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2015  Advantages of Infinite Elements over Prespecified Boundary Conditions in Unbounded Problems

2015  Simulation of Air Cavity Advancing into a Straight Duct

2014  Resonance of Free-Surface Waves Provoked by Floodgate Maneuvers

2013  Hybrid Finite Analytic Solution for Computation of Spacing between Drains in Sloping Lands

2012  Drainage Modeling of Roadway Systems with Porous Friction Courses

2012  Fully Nonlinear Model for Water Wave Propagation from Deep to Shallow Waters

2012  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Table Falling in Horizontal and Sloping Aquifers by Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

2011  Approximate Engineering Solution for Predicting Groundwater Table Variation During Reservoir Drawdown on the Basis of the Boussinesq Equation

2011  Modeling of Hydrological Processes Using Unstructured and Irregular Grids: 2D Groundwater Application

2010  Efficient Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Surface Waves from Deep to Shallow Water

2010  Extended Boussinesq Equations for Water-Wave Propagation in Porous Media

2010  Influence of Nonlinearity on the Stress Distribution in the Soil—Application to Road Engineering Problems

2010  Wave-Breaking Model for Boussinesq-Type Equations Including Roller Effects in the Mass Conservation Equation

2009  Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Boussinesq Equation

2009  Boussinesq Model for Weakly Nonlinear Fully Dispersive Water Waves

2009  Density Effect on Round Turbulent Hypersaline Fountain

2009  Effects of Bed Slope on Water Head and Flow Rate at the Interfaces between the Stream and Groundwater: Analytical Study

2009  Symmetry in Nonlinear Hydrologic Dynamics under Uncertainty: Ensemble Modeling of 2D Boussinesq Equation for Unsteady Flow in Heterogeneous Aquifers

2009  Theoretical Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow at Drawdown End

2008  Wave Equations for Regular and Irregular Water Wave Propagation

2006  Analyses of Drought Flow in Recession Period

2006  Chebyshev Finite-Spectral Method for 1D Boussinesq-Type Equations

2006  Fully Nonlinear Boussinesq-Type Equations for Waves and Currents over Porous Beds

2006  Nearshore Wave Modeling with High-Order Boussinesq-Type Equations

2006  Spectral Models Based on Boussinesq Equations

2005  Optimization of Boussinesq-Type Models for Surface Waves over Porous Beds

2005  Propagation of Long Water Waves through Branching Channels

2004  Finite-Element Model for Modified Boussinesq Equations. I: Model Development

2004  Finite-Element Model for Modified Boussinesq Equations. II: Applications to Nonlinear Harbor Oscillations

2004  Floating Breakwater Response to Waves Action Using a Boussinesq Model Coupled with a 2DV Elliptic Solver

2004  Improved Boussinesq Model and its Application to Wave Transformations over Artificial Reef on Sloping Beach

2004  Numerical Solution of Boussinesq Equations to Simulate Dam-Break Flows

2003  The Relationship between Boussinesq Equation and Non-Linear Storage of Baseflow Simulation

2003  Water Table Profiles and discharges for an Inclined Ditch-Drained Aquifer under Temporally Variable Recharge

2003  Wave Simulations in Ponce de Leon Inlet using Boussinesq Model

2002  Analytical Solution for Transient Water Table Heights and Outflows from Inclined Ditch-Drained Terrains

2002  Boussinesq Waves on Vertically Sheared Currents

2002  Collision of Solitary Waves in Branching Channels

2002  A Curvilinear Boussinesq Model and Its Application

2002  Finite Volume Schemes for the Boussinesq Equations

2002  Flexible Boundary Conditions for a Boussinesq-Type Wave Model

2002  A Highly Accurate Boussinesq Method for Fully Nonlinear Waves from Shallow to Deep Water

2002  Modelling of Wave Breaking in Boussinesq Evolution Equations

2002  Nonlinearity of Boussinesq-Type Equations and Its Role on Wave Transformation

2002  Numerical Prediction of Rip Currents on Barred Beaches

2002  Water Table Rise in Sloping Aquifer due to Canal Seepage and Constant Recharge

2001  Boussinesq Modeling of Waves and Longshore Currents under Field Conditions

2001  Boussinesq Type Modelling Using Unstructured Finite Element Technique

2001  Boussinesq-Type Model with Boundary-Fitted Coordinate System

2001  A Boussinesq-Type Wave Model That Conserves Both Mass and Momentum

2001  Calculation of Wave-Induced Longshore Current in Surf Zone by using Boussinesq Equations

2001  Determining Water Depths from Surface Images Using Boussinesq Equations

2001  Drainage of Sloping Lands with Variable Recharge: Analytical Formulas and Model Development

2001  Extended Eddy Viscosity Concept for Wave Breaking in Boussinesq Type Models

2001  Falling Water Tables in Horizontal/Sloping Aquifer

2001  Improved Performance in Boussinesq-Type Equations

2001  Interaction of Stream and Sloping Aquifer Receiving Constant Recharge

2001  Modeling Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone

2001  Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Propagation in Curved Channels

2001  On the Accuracy of Boussinesq Evolution Equations

2001  On the Consistency of Boussinesq Models and Their Ability to Predict Vertical Vorticity Fields

2001  Three-Dimensional Beach Deformation Model for Nonlinear Multi-Directional Waves

2001  The Ultimate Boussinesq Formulation for Highly Dispersive and Highly Nonlinear Water Waves

2000  Boussinesq Modeling of Wave Transformation, Breaking, and Runup. I: 1D

2000  Boussinesq Modeling of Wave Transformation, Breaking, and Runup. II: 2D

2000  Determination of Inverse Depths Using Direct Boussinesq Modeling

1999  A Boussinesq Model for Breaking Waves: Comparisons with Experiments

1999  A Comparison of Higher Order Bousinesq and Local Polynomial Approximation Models

1999  Effect of Long Waves on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Rates

1999  Effect of Near-Bed Velocity Skewness on Cross Shore Sediment Transport

1999  Estimation of Ebb-Tidal Shoal Sediment Transport Based on a Roller Inclusive Boussinesq Breaking Model

1999  Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Long Waves Propagating around Channel Bends

1999  Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour with Fluid Mud Bottom

1999  Nearshore Wave Dynamics Simulated by Boussinesq Type Models

1999  Numerical Model of Fully-Nonlinear Wave Refraction and Diffraction

1999  Stochastic Modelling of Nonlinear Waves in Shallow Water

1999  Transient Drainage to Partially Penetrating Drains in Sloping Aquifers

1998  A Boussinesq-Type Wave Model with Vertical Shear

1998  Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Solutions of Boussinesq Equation in Semiinfinite Flow Region

1998  Current Effects on Harmonic Generation and Nonlinear Shoaling of Shallow-Water Waves

1998  Numerical Simulations of Wave Transformation in the Nearshore Zone

1998  Propagation and Transformation of Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves in Irregular Basins

1998  Two Dimensional Parabolic Modeling of Extended Boussinesq Equations

1997  A Boussinesq Breaking Wave Model with Vorticity

1997  Boussinesq Equations with Improved Doppler Shift and Dispersion for Wave/Current Interaction

1997  Boussinesq Type Equations with High Accuracy in Dispersion and Nonlinearity

1997  Bragg Reflection of Shallow-Water Waves on a Sloping Beach

1997  Effects of Mode Truncation and Dissipation on Predictions of Higher Order Statistics

1997  A Fourth Order Boussinesq-Type Wave Model

1997  Generation of Second-Order Long Waves by a Wave Group in a Laboratory Flume and Its Control

1997  Interaction Between Solitary Wave and Floating Elastic Plate

1997  Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour Caused by Typhoon

1997  A Nonlinear Model for Wave Propagation

1997  Nonlinear Wave Dynamics in the Surf Zone

1997  Numerical Prediction of Breaking Waves and Currents with a Boussinesq Model

1997  Response of Unconfined Aquifer to Sudden Change in Boundary Head

1997  Simulation of Coastal Profile Development Using a Boussinesq Wave Model

1997  Solitary Wave Solution to the Boussinesq Equations

1997  Structure of Frequency Domain Models for Random Wave Breaking

1997  Vertical Structure of Horizontal Velocity in Regular Shoaling Waves