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2015  Bridge Failure Rate

2014  Approach-Span Failure of the Hoan Bridge as a Case Study for Engineering Students and Practicing Engineers

2014  Case History Analysis of Bridge Failures due to Scour

2014  Contribution of Trapped Air, Deck Superelevation, and Nearby Structures to Bridge Deck Failure during a Tsunami

2014  Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge Collapse during Deck Removal

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. I: Determination of the Possible Causes of Failure

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  FRP Slab Capacity Using Yield Line Theory

2014  Pedestrian Bridge Collapse and Failure Analysis in Giles County, Virginia

2014  Screening Tool to Assess Adequacy of Bridge Timber Pile Bents during Extreme Scour Events

2013  1-g Scale Hydraulic Flume-based Soil-Fluid-Structure Model Testing and Evaluation of Surging and Scouring Effects

2013  Fault-Tree Model for Risk Assessment of Bridge Failure: Case Study for Segmental Box Girder Bridges

2013  Forensic Information Modeling: A New Forensic Tool

2013  Improving Resilience of Infrastructure: The Case of Bridges

2013  Instrumentation and Modeling of I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2013  Investigation of Thermal Gradient Effects in the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2013  Mechanism and Parametric Analysis of Multi-Level Control Mode of Unseating Failure Prevention for Concrete Girder Bridge during Earthquakes

2013  Method for Identifying Bridge Collapse Patterns: Analysis of Cases

2013  Performance Assessment of Pile-Supported Bridges in Extreme Flood Conditions

2013  Prediction of Bridge Behavior Through Failure: A Case Study Of The Minnesota I-35W Bridge Collapse

2013  Real-time TDR Field Bridge Scour Monitoring System

2013  Seismic Failure of Typical Curved RC Bridges in Wenchuan Earthquake

2013  Shake-Table Studies of a Four-Span Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2013  The Study on 3D Seismic Pounding of the High-Pier Bridge Under Strong Earthquake

2012  Collapse of Robinson Road Bridge Falsework

2012  Failure Analysis of Bridges Span Reinforced with FRP: A Computer Simulation

2012  Failure of Reinforced Concrete Bridges in California

2012  Forensic Engineering 2012, Gateway to a Safer Tomorrow

2012  Forensic Investigation Modeling (FIM) Approach: I35 West Bridge Collapse Case Study

2012  Houfeng Bridge Failure in Taiwan

2012  Method for Identifying Bridge Collapse Pattern: Theoretical Analysis

2012  Statistical Analysis of the Causes of Bridge Collapse in China

2011  Collapse of the I-280 Maumee River Bridge Launching Gantry in Toledo, Ohio

2011  Estimating Equilibrium Scour Depth at Cylindrical Piers in Experimental Studies

2011  I35W Bridge Collapse: Lessons Learned and Challenges Revealed

2011  Impact of I-35W Bridge Failure on State Transportation Agency Bridge Inspection and Evaluation Programs

2011  Improved Geometric Design of Bridge Asphalt Plug Joints

2011  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Critical Gusset Plates in the I-35W Bridge in Minnesota

2011  Probability of Drift Blockage at Bridge Decks

2011  Probe Reveals Hidden Potential for Scour

2011  Riprap Sizing for Pile Groups

2011  Seismic Reliability Assessment of Bridges with User-Defined System Failure Events

2011  Simple Check for Yielding in Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections

2011  Stream Restoration

2010  Augmented System Level Failure Events for Bridges under Earthquake Hazards

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. I: Current Methodology

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. II: Denver Bridge Health Index

2010  Bridge Scour Monitoring Technologies: Development of Evaluation and Selection Protocols for Application on River Bridges in Minnesota

2010  Catastrophic Sliding of a Concrete Deck during Its Launching on the Steel Girders of a Composite Bridge

2010  Checking Steel Girder Stability during Erection—Rules of Thumb Modified by AASHTO LRFD

2010  Comparison of Block-Shear and Whitmore Section Methods for Load Rating Existing Steel Truss Gusset Plate Connections

2010  Effects of Collars on Scour Reduction at Bridge Abutments

2010  External Anchorage Failure and Tendon Pull-Out Tests on Bridge Piers

2010  Geotechnical Limit to Scour at Spill-Through Abutments

2010  Hydraulic Loading for Bridges Founded on Rock

2010  I-35W Bridge Collapse

2010  I-405 SB Bridge over I-90: Design and Construction Challenges with Solutions

2010  An Improved Equivalent Static Analysis Method for Barge-Bridge Collision Design

2010  NTSB Had Evidence Of Gusset Plate Problems

2010  The Observational Method for Scour and the Schoharie Creek Bridge Failure

2010  Physical Modeling of Abutment Scour for Overtopping, Submerged Orifice, and Free Surface Flows

2010  Reliability-Based Modeling of Bridge Deterioration Hazards

2010  Sensors Monitor Scour, Warn of Bridge Failure

2010  The Use of Loop Anchorages in Single-Span Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Bridges

2009  Analysis of Critical Gusset Plates in the Collapsed I-35W Bridge

2009  Appellate Court Validates I-35W Bridge Procurement

2009  The Bussey Railroad Bridge Collapse

2009  Collapse of the Wimer Covered Timber Bridge

2009  Failure Characters and Origin of Zhangjiaping Bridge in Wanzhou — Liangping Expressway

2009  Fire Protection of Steel Bridges and the Case of the MacArthur Maze Fire Collapse

2009  Funding Stimulates Debate

2009  Further Discussion of I-35 W Bridge

2009  Further Discussion of I-35 W Bridge

2009  Hydrodynamic Investigation of Coastal Bridge Collapse during Hurricane Katrina

2009  I-35W Bridge May Indicate Other Problems

2009  I-35W Bridge was Overloaded

2009  Inadequate Gusset Plates Probable Cause of I-35W Bridge Collapse

2009  Investigation of Common Causes of Bridge Collapse in Colombia

2009  Lessons Learned from Marcy Bridge Collapse

2009  Lessons Learned from Seismic Collapse Assessment of Buildings for Evaluation of Bridge Structures

2009  NTSB Should Clarify Its Conclusions

2009  A Probabilistic Model for the Estimation of Shear Capacity of Bridge Piers Subjected to Dynamic Loading

2009  Vulnerability Assessment of Cable-Stayed Bridges in Probabilistic Domain

2009  What Did We Learn from the I-35W Bridge?

2009  What Did We Learn from the I-35W Bridge?

2008  Braced for the Future

2008  Bridges Can Be Checked Quickly

2008  Bridges: Underdesigned Gusset Plates Cited by NTSB in I-35W Bridge Collapse Investigation

2008  A Call to Action on Infrastructure

2008  Case Study: Retrofitting Large Bridge Piers on the Nakdong River, South Korea

2008  Champion Needed

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Comments on ”The Infrastructure Crisis”

2008  Corroded Gusset Plate Problem More Widespread

2008  Crumbling Infrastructure Needs Private-Sector Boost

2008  Design Reviews Should Be Mandatory

2008  Gusset Plate Problems Should Have Been Caught

2008  Invest in the Future as We Did in the Past