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2015  Erosion of a Seaward Dike Slope by Wave Action

2014  Wave-Energy Dissipation and Wave Setup Caused by Entrained Air Bubbles in Plunging Wave Breaking

2013  A Numerical Wave-Structure-Soil Interaction Model for Monolithic Breakwaters Subject to Breaking Wave Impact

2012  Effect of Breaking Waves and External Current on Longshore Sediment Transport

2012  Experimental Study on the Scour around a Monopile in Breaking Waves

2012  Suction Removal of Sediment from between Armor Blocks. III: Breaking Waves

2012  Wave Overtopping at Smooth Impermeable Steep Slopes with Low Crest Freeboards

2011  Breaking Wave Force Prediction

2011  Depth Inversion in the Surf Zone with Inclusion of Wave Nonlinearity Using Video-Derived Celerity

2011  Forces Induced by Breakers on Piles

2011  Nonhydrostatic Model for Surf Zone Simulation

2011  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves and Cross-Shore Currents on Barred Beaches

2010  Detection of Breaking Waves Using X-Band Pulse Radar in the River Mouth Region

2010  Direct Formula to Compute Wave Height and Angle at Incipient Breaking

2010  Model of Nearshore Waves and Wave-Induced Currents around a Detached Breakwater

2010  Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Near-Bed Pressure Gradients on a Barred Beach

2010  Wave and Flow Response to an Artificial Surf Reef: Laboratory Measurements

2010  Wave-Breaking Model for Boussinesq-Type Equations Including Roller Effects in the Mass Conservation Equation

2009  Review of Waves in Oceanic and Coastal Waters by Leo H. Holthuijsen

2009  Surface Roller Model for the Numerical Simulation of Spilling Wave Breaking over Constant Slope Beach

2009  Toe Scour of Seawall on a Steep Seabed by Breaking Waves

2008  Field Verification of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking in the Surf Zone

2007  Conceptual Approach for Prediction of Wave Transmission at Low-Crested Breakwaters

2007  Development of a New Practical Model for Sand Transport Induced by Non-Breaking Waves and Currents

2007  Geometric Study of Monochromatic Wave Breaking on Beaches

2007  Irregular Wave Seepage and Overtopping of Permeable Slopes

2007  Longshore Current and Sediment Transport on Beaches

2007  Mesoscale Behaviour of Longshore Bars — Net Onshore or Net Offshore Migration

2006  Distributions of Wave Steepness and Surf Parameter

2006  Measurements of Shallow Water Breaking Wave Rollers

2006  Modeling Near-Shore Waves, Surface Rollers, and Undertow Velocity Profiles

2006  Nearshore Wave Modeling with High-Order Boussinesq-Type Equations

2006  Well-Balanced Finite-Volume Model for Long-Wave Runup

2004  2-D Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wave Interaction With Low-Crested Breakwaters Including Breaking and Flow Recirculation

2004  Field and Laboratory Measurement of Wave Impacts

2004  Longshore Sediment Transport by Nonlinear Waves and Currents

2004  Modified Hunt’s Equation Incorporating Wave Setup

2004  Pressures By Breaking Waves on a Slope Computed With a VOF Model

2004  Spectral Technique for Generating Gaussian Wave Packets

2004  Wave Field Computation Around Artificial Reefs with Gradational Breaker Model

2003  Beach-Profile Evolution under Spilling and Plunging Breakers

2003  Energy Balance Model for Breaking Solitary Wave Runup

2003  Laboratory Measurements of Void Fraction and Turbulence in the Bore Region of Surf Zone Waves

2002  Breaking in a Spectral Wave Model

2002  Depth-Limited Wave Breaking for the Design of Nearshore Structures

2002  Detection of Breaking in a Deep Water Wave Record

2002  Do Strong Winds Blow Waves Flat?

2002  Effect of Reflective Structures on Undertow Distribution

2002  The Effect of Swell on the Generation and Dissipation of Wind Sea

2002  The Effect of Wave Action on Structures with Large Cracks

2002  Laboratory “Freak Wave” Generation for the Study of Extreme Wave Loads on Piles

2002  Laboratory Study of Breaking Wave Induced Noises

2002  Laboratory Study of Short-Crested Breaking Waves

2002  Longshore Sediment Transport as a Function of Energy Dissipation

2002  Modelling of Wave Breaking in Boussinesq Evolution Equations

2002  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves in Nearshore Environment

2002  Remote Sensing of Shallow Water Breaking Waves

2002  Time-Dependent Sediment Suspension and Transport under Irregular Breaking Waves

2002  Transformation of Wave Spectra from Deep to Shallow Water

2002  Wave and Turbulence Characteristics in Narrow-Band Irregular Breaking Waves

2002  Wave Breaking and Sediment Suspension in Surf Zones

2001  Bottom Stress in Non Stationary Free Surface Flow

2001  Boussinesq Wave Model Compared with Field Data

2001  Breaking Shallow Water Wave Simulations in the Surf and Swash Zone

2001  Breaking Wave Impact on a Slender Cylinder

2001  Breaking Waves in Intermediate-Depths with and without Current

2001  Determination of Internal Characteristics of Breaker Deformation using a PIV Technique that Satisfies the Mass Conservation Law

2001  The Effect of a Modulating Breakpoint on Bar-Trapped Waves

2001  Experimental Study on the Influence of Bottom Permeability on Wave Breaking and Associated Processes

2001  Experiments with Groups of Breaking Waves. Part I: Short Wave Motion

2001  Extended Eddy Viscosity Concept for Wave Breaking in Boussinesq Type Models

2001  Gridless Numerical Analysis of Wave Breaking and Overtopping at Upright Seawall

2001  Horizontal Coherence of Wave Forces on Vertical Wall Breakwaters

2001  Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Dynamic Inlet

2001  Improved Performance in Boussinesq-Type Equations

2001  Investigations of Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediments during Field Experiment Novomikhailovka ’99

2001  Joint Distributions of Wave Height and Wave Steepness Parameters

2001  Large-Scale Turbulence to Facilitate Sediment Motion under Spilling Breakers

2001  Modeling Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone

2001  Modelling of Digitally Imaged Water Levels and Flow Fields in the Surf Zone

2001  Numerical Simulation of the Flow Generated by a Plunging Breaker

2001  Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Air-Water Mixing Layer within Surf-Zone

2001  Numerically Simulating Seawall Overtopping

2001  On the Strength of Breaking of Deep Water Waves

2001  A Phase-Resolving Model of Sediment Transport on Coarse Grained Beaches

2001  Physical and Numerical Study of 2-D Wave Breaking and Non-Linear Effects

2001  Physical Modelling of Dolos Breakwaters: The Coega Results and Historical Perspective

2001  Probability of Breaking Events in Shallow Water

2001  Profiles of Void Fraction and Turbulent Dissipation under Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone

2001  Relationship between Beach Morphodynamics and Equilibrium Profiles

2001  Roller Momentum-Thickness and Residual Turbulence

2001  A Sediment Pickup Rate Formula Based on Energy Dissipation Rate by Random Breaking Waves

2001  Sediment Transport under Breaking Waves

2001  Simulation of Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone using a Navier-Stokes Solver

2001  A Study of Plunging Breaker Mechanics by PIV Measurements and a Navier-Stokes Solver

2001  Surf Beat Generation by a Time-Varying Breakpoint

2001  Three-Dimensional Large-Scale Eddies of Breaking Waves

2001  A Three-Dimensional Model Based on Navier-Stokes Equations for Wave Breaking

2001  Transformation of Irregular Waves in the Inner Surf Zone

2001  Treatment of Wave Breaking and Total Absorption in a Mild-Slope Equation FEM Model