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2014  Experimental Investigation of SPSW Web Plate Stress Field Development and Vertical Boundary Element Demand

2014  Numerical Solution of Single Pile Subjected to Simultaneous Torsional and Axial Loads

2014  Numerical Solution of Single Piles Subjected to Pure Torsion

2013  Boundary Element Formulation for Partially Saturated Poroelastic Media

2013  A Boundary Element Formulation for the Wave Propagation in the Unsaturated Soils

2013  CVBEM Application to a Novel Potential Function Providing Stress Field and Twist Rotation at Once

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. I: Theory and Numerical Implementation

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. II: Applications and Validation

2013  Prediction of Viscoelastic Behavior in Asphalt Concrete Using the Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method

2013  Time Domain Traction and Flux Fundamental Solutions for 3D Saturated Poroelastic Media with Incompressible Constituents

2012  New Developments of the Boundary Element Method for Underground Constructions

2011  Analysis of Stress and Displacement Field in Flexible Layered Pavement Based on Boundary Element Method

2011  Dynamic Response of Rigid Foundations of Arbitrary Shape Using Half-Space Green’s Function

2010  Comparison of Measured and BEM Computed Contact Area between Roller Drum and Layered Soil

2010  Worst-Case Pointwise Discretization Error Bounds for Systems with Geometrically Induced Singular Flux Solutions Using Interval Boundary Element Method

2009  Modeling of Flow in Three-Dimensional, Multizone, Anisotropic Porous Media with Weakly Singular Integral Equation Method

2008  Advanced Boundary Element Analysis of Three-Dimensional Elastic Solids with Fiber Reinforcements

2007  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

2007  Elastodynamic Potential Method for Transversely Isotropic Solid

2007  Method of Adaptive-Gradient Elements for Computational Mechanics

2007  New Fast Convolution Algorithm in Boundary-Element Methods for Two- and Three-Dimensional Linear Soil Consolidation Analysis

2007  Subelement Division Scheme in a Numerica Wave Tank That Uses Higher-Order Boundary Element Method

2006  Combined Finite- and Boundary-Element Analysis of the Effects of Tunneling on Single Piles

2006  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance: Hard Cylinder on Viscoelastic Foundation of Finite Thickness

2006  Laplace Boundary Element Model for the Thermoelastic Consolidation of Multilayered Media

2006  Load Transfer in Rammed Aggregate Piers

2006  Three-Dimensional Indirect Boundary Element Method Formulation for Dynamic Analysis of Frames Buried in Semiinfinite Elastic Media

2005  Pneumatic Effect of Nonlinear Waves and a Freely Floating Body Simulation by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank (NWT)

2005  Tsunami Generation by Submarine Mass Failure. I: Modeling, Experimental Validation, and Sensitivity Analyses

2005  Tsunami Generation by Submarine Mass Failure. II: Predictive Equations and Case Studies

2004  Dual Boundary Element Analysis of Normal Incident Wave Passing a Thin Submerged Breakwater with Rigid, Absorbing, and Permeable Boundaries

2004  Inelastic Analysis of Pile–Soil Interaction

2004  Microstructure and Fracture in Asphalt Mixtures using a Boundary Element Approach

2003  Contaminant Transport in Fissured Soils by Three-Dimensional Boundary Elements

2003  Integration within Polygonal Finite Elements

2003  Nonlinear Response of Fluid-Filled Membrane in Gravity Waves

2002  A Boundary Element Analysis of Quasi-Brittle Solids Containing Cracks

2002  Dynamic and Seismic Analysis of Foundations Based on Free Field B-Spline Characteristic Response Histories

2002  Fully Nonlinear Waves and Their Kinematics: NWT Simulation Vs. Experiment

2002  Implementation and Validation of a Breaker Model in a Fully Nonlinear Wave Propagation Model

2002  Landslide Tsunami Amplitude Prediction in a Numerical Wave Tank

2002  Three-Dimensional Green’s Functions for a Multilayered Half-Space in Displacement Potentials

2002  Three-Dimensional Numerical Model for Fully Nonlinear Waves Over Arbitrary Bottom

2002  Three-Dimensional Wave Focusing in Fully Nonlinear Wave Models

2001  BEM Analysis of Two-Dimensional Elastodynamic Problems of Anisotropic Solids

2001  Boundary Element Simulation of Size Effect for Quasi-Brittle Materials by Using One-Size Specimen

2001  Investigation of Design Alternatives for a Piled Raft Case History

2001  Nonuniform Torsion of Composite Bars by Boundary Element Method

2001  Solutions of Complete Circular Cylindrical Shell under Concentrated Loads

2001  Unsaturated-Flow Simulation with Green Element Models

2000  BIEM Modeling of 3D Circulation and Transport in Stratified Estuaries

2000  Boundary Integral Equations for Solids and Fluids by Marc Bonnet

2000  Interactions of Horizontal Porous Flexible Membrane with Waves

2000  Multidomain SFBEM and Its Application in Elastic Plane Problems

1999  Galerkin Residuals for Adaptive Symmetric-Galerkin Boundary Element Methods

1999  Green-Function Analysis of a Wave Field over Arbitrary Bathymetry

1999  Nonlinear Wave, Composite Breakwater, and Seabed Dynamic Interaction

1999  Pile Responses Caused by Tunneling

1999  Second Order Wave Interaction with a Large Structure

1999  Transformation of Domain Integrals in BEM for Thick Foundation Plates

1998  BEM Solution for Design of Trenches in Multilayered Landfills

1998  Coupled Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction Analysis under Seismic Excitation

1998  Crack Growth Analysis in Reinforced Concrete Using BEM

1998  Exact Analysis of Nonprismatic Beams

1998  Performance of Dual Flexible Membrane Wave Barriers in Oblique Waves

1998  Practicable BEM Analysis of Frictional Bolts in Underground Opening

1998  Second Order Wave Forces on 3D Bodies in a Current

1997  Analysis on the Interaction of Waves with Flexible Floating Structure by BE-FE Combined Method

1997  BEM-FEM Combined Analysis of Nonlinear Interaction Between Wave and Submerged Breakwater

1997  Cracking Analysis of RC Members by Using Coupled BE-FE Modeling

1997  Dynamic Stiffness of Foundations on Saturated Poroelastic Soils

1997  Effects of Porous Sediments on Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams

1997  Flexible Membrane Wave Barrier. II: Floating/Submerged Buoy-Membrane System

1997  Load-Carrying Fillet Welds Using Dual Boundary Element Method

1997  Numerical Generation and Absorption of Fully Nonlinear Periodic Waves

1997  Pile Response Due to Excavation-Induced Lateral Soil Movement

1997  Piles Subjected to Lateral Soil Movements

1997  Reflection Coefficients of the Step-Shaped Slit Caisson on the Rubble Mound

1997  Response of Earth Dams to Rayleigh Waves Using Coupled FE-BE Method

1997  Simulation of Propagating Nonlinear Wave Groups

1996  Active Isolation of Machine Foundations by In-Filled Trench Barriers

1996  Adaptive FE Techniques

1996  Basic Notions, Equations and Principles

1996  Bibliography

1996  Boundary Element Method

1996  The Boundary Integral Equation Method for Plates

1996  Consistent Infinitesimal Finite-Element Cell Method - A Boundary Finite-Element Procedure

1996  Cracking Analysis of Arch Dams by 3D Boundary Element Method

1996  Dynamic Analysis of Axisymmetric Foundations on Poroelastic Media

1996  Dynamic Interaction Between Embedded Foundations by the Substructure Deletion Method

1996  Dynamic Response Analysis of High Arch Dam-Water-Foundation System

1996  Dynamic Through-the Soil Interaction of Adjacent Surface or Buried Structures

1996  Earthquake Response of Gravity Dams Including Effects of Porous Sediments

1996  Exact Stiffnesses for Tapered Members

1996  FE Solution of Special Problems

1996  Flexible-Membrane Wave Barrier. I: Analytic and Numerical Solutions

1996  Flow through Slit in Dam

1996  Front Matter

1996  Further Application of Dynamic Poroelasticity to Geotechnical Engineering Via BEM

1996  Index