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2014  Comparisons of Two Wind Tunnel Pressure Databases and Partial Validation against Full-Scale Measurements

2014  New Near-Wall Treatment for Suspended Sediment Transport Simulations with High Reynolds Number Turbulence Models

2014  Tilting While Lifting a Large Object from a Rigid Porous Seabed

2013  Design and Fabrication of a New Open Jet Electric-Fan Wall of Wind Facility for Coastal Research

2013  Matched Asymptotic Expansions of Unbalanced Adhesive Joints

2013  Patching Asymptotics Solution of a Cable with a Small Bending Stiffness

2013  Simplified Wind Flow Model for the Estimation of Aerodynamic Effects on Small Structures

2013  Velocity Profiles in Vegetated Open-Channel Flows: Combined Effects of Multiple Mechanisms

2012  Boundary Layer Solutions Induced by Displacement Boundary Conditions of Shear Deformable Beams and Accuracy Study of Several Higher-Order Beam Theories

2012  Free-Surface Profiles, Velocity and Pressure Distributions on a Broad-Crested Weir: A Physical Study

2012  Improved Box Model for Simulating Pesticide Transport in the Vadose Zone with Dispersive Flux through the Boundary Layer

2012  Influence of Uniform Suction/Injection on Heat Transfer of MHD Hiemenz Flow in Porous Media

2012  Model for Early-Age Rate of Evaporation of Cement-Based Materials

2012  Numerical Simulation of Wind Loading on Photovoltaic Panels

2011  Boundary-Layer Effect in Composite Beams with Interlayer Slip

2011  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on DO Transfer at a Rough Sediment Surface

2011  Postbuckling Behavior of Shear-Deformable Anisotropic Laminated Cylindrical Panels under External Lateral Pressure

2011  Simulation Analysis of Drag-Reduction Characteristics of Heavy Oil Flow by Aqueous-Base Foam

2010  Critical Depth Relationships in Developing Open-Channel Flow

2010  Determination of Form Friction Factor

2010  Multiple Scales Solution for a Beam with a Small Bending Stiffness

2010  Velocity Profile and Flow Resistance Models for Developing Chute Flow

2009  Effects of Bed Roughness on Flow around Bed-Mounted Cylinders in Open Channels

2009  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experimental Study Based on Three Methods

2009  Flow Characteristics around a Circular Cylinder Placed Horizontally above a Plane Boundary

2009  Modeling of a Rough-Wall Oscillatory Boundary Layer Using Two-Equation Turbulence Models

2008  Bed-Shear Stress in Turbulent Wave-Current Boundary Layers

2008  Characteristics of Steady Horseshoe Vortex System near Junction of Square Cylinder and Base Plate

2008  Characteristics of Turbulent Flow in Submerged Jumps on Rough Beds

2008  Flow around Cylinders in Open Channels

2008  Velocity Pulse Model for Turbulent Diffusion from Flowing Water into a Sediment Bed

2007  Spatially Averaged Turbulent Flow over Square Ribs

2006  Applied Mathematical Model for Turbulent Boundary Layers

2006  Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Simulations of Wave-Current Interaction Within the Boundary Layer

2006  Modeling Turbulent Mixing and Sand Distribution in the Bottom Boundary Layer

2006  A Simple Numerical Model of the Coastal Wave and Current Boundary Layer Structure

2005  Mechanisms of Air-Sea Turbulent Interactions at Small Scales

2005  Oxygen Demand by a Sediment Bed of Finite Length

2004  Hans Albert Einstein: Innovation and Compromise in Formulating Sediment Transport by Rivers

2004  One-Dimensional Wave Bottom Boundary Layer Model Comparison: Specific Eddy Viscosity and Turbulence Closure Models

2004  Physical Properties of Turbulent Benthic Boundary Layers Generated by Internal Waves

2004  Postbuckling of Axially Loaded Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panels with Piezoelectric Actuators in Thermal Environments

2004  Structure of Turbulent Flow in a Shallow Tidal Estuary

2004  Understanding Boundary Layers Surrounding Plant Organs to Reduce Indirect Effects of Microgravity on Plant Growth

2003  Computation of Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Panel Flutter

2003  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements within a Laboratory-Generated Swash Zone

2003  Periodic Diffusional Mass Transfer near Sediment/Water Interface: Theory

2003  Postbuckling of Pressure-Loaded Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panels in Thermal Environments

2003  Vertical Velocity Variance in the Mixed Layer from Radar Wind Profilers

2002  Apparent Roughness in Wave–Current Flow: Implication for Coastal Studies

2002  Definition of Wind Profiles in ASCE 7

2002  Experimental Investigation of the Growth of a Scalar Plume in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

2002  Rough Wall Boundary Layer on Plates in Open Channels

2002  Scientific Visualization of Sediment Dynamics in the Bottom Boundary Layer

2002  Simulation of Sediment Suspension Using Two-Phase Approach

2002  Two-Equation Turbulence Models for Smooth Oscillatory Boundary Layers

2002  Using Wave Statistics to Drive a Simple Sediment Transport Model

2001  Field-Measured Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characteristics in High Winds

2001  A Model of Sediment Transport in the Bottom Boundary Layer

2001  Modeling Effect of Intersection Angle on Near-Bed Flows for Waves and Currents

2001  Sand Transport in Oscillatory Sheet Flow with Mean Current

2001  A Unified Numerical Model for the Bottom Boundary Layer and the Upper Layer in the Surf Zone

2000  Detailed Study of Binary Law for Open Channels

2000  Dynamic Response of Soft Poroelastic Bed to Nonlinear Water Wave— Boundary Layer Correction Approach

2000  Estimating Bottom Stress in Tidal Boundary Layer from Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Data

2000  Flying Electric Generator to Harness Jetstream Energy

2000  Observations on Flow around Bridge Abutment

2000  Review of k—\gj Model to Analyze Oscillatory Boundary Layers

2000  Three-Dimensional Mean Velocity Analysis of a 30 Degree Bend Flow

2000  Turbulent Boundary Layer over Symmetric Bodies with Rigid and Flexible Surfaces

1999  Coherent Motions in the Bottom Boundary Layer under Shoaling and Breaking Waves

1999  Experimental, Numerical, and Analytical Models for Dispersion Study

1999  Form Drag of Fences Placed in Disturbed Turbulent Boundary Layers

1999  Intermittency of Energy-Containing Scales in Atmospheric Surface Layer

1999  Mass Transport of Progressive Edge Wave: A Comparison between the Full and Shallow-Water Wave Theories

1999  Predicting Boundary Shear Stress and Sediment Transport over Bed Forms

1999  Simulations of Flow and Dispersion around Buildings

1999  Wall Similarity in Turbulent Open-Channel Flows

1999  What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

1998  Calibration of Businger-Arya Type of Eddy Viscosity Model’s Parameters

1998  A Comparison of Field Observations and Quasi-Steady Linear Shear Instabilities of the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

1998  Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport Mechanisms

1998  High Resolution Measurements of Turbulent Fluxes and Dissipation Rates in the Benthic Boundary Layer

1998  Interactive Modeling of Surface Waves and Boundary Layer

1998  Models for Suspended Sediment Dispersion and Drift

1998  Near Bottom Velocity Profile Measurements Using the Field Prototype of the BASS Rake Wave Bottom Boundary Layer Sensor

1998  On the Development of Complete Flow Models for Wave-Current Interactions

1998  Results of the Coastal Waves Meteorological Project: Analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel Data

1998  Resuspension and Advection of Sediment During Hurricane Andrew on the Lousiana Continental Shelf

1998  Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers in the Surf- and Swash Zone—Analysis of Small Scale Field Measurements

1997  A Closed-Form Solution for Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers

1997  A Comparison of Field Observations and Quasi-Steady Linear Shear Instabilities of the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

1997  Detection of Hairpin Vortices Over Mixed Grain Sized Sediment Surfaces

1997  Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry

1997  Effect of Wave-Enhanced Bottom Friction on Storm-Driven Circulation in Massachusetts

1997  Generation of Coherent Structures in Turbulent Boundary Layers

1997  Kinematic and Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsatile Flows in Stenotic Vessels

1997  Kinematic Undertow Model with Logarithmic Boundary Layer

1997  A Numerical Model of Sheet Flow Sediment Transport

1997  Particle Velocity Profiles in the Lower Part of the Sheet-Flow Layer