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2013  Fault-Tree Model for Risk Assessment of Bridge Failure: Case Study for Segmental Box Girder Bridges

2013  Risk-Based Approach for Optimum Maintenance of Bridges under Traffic and Earthquake Loads

2012  Artificial Intelligence Helps Bring Objectivity to Bridge Health Evaluations

2012  Optimal Multiasset Maintenance Budget Allocation in Highway Asset Management

2011  Experimental Study on the Performance of Approach Slabs under Deteriorating Soil Washout Conditions

2011  Full-Scale Test of Continuity Diaphragms in Skewed Concrete Bridge Girders

2011  Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology to Assess Validity and Credibility of Models for Bridge Maintenance Management System Development

2011  Optimization of Maintenance Strategies for the Management of the National Bridge Stock in France

2011  Reliability of Bridge Decks in Wisconsin

2011  Uncertainty Modeling in Bridge Network Maintenance Optimization

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. I: Current Methodology

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. II: Denver Bridge Health Index

2009  Development of a Smart-Client Based Bridge Management and Maintenance System for Existing Highway Bridges

2009  Fatigue Performance of CFRP Strengthened RC Beams under Environmental Conditioning and Sustained Load

2009  Framework Development of Performance Prediction Models for Concrete Bridges

2009  Integrated Multiple-Element Bridge Management System

2009  Maintenance Strategy for Bridge Components on the Basis of Performance

2009  Missouri Plans Large Design/Build Contract for Statewide Bridge Replacements

2009  Optimum Index System of Bridge Maintenance Decision Based on Variable Weighting Theory

2009  Recent Advances in Performance Evaluation and Flexural Response of Existing Bridges

2008  Development of Bridge Rating Applications Using OpenSees and Tcl

2008  Extensions of OpenSees for Bridge Management Applications

2008  State-Specific LRFR Live Load Factors Using Weigh-in-Motion Data

2007  Bridge Network Maintenance Optimization Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming

2007  Critical Review of New Directions in Bridge Management Systems

2007  Detection of Common Defects in Concrete Bridge Decks Using Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques

2007  Development of Dynamic-Response-Based Objective Functions for Finite-Element Modeling of Bridges

2007  Development of Static-Response-Based Objective Functions for Finite-Element Modeling of Bridges

2007  Effect of Temperature on Modal Variability of a Curved Concrete Bridge under Ambient Loads

2007  Health Assessment and Maintenance Strategy for Bridge Management Systems: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2007  History-Dependent Bridge Deck Maintenance and Replacement Optimization with Markov Decision Processes

2007  Probabilistic and Mechanistic Deterioration Models for Bridge Management

2007  Reference-Free NDT Technique for Debonding Detection in CFRP-Strengthened RC Structures

2007  Reliability-Based Program Study of RC Beams Strengthened with CFRP

2007  Riprap Design, Installation, and Maintenance at Bridges

2007  Risk Assessment for Bridge Maintenance Projects: Neural Networks versus Regression Techniques

2007  The State Bridge Management System under the Development of Modern Transportation

2006  Ambient Vibration Monitoring of a Highway Bridge Undergoing a Destructive Test

2006  Best Practices of Bridge System Management—A Synthesis

2006  Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance of FRP Deck Panels

2006  History and Aesthetics of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge

2006  Ireland’s Bridge Management System

2006  A Practical Decision-Support System for Bridge Management Based on JAVA Techniques

2006  Probabilistic Lifetime-Oriented Multiobjective Optimization of Bridge Maintenance: Combination of Maintenance Types

2006  Probabilistic Lifetime-Oriented Multiobjective Optimization of Bridge Maintenance: Single Maintenance Type

2006  Short- and Long-Term Effects of Element Costs and Failure Costs in Pontis

2006  Structural Health Monitoring as a Bridge Management Tool

2005  Application of Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning to Bridge Management

2005  Balancing Connectivity of Deteriorating Bridge Networks and Long-Term Maintenance Cost through Optimization

2005  Bridge Management and Nondestructive Evaluation

2005  Bridge Scour Prioritization and Management System for National Road Bridges

2005  Bridges: New Bridge Modernizes Dutch Countryside

2005  Durable Repairs on Marine Bridge Piles

2005  Impact of Posted Load Limits on Highway Bridge Reliability

2005  Multiobjective Maintenance Planning Optimization for Deteriorating Bridges Considering Condition, Safety, and Life-Cycle Cost

2005  Reliability-Based Load and Resistance Factor Rating using In-Service Data

2005  Secondary Prestressing Moments in Rehabilitated Posttensioned Bridges

2005  Time-Dependent Bridge Network Reliability: Novel Approach

2004  Balance of Structural Performance Measures

2004  Bridge Management Systems in North America

2004  Bridge Management Systems Outside North America

2004  Budget Allocation for Steel Bridge Paint Maintenance

2004  Condition Evolution in Bridge Management Systems and Corrosion-Induced Deterioration

2004  Constrained Fuzzy c-Mean Clustering Algorithm for Determining Bridge Let Projects

2004  Construction for Durability

2004  The Database

2004  Design for Durability

2004  Effect of Common Cause Failures on Indirect Costs

2004  Environmental Factors Affecting Corrosion of Galvanized Steel Wires

2004  Front Matter

2004  Handbook of Concrete Bridge Management

2004  Index

2004  Inspection Strategies

2004  Introduction

2004  Long-Term Costs Quantification

2004  Maintenance Strategies

2004  Management During Service Life

2004  Mechanical and Nondestructive Testing to Verify the Effectiveness of Composite Strengthening on Historical Cast Iron Bridge in Venice, Italy

2004  Prediction of Reliability and Cost Profiles of Deteriorating Bridges under Time- and Performance-Controlled Maintenance

2004  References

2004  Repair Strategies

2004  Replacement of Pontesei Bridge, Italy

2004  Service Life

2004  Testing and Monitoring

2003  Analysis of Edge-Detection Techniques for Crack Identification in Bridges

2003  Analysis of Recent Bridge Failures in the United States

2003  As-Built Information Model for Bridge Maintenance

2003  Bridge Management Strategies and Structural Reliability

2003  Efficiency Improvement of Korean Bridge Management System (KOBMS) Via Mobile Internet

2003  Life-Cycle Performance of Deteriorating Structures, Assessment, Design and Management

2003  Scour Vulnerability of River Bridge Piers

2003  Supply and Demand System Approach to Development of Bridge Management Strategies

2002  Cost at Element Level

2002  Integrating Mechanistic and Statistical Deterioration Models for Effective Bridge Management

2002  Life-Cycle Cost-Based Maintenance Plan for Steel Bridge Protection Systems

2002  Modeling Bridge Deterioration Using Case-Based Reasoning

2002  Service Life and Impact of Virginia Environmental Exposure Condition on Paint on Steel Girder Bridges

2001  Bridge Lifetime System Reliability under Multiple Limit States

2001  Bridge Maintenance Life Cycle Cost Assessment

2001  Bridge Management for the 21st Century