rapidly Deployable Floating Causeway

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  Retrofitting Under Way on San Diego’s Cabrillo Bridge

2014  Revisiting Convolution Scheme in Bridge Aerodynamics: Comparison of Step and Impulse Response Functions

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Safety of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges Subject to Foundation Settlements and Earthquakes

2014  Screening Tool to Assess Adequacy of Bridge Timber Pile Bents during Extreme Scour Events

2014  Seismic Design of Rocking Shallow Foundations: Displacement-Based Methodology

2014  Seismic Response of Bridges with Rocking Foundations Compared to Fixed-Base Bridges at a Near-Fault Site

2014  Shake Table Studies of Energy-Dissipating Segmental Bridge Columns

2014  Simultaneous Cross Section and Launching Nose Optimization of Incrementally Launched Bridges

2014  Statistical Bridge Signatures

2014  Statistical, Risk, and Reliability Analyses of Bridge Scour

2014  Strength and Ductility of Shear Studs under Tensile Loading

2014  Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

2014  Uniform and Pitting Corrosion Modeling for High-Strength Bridge Wires

2014  Validation of Fault Rupture-Response Spectrum Analysis Method for Curved Bridges Crossing Strike-Slip Fault Rupture Zones

2014  Vermont Bridge Scour Rating Analysis: Looking Toward Utilizing Geomorphic Stream Data

2014  Vibration Resonance and Cancellation of Simply Supported Bridges under Moving Train Loads

2014  Wisdom of Ancient Engineering Practice in China

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Techniques for Heavy Lift (HL) & Materials Off-Loading Facility (MOF)

2013  Alternative Load Paths in Steel through-Truss Bridges: Case Study

2013  Analysis of Elastic, Doubly Symmetric, Horizontally Curved Beams during Lifting

2013  Analysis of Full Scaffold Construction Continuous Beam Bridges Based on Different Codes

2013  Analysis of Three Bridges That Exhibited Various Performance Levels in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground

2013  Application of C50 Negative Temperature Concrete in Bridge Engineering

2013  Application of Orthogonal Decomposition Approaches to Long-Term Monitoring of Infrastructure Systems

2013  Application of Topological Optimization to Bridge Design

2013  Approximate Method for Transverse Response Analysis of Partially Isolated Bridges

2013  Assessment of Cyclic Behavior of Hybrid FRP Concrete Columns

2013  The B4 Model for Multi-decade Creep and Shrinkage Prediction

2013  Beam Bridge Structural Evaluation Based on Rapid Nonlinear Finite-Element Modeling and Deflection Testing

2013  Behavior of RC T-Beams Strengthened in Shear with CFRP under Cyclic Loading

2013  Bilinear S-N Curves and Equivalent Stress Ranges for Fatigue Life Estimation

2013  Biomechanically Inspired Modeling of Pedestrian-Induced Vertical Self-Excited Forces

2013  Blast and Earthquake Resistant Bridge Pier Concept: Retrofit and Alternative Design Options

2013  Bridge Crack Extraction Method Based on Image-connected Domain

2013  Bridge Erection off the Ice

2013  Broader Appeal

2013  Calendar: Bridges 2013

2013  A Case Study on Thermal Foundation Design for the Goldstream Valley Bridge—Alaska Railroad MP 432.1, West of Fairbanks, Alaska

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests of Settling Characteristics about Extremely Deep Soft Subgrade Reinforcement by Composite Pile

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Comparatively Large Cylindrical Piers

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Pile Groups

2013  Comparison of Bridge Earthquake Resisting System Design in a Moderate Seismic Zone

2013  Comparison of Sparse Representation and Fourier Discriminant Methods: Damage Location Classification in Indirect Lab-scale Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Conductive Cement Could Pave Way to Heated Roads, Bridges

2013  Connectivity-Based Optimal Scheduling for Maintenance of Bridge Networks

2013  Container Berth Bridges over Sewer Tunnel

2013  Corrosion Estimation of a Historic Truss Bridge Using Model Updating

2013  Cost Constitution and Parameter Analysis of Bridge Engineering Computation Period by Considering Concerns of Decision Makers

2013  Critical Issues, Condition Assessment and Monitoring of Movable Bridges: Image Processing for Open Gear Monitoring

2013  Design of Stable Riprap around Aligned and Skewed Rectangular Bridge Piers

2013  Determination Method for Damaged Concrete Strength

2013  The Development and Verification of 3D Contact-Friction Collision Model Based on OpenSees

2013  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. I: Data Collection and Analysis

2013  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. II: Procedure Development