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2015  Effect of Superstructure Temperature Changes on Intermediate Pier Foundation Stresses in Integral Abutment Bridges

2015  Relationship between Earth Pressure and Thermally Induced Movement of Integral Abutments

2015  Shake-Table Test for a Typical Curved Bridge: Wave Passage and Local Site Effects

2015  Spread Footings Revisited: Geotechnical Advances Lead to Expanded Use for Bridge Abutments

2014  Analysis and Design of Micropile-Supported Wall to Resist Lateral Deflection of Existing Railroad Bridge Abutment

2014  Application of the Observation Method for Scour to Two Texas Bridges

2014  A Case Study of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil in a Low-Volume Bridge Abutment in Iowa

2014  Equivalent Static Analysis of Piled Bridge Abutments Affected by Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction

2014  Evaluation of the Deformation of a Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutment

2014  Full-Scale Investigation of Differential Settlements beneath a GRS Bridge Abutment: An Overview

2014  Numerical Assessment of Three-Dimensional Foundation Pinning Effects during Lateral Spreading at the Mataquito River Bridge

2014  Rapid-Construction Technique for Bridge Abutments Using Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2014  Superstructure Behavior of a Stub-Type Integral Abutment Bridge

2014  Temperature Effects on a Box-Girder Integral-Abutment Bridge

2014  Thermal Load Design Philosophies for Horizontally Curved Girder Bridges with Integral Abutments

2013  Capacity Design of Retaining Structures and Bridge Abutments with Deep Foundations

2013  Crack Survey in Unreinforced Concrete or Masonry Abutments in Short- and Medium-Span Bridges

2013  Effect of Train Live Load on Railway Bridge Abutments

2013  Insights from Depth-Averaged Numerical Simulation of Flow at Bridge Abutments in Compound Channels

2013  Integral Bridge Abutment to Approach Slab Connection

2013  Liquefaction Effects on Piled Bridge Abutments: Centrifuge Tests and Numerical Analyses

2013  Monitoring and Analysis of Abutment-Soil Interaction of Two Integral Bridges

2013  Passive Force-Deflection Curves for Skewed Abutments

2013  Performance-Based Design for a Tall-Pier Bridge Prototype in Massive Earthquakes

2013  Seismic Analysis of Integral Abutment Bridges Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

2013  Seismic Design, Construction and Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments for Railways in Japan

2013  Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges with Seat-Type Abutments Subjected to Near-Fault Ground Motions

2013  Shake-Table Studies of a Four-Span Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2012  Boundary Conditions in Physical Model Tests–The Influence of Deck Pinning on the Response of Piled Bridge Abutments in Laterally Spreading Soils

2012  Experimental Assessment of the Passive Resistance of a Bridge Abutment System with Various Backfill Heights

2012  Field-Measured Response of an Integral Abutment Bridge

2012  Flexure Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Light Type Abutment in Self-plane

2012  A Framework for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering of Bridge-Abutment Systems

2012  A Methodology for the Experimental Evaluation of Seismic Pounding at Seat-Type Abutments of Horizontally Curved Bridges

2012  Predicting the Earth Pressure on Integral Bridge Abutments

2012  Seven-Year Field Monitoring of Four Integral Abutment Bridges

2012  Wet Soil Mixing for Bearing Capacity, Liquefaction Mitigation, and Water Cutoff for Scour Protection for a New Bridge Abutment

2011  Effect of Abutment Shear Keys on the Seismic Response of Bridges

2011  Geosynthetic Enabled with Fiber Optic Sensors for MSE Bridge Abutment Supporting Shallow Bridge Foundation

2011  Influence of Strain Localization on Reliability Based Design of Bridge Abutments Using Pseudo-Dynamic Method

2011  Lateral Resistance of Piles near Vertical MSE Abutment Walls

2011  Methods for Computing Ultimate Lateral Earth Pressure of Abutment Piles in Soft Ground

2011  Numerical Modeling of Abutment Scour with the Focus on the Incipient Motion on Sloping Beds

2011  Performance Data Collected from Instrumentation on a Mn/DOT Bridge Abutment Foundation Subject to Downdrag

2011  Pier and Abutment Scour Interaction

2011  Seismic Analysis of Integral Abutment Bridges Including Soil-Structure Interaction

2011  Sheet Pile Supported Bridge Abutments for Accelerated Bridge Construction

2011  Strain Localization Effect on System Reliability Based Design of Bridge Abutments under Earthquake Loading

2011  Temporal Development of Scour Holes around Submerged Stream Deflectors

2011  Towards a Better Understanding of Behaviour of Bridges with Integral Abutments

2010  Bridge Scour: Prediction, Modeling, Monitoring, and Countermeasures—Review

2010  Effects of Collars on Scour Reduction at Bridge Abutments

2010  Field Behavior of an Integral Abutment Bridge Supported on Drilled Shafts

2010  Field-Measured Response of an Integral Abutment Bridge with Short Steel H-Piles

2010  Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls As Integral Bridge Abutment Walls

2010  Geotechnical Limit to Scour at Spill-Through Abutments

2010  The Golden Ears Bridge Design-Build Project: Stabilizing Abutment-Wall System for Unnamed Creek Bridge

2010  The Importance of Filters in Bridge Scour Countermeasure Design

2010  Increased Lateral Abutment Resistance from Gravel Backfills of Limited Width

2010  Installation of Downdrag Instrumentation on a Bridge Abutment Foundation: Lessons Learned

2010  Integral Abutment Bridges: The European Way

2010  Maximum Abutment Scour Depth in Cohesive Soils

2010  Modal Analysis of Isolated Bridges with Transverse Restrains at the End Abutments

2010  Numerical Calculation Method for Beam-Shear Key Pounding Based on Wilson-θ Method

2010  Numerical Study of an Integral Abutment Bridge Supported on Drilled Shafts

2010  Optimum Design of Bridge Abutments under Seismic Conditions: Reliability-Based Approach

2010  Permanent Soil Nail Wall Utilizing Chemical Grout Stabilization

2010  Physical Modeling of Abutment Scour for Overtopping, Submerged Orifice, and Free Surface Flows

2010  Preliminary Results for a GRS Integrated Bridge System Supporting a Large Single Span Bridge

2010  Temporal Scales for Live-Bed Scour at Abutments

2010  Time Evolution of the Horseshoe Vortex System Forming around a Bridge Abutment

2010  Validated Simulation Models for Lateral Response of Bridge Abutments with Typical Backfills

2009  Analysis and Performance Monitoring of a Spread Footing Bridge Foundation

2009  Constriction Effects in Clear-Water Scour at Abutments

2009  Curved Integral Abutment Bridges — Thermal Response Predictions through Finite Element Analysis

2009  Lateral Performance of Full-Scale Bridge Abutment Wall with Granular Backfill

2009  Live Load Distribution Formulas for Single-Span Prestressed Concrete Integral Abutment Bridge Girders

2009  Long-Term Response Prediction of Integral Abutment Bridges

2009  Mathematical Modeling of Bed — Topography Changes at Bridge Abutments

2009  Mechanical Characteristics of Reinforced Gravity Oblique High U-Shaped Abutment

2009  Metal Straps as Soil Reinforcement on Full Height Abutments

2009  Performance of a Damage-Protected Highway Bridge Pier Subjected to Bidirectional Earthquake Attack

2009  Protecting Vertical-Wall Abutments with Riprap Mattresses

2009  Soil Nail Walls Supporting Stub Abutments on Shallow Foundations — A Case Study

2009  Turbulent Stresses at the Bottom Surface near an Abutment: Laboratory-Scale Numerical Experiment

2008  Effect of Backfill Soil Type on Stiffness and Ultimate Capacity of Bridge Abutments

2008  Effect of Soil and Substructure Properties on Live-Load Distribution in Integral Abutment Bridges

2008  Influence of Haunches on Performance of Precast-Concrete, Short-Span, Skewed Bridges with Integral Abutment Walls

2008  Large Constructions and Bridge Abutments: Solutions with Geosynthetic Reinforced Earth

2008  Large-Scale Flume Tests of Riprap-Apron Performance at a Bridge Abutment on a Floodplain

2008  Local Scour and Riprap Stability at an Abutment in a Degrading Bed

2008  Parametric Study of Concrete Integral Abutment Bridges

2008  Permeable Concretes for Railway Abutment and U-Wall Drainage Remediation

2008  Progressive Failure of a Dam Abutment: A Fracture Mechanics Analysis

2008  Research on Transverse Load Distribution Factors for Jointless Bridges

2008  Response of an Integral Abutment Bridge to Temperature Variations

2008  Role of Shear Keys in Seismic Behavior of Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones

2008  Safety Degree Analysis of Arch Dam-Abutment Stability Based on Deformation Observation

2008  Three-Dimensional Seismic Response of Humboldt Bay Bridge-Foundation-Ground System

2007  Behavior of a Stiff Clay behind Embedded Integral Abutments