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Found 90 Records with the keyword term of "Bridge tests"

2013  Instrumentation and Modeling of I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2011  Ultimate Capacity Destructive Testing and Finite-Element Analysis of Steel I-Girder Bridges

2010  Destructive Bridge Testing for Smart Monitoring Technology Validation

2010  Experimental Studies of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns under Axial Load Plus Biaxial Bending

2010  Field-Measured Response of an Integral Abutment Bridge with Short Steel H-Piles

2010  Higher Level Evaluation of a Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge

2008  Distributed Strain Measurement in Steel Bridge with Fiber Optic Sensors: Validation through Diagnostic Load Tests

2008  Dynamic Response of a Highway Bridge Subjected to Moving Vehicles

2008  Field Experiments and Numerical Models for the Condition Assessment of Historic Timber Bridges: Case Study

2007  Field Load Tests and Numerical Analysis of Qingzhou Cable-Stayed Bridge

2007  Field Testing and Analysis of CRC Deck Girder Bridges

2007  Passive Structural Health Monitoring of Connecticut’s Bridge Infrastructure

2006  Analysis and Solution to Human-Induced Lateral Vibrations on a Historic Footbridge

2006  Approximate Series Solution for Analysis of FRP Composite Highway Bridges

2004  Bridge Evaluations Using Nondestructive Techniques

2004  Nondestructive Evaluation of the I-40 Bridge over the Rio Grande River

2004  Roebling Suspension Bridge. II: Ambient Testing and Live-Load Response

2002  Structures Congress Proves Productive for Members, Planning Begun for 2003 Congress

2001  Cable Erection Test at Pylon Saddle for Spatial Suspension Bridge

2001  Laser-Based Instrumentation for Highway Bridge Applications

2000  Energy Based System Identification Using Quick-Release Experiments

2000  Inclined Cable Aerodynamics of Cable-Stayed Bridges

2000  Overload and Ultimate Load Behavior of Posttensioned Slab Bridge

2000  Practice of Restoring Damaged Historical Truss Bridge

2000  Seismic Response of Sliding Isolated Bridges with Smart Dampers Subjected to Near Source Ground Motions

1999  Determination of Slab Participation from Weigh-In-Motion Bridge Testing

1999  Diagnostic Testing of a Unique Historic Bridge

1999  Evaluation Findings for Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. Elastomeric Bearings

1999  Evaluation Findings for R.J. Watson Sliding Isolation Bearings

1999  Laser-Based Testing and Monitoring of Large Bridges

1999  Load Distribution of Existing Solid Slab Bridges Based on Field Tests

1999  Multimode Coupled Flutter and Buffeting Analysis of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

1999  NCHRP 21-5 Research Results on Determination of Unknown Bridge Foundation Depths

1999  Nondestructive Assessment of Unknown Bridge Condition

1999  Testing of a Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge

1998  Evaluation Findings for Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc. Friction Pendulum Bearings

1998  Evaluation Findings for FIP-Energy Absorption Systems, L.C.C. Slider Bearings

1998  Evaluation Findings for Scougal Rubber Corporation High Damping Rubber Bearings

1998  Evaluation Findings for Skellerup Base Isolation Elastomeric Bearings

1998  Evaluation Findings for Tekton Inc. Roller Bearings

1998  Evaluation Findings for Tekton, Inc. Steel Rubber Bearings

1998  Nondestructive Assessment of Unknown Bridge Condition

1998  Pullback Testing of Seismically Isolated P/C I-Girder Bridge

1998  Scour Tests Could Save Bridge Owners a Bundle

1997  Free and Ambient Vibration of Brent-Spence Bridge

1997  Integration of Nondestructuve Evaluation Methods and Bridge Management Systems

1997  Seismic Evaluation of Brent-Spence Bridge

1997  Signal versus Noise in Damage Detection by Experimental Modal Analysis

1996  Assault Bridge Tested

1996  Bridge Strength Evaluation Based on Field Tests

1996  Development of a Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation and Monitoring System (WGBEMS)

1996  Engineers Establish Bridge Safety Site

1996  Evaluation of Reliability of an Existing Concrete Bridge: A Case Study

1996  Girder Moments in Continuous Skew Composite Bridges

1996  Modal Identification of a Cable-Stayed Bridge

1996  Proof Load Testing of Bridges

1996  Seismic Analysis of Concrete Towers of the San Diego–Coronado Bridge and Evaluation of a High Performance Concrete Retrofit

1996  Shakedown Tests of One-Third–Scale Composite Bridge

1996  Verification of Site-Specific Live Load on Bridges

1995  Dynamic Testing Procedures for Highway Bridges Using Traffic Loads

1995  Experimental Investigations of Dynamics of Queensborough Bridge

1995  Measuring Flutter Derivatives for Bridge Sectional Models in Water Channel

1995  Nondestructive Evaluation with Vibrational Analysis

1995  Recent Developments in Bridge Testing

1994  AISI-FHWA Model Bridge Test

1994  Applications of Field Testing to Bridge Evaluation

1994  Condition Assessment of Highway Bridges

1994  Instrumentation and Testing of a Three Hinge Arch for Service Loads Increase

1994  Old Concrete Slab Bridges. I: Experimental Investigation

1993  Experimental Testing of Laterally Loaded Large Scale Bridge Abutments

1993  Load Tests May Lead to More NDT Techniques

1993  Tests and Ratings of Short-Span Steel Bridges

1991  Optimized Models for Predicting Structural Response in Highway Bridges

1990  Bridge Testing—A Surprise Every Time

1990  Static Deformations of Bridges From Quick-Release Dynamic Experiments

1989  Testing of Reinforced Concrete Bridges for External Reinforcement

1989  Vertical Response Data from the Dominion Road Bridge Test

1988  Actual Versus Assumed Behaviour of Girder Bridges

1988  Bridge Reliability Evaluation Using Load Tests

1988  Spacing for Accuracy in Ultrasonic Testing of Bridge Timber Piles

1986  Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Bridges

1986  Singing Reveals Cracks in Bridges

1985  Bridge to Nowhere Serves as Test Subject

1985  Design and Testing of a 400 Ft Span Plate Girder Bridge

1985  NBS to Test Bridges for Earthquakes

1983  Aeroelastic Simulation of Bridges

1983  Force-Displacement Behavior of Concrete Bridge

1980  Bridge Modal Indentification Problems

1976  Service Load and Fatigue Tests on Truss Bridges

1969  Bridge Tests Predicted by Finite Difference Plate Theory