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2013  Fault-Tree Model for Risk Assessment of Bridge Failure: Case Study for Segmental Box Girder Bridges

2012  Field Test of Magnetic Methods for Corrosion Detection in Prestressing Strands in Adjacent Box-Beam Bridges

2012  Special Issue on Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing for Bridge Inspection and Evaluation

2011  Development of Flexural Strength Rating Procedures for Adjacent Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2011  Use of Lifetime Functions in the Optimization of Nondestructive Inspection Strategies for Bridges

2010  Bridge Inspection Practice: Two Different North American Railways

2010  Deterioration Rates of Typical Bridge Elements in New York

2010  Forensic Examination of a Noncomposite Adjacent Precast Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridge

2010  Predictive and Diagnostic Load Rating Model of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge

2010  Proposed Method for Determining the Interval for Hands-on Inspection of Steel Bridges with Fracture Critical Members

2010  Special Issue on Bridge Inspection and Evaluation

2010  Using Soft Computing to Analyze Inspection Results for Bridge Evaluation and Management

2008  Policy Briefing: Bridge Safety Bill Passes House, Faces Uncertain Future in Senate

2006  Analysis and Solution to Human-Induced Lateral Vibrations on a Historic Footbridge

2006  Inspection, Evaluation, and Monitoring of Suspension Bridge Cables

2006  McKinley Bridge Inspection and Design

2006  Quebec Bridge Inspection Using Common Nondestructive and Destructive Testing Techniques

2006  Vibrational Tension Measurement of External Tendons in Segmental Posttensioned Bridges

2005  Bridge Management and Nondestructive Evaluation

2005  Bridge Scour and Substructure Deterioration: Case Study

2005  A Comparison Between Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Impact Echo (IE) for Detection of Common Concrete Bridge Decks Defects

2005  Documentation of Bridge Inspection Projects using Virtual Reality Approach

2005  Evaluation of Wrought Iron for Continued Service in Historic Bridges

2004  Condition Evolution in Bridge Management Systems and Corrosion-Induced Deterioration

2004  Effectiveness of Ground Penetrating Radar in Predicting Deck Repair Quantities

2004  Estimating the Future Condition of Highway Bridge Components using National Bridge Inventory Data

2004  Predicted and Measured Performance of Prestressed Concrete Bridges

2004  Routine Highway Bridge Inspection Condition Documentation Accuracy and Reliability

2003  Analysis of Recent Bridge Failures in the United States

2003  Bridge Evaluation Using Nondestructive Evaluation—The Denver Management System

2003  Fiber Optic Sensors for Bridge Monitoring

2003  Inspection of Luling Bridge Cable Stays: Case Study

2003  Inspection Rating and Management System for Tubular Steel Pedestrian Bridges

2003  Updating Bridge Reliability Based on Bridge Management Systems Visual Inspection Results

2002  Condition Assessment of FRP Composite Bridge Components Using Infrared Thermography

2002  Current R&D Activities of the FHWA in Nondestructive Evaluation for Bridges

2002  A Framework for Field Inspection Support Systems Applied to Bridge Inspection

2002  Nondestructive Evaluation of Bridges

2001  Bridge Lifetime System Reliability under Multiple Limit States

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  High-Tech Inspection

2001  Performance of Segmental and Posttensioned Bridges in Europe

2001  Technology: Software System Streamlines Bridge Inspection Process

2001  The Use of Geographical Information Systems and Hydrographic Surveying for Bridge Inspections and Scour Analysis

2000  Bridge Decks Inspection Using Chain Drag and Ground Penetrating Radar

2000  Bridge Rehabilitation and LRFD: The Southbound 11th Street Bridge over the Anacostia River

2000  Condition Assessment of Timber Piles

2000  Deterioration Assessment and Rehabilitation Design of Existing Steel Bridge

2000  Nondestructive Testing Technique Tried on George Washington Bridge

2000  Opportunities to Use Speech Recognition for Bridge Inspection

2000  Practice Experiences with the Remote Monitoring System SMS 2001®

2000  A Study of Technology for Diagnosing Bridge Soundness by Using Portable Computer

2000  Survey and Evaluation of Damaged Concrete Bridges

1999  Automated Data Acquisition for Bridge Inspection

1999  Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

1999  Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

1999  Bridge Sensors May Reduce Inspection Frequency

1999  Condition Prediction of Deteriorating Concrete Bridges

1999  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Approach for Reliability Testing of the Visual Inspection Method

1999  History of Bridge Scour Research and Evaluations in the United States

1999  Inspection-Based Evaluation of a Danish Road Bridge

1999  Integration of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) in Life-Cycle Cost of Highway Bridges

1999  Laboratory Investigation of Time-Domain Reflectometry System for Monitoring Bridge Scour

1999  Load Rating and Permit Review Using Load and Resistance Factor Philosophy

1999  Maintenance Planning for Deteriorating Concrete Bridges

1999  Maryland SHA’s Procedure for Assessing Existing Bridges for Scour Vulnerability and for Rating Unknown Foundations

1999  Noncontact Nondestructive Testing for Structure Health Monitoring

1999  Potential-Scour Assessments at 130 Bridges in Iowa

1999  Prioritizing Scour Vulnerable Bridges Using Risk

1999  Quality Control and Quality Assurance Plan for Bridge Channel-Stability Assessments in Massachusetts

1999  Rapid Assessment of Channel Stability in Vicinity of Road Crossing

1999  Screening of Bridges in New Jersey for Scour

1999  Short-Term Strain Monitoring of Bridge Structures

1999  Strain and Acceleration Assessment of Bridge Performance

1999  Strength Evaluation of a Complex Bridge

1999  Training for Bridge Inspectors in Stream Stability and Scour

1998  Bridge Fatigue Life Estimation From Field Data

1998  Concrete Bridge Management: From Design to Maintenance

1998  Connecticut’s Bridge Infrastructure Monitoring Program for Assessment

1998  Integration of Bridge Management Systems and Nondestructive Evaluations

1998  Louisiana Recovers Bridge Collision Costs

1998  Method for Estimating Transition Probability in Bridge Deterioration Models

1997  Acoustic Strain Gauge’s Ease Bridge Monitoring

1997  Application of Virtual Prototyping to Bridge Deck Deterioration

1997  Applications of Pen Based Computing in Bridge Inspection

1997  Assessment Program for Bridge Infrastructure

1997  Bridge Management Program for the MTA’s Inspection and Inventory Program

1997  Bridge Team Protects Midwest Motorists

1997  Comprehensive Inspection of Bridge Decks with Ultrasonic Methods

1997  Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Seismic Performance of Bridge Structures

1997  Data Modeling for Improved Condition Assessment

1997  Development of Discrete Models of Infrastructure Deterioration with Panel Data

1997  Development of Pen-Based Computer Field Applications

1997  Electronic Bridge Inspections Eliminate Paper Chase

1997  Fathoming the Strength of Structures

1997  Generation of NBI Condition Ratings from Commonly Recognized (CoRe) Element Data

1997  Instrumented Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway Bridges

1997  Integration of Nondestructuve Evaluation Methods and Bridge Management Systems

1997  A Knowledge Model for Bridge Condition Assessment and Treatment Identification

1997  Performance of Ultrasonic Crack Length Measurement in Bridge Inspection