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2015  Novel Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for an Infinite Reservoir Based on the Scaled Boundary Finite-Element Method

2014  Generalized Matching Boundary Conditions Based on Fourier Transform Technique

2013  Constrained Finite Strip Method for Thin-Walled Members with General End Boundary Conditions

2013  Modeling Depth-Averaged Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress in Rectangular Compound Channels with Secondary Flows

2013  One-Dimensional Consolidation of Soft Ground with Impeded Boundaries Under Depth-Dependent Ramp Load

2013  Patterned Nonaffine Motion in Granular Media

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Hydraulic Hysteresis in Multi-Layer Unsaturated Soil Covers Under Random Flux Boundary Conditions

2013  Theoretical Background of Axis-Radiate Infinite Element with Its Applications in Foundation Analysis

2012  The Analysis of the Boundary Condition of Substituting Bridges for Roadbed on the Basis of Land Value Theory

2012  Analytical Approach to Solute Dispersion along and against Transient Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Finite Aquifer: Pulse Type Boundary Conditions

2012  An Approximated Analytical Solution to the Problem of Single Well Pumping within an Irregular Boundary

2012  Darcian Seepage through a Parallelogrammic Ramp: Toth’s Model Revisited

2012  Multiscale Stochastic Modeling of the Elastic Properties of Strand-Based Wood Composites

2012  New Methodology to Obtain Exact Solutions of Orthotropic Plane Beam Subjected to Arbitrary Loads

2012  SPH Modeling of Shallow Flow with Open Boundaries for Practical Flood Simulation

2012  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2012, Crossing Boundaries

2011  Applicability of the Green-Ampt Infiltration Model with Shallow Boundary Conditions

2011  Approximate Boundaries for Finite-Element Models of Static Soil–Foundation Interaction Problems

2011  Finite-Dynamic Model for Infinite Media: Corrected Solution of Viscous Boundary Efficiency

2011  Influence of Boundary Conditions on Composite Structure Wheel-Tracking Test Based on Viscoelastic Finite Element Analysis

2011  Nonexistence of Solution for Horizontally Rigid Half-Space

2011  Numerical Analysis of One-Dimensional Consolidation in Layered Clay Using Interface Boundary Relations in Terms of Infinitesimal Strain

2011  Solute Effects on β-Sn Grain Boundary Energy and Shear Stress

2010  Block Element Method for the Seismic Stability of Rock Slopes

2010  Boundary Condition Behavior and Connection Design for Retrofitted Unreinforced Masonry Walls Subjected to Blast Loads

2010  Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow through Sloping Seepage Face

2010  Closed-Form Solutions for Buckling of Long Anisotropic Plates with Various Boundary Conditions under Axial Compression

2010  Complex Frequencies in Elastodynamics, with Application to the Damping-Solvent Extraction Method

2010  Determining the Shapes of Yield Curves for Unsaturated Soils by Modified State Surface Approach

2010  Experiment and Application on the Boundary Condition of Temperature Field for High Performance Concrete

2010  Global Economic Forces’ Effect upon Urban Planning: Greater Amman Case Study

2010  Junction and Drop-Shaft Boundary Conditions for Modeling Free-Surface, Pressurized, and Mixed Free-Surface Pressurized Transient Flows

2009  Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Boussinesq Equation

2009  Boundary Conditions for Simulating Complex Storm-Sewer Systems in Free Surface, Pressurized, and Mixed Flow Conditions

2009  Boundary Conditions for Three-Dimensional Simulation of Fires in a Railway Emergency Rescue Station

2009  Composite Bars of Arbitrary Cross Section in Nonlinear Elastic Nonuniform Torsion by BEM

2009  Damage Detection of Operating Transmission Mains with Measured Boundary Conditions

2009  Efficient Meshfree Computation with Fast Treatment of Essential Boundary Conditions for Industrial Applications

2009  Generalized Variational Principles for Uncertainty Quantification of Boundary Value Problems of Random Heterogeneous Materials

2009  Implementing Hydrologic Boundary Conditions in a Multiphysics Model

2009  Influence of Meandering on the Estimation of Velocity and Shear Velocity in Cobble-Bed Channels

2009  Modeling Triaxial Test on Intact Rock Using Discrete Element Method with Membrane Boundary

2009  Scaled Boundary FEM Model for Interaction of Short-Crested Waves with a Concentric Porous Cylindrical Structure

2009  Solute Flux Rate Uncertainty Evaluation at a Monitored Boundary

2009  Transmitting Artificial Boundary of Attenuating Wave for Saturated Porous Media

2008  An Analytical Solution for the Transients in a Pipeline with a Variable Boundary Condition: Leak Detection In Pipe Networks Using Coded Transients

2008  Asymmetric Dynamic Green’s Functions in a Two-Layered Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2008  Boundary Finite-Element Method Coupling Finite-Element Method for Steady-State Analyses of Dam-Reservoir Systems

2008  Computation of the Particle Basset Force with a Fractional-Derivative Approach

2008  Computational Modeling of Moving Boundaries in a 3D Surface Water Model

2008  Horizontal Sigma Coordinate System for River-Flow Models

2008  Hydrodynamics of a Concentric Twin Perforated Circular Cylinder System

2008  Multiperspective Approach to Exploring Comprehensive Cause Factors for Interface Issues

2008  Nonlinear Extrapolation of Inflow and Infiltration Behavior under Heavy Storms

2008  Numerical Simulation of Flushing of Trapped Salt Water from a Bar-Blocked Estuary

2008  On the Mass Conservation of the Four-Point Implicit Scheme

2008  Retracted: Alam, Bhuiyan M. (2008). "Trans.Boundary Water Sharing of the Ganges River: A Regional Planning Approach." World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008: Ahupua’a., doi: 10.1061/40976(316)261.

2008  Saltwater Intrusion Hydrodynamics in a Tidal Aquifer

2008  Simple Shear Testing and Behavior of Norwegian Quick Clays — Revisited

2008  Spline-Discretization-Based Free Vibration Analysis for Orthotropic Plates

2008  Transboundary Cooperation and Dispute Management of Water Resources in the Danube River Basin

2007  Introduction to Transboundary Water Sharing

2007  Investigating the Application of Channel Boundary Conditions for Model Calibration and Validation

2007  Quantitative Evaluation of the Effects of Hydrogeological Boundary and Initial Conditions on Slug Tests

2006  Application of a Bottom Boundary Layer Model in Contrasting Wave and Current Environments: Grays Harbor, Washington

2006  Application of X-Ray CT on Boundary Value Problems in Geotechnical Engineering: Research on Ground Failure Due to Lateral Pile Loadings

2006  Application of X-Ray CT on Boundary Value Problems in Geotechnical Engineering: Research on Tunnel Face Failure

2006  Bearing Capacity of Multiple Strip Footings and Critical Spacing Between Unlagged Soldier Piles – A Classical Plasticity Solution

2006  Characterizing Granular Material Constitutive Behavior Using SelfSim with Boundary Load-Displacement Measurements

2006  Diagonal Cartesian Method for the Numerical Simulation of Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport over Complex Boundaries

2006  Exact Analytical Solution to the One-Dimensional Advective-Dispersive Equation with a Decaying Source Term

2006  Interface Granular Force Measurement Using Tactile Sensors

2006  Management of Interstate/International River Basins in a Multidimensional Society

2006  Method of Fundamental Solutions for Three-Dimensional Stokes Flow in Exterior Field

2006  Modified Kostiakov Infiltration Function: Accounting for Initial and Boundary Conditions

2006  Nonlinear Aeroelasticity: Continuum Theory, Flutter/Divergence Speed, and Plate Wing Model

2006  Plane Impulse Waves in Reservoirs

2006  An Unstructured Immersed Boundary Method for Simulation of Flows over Bottom Topography

2006  Upsetting Tests of Fresh Cementitious Composites for Extrusion

2006  Vibration of Open Cylindrical Shells with Stepped Thickness Variations

2006  Water Exchange and Sedimentation in an Estuarine Tidal Harbor using Three-Dimensional Simulation

2005  Hybrid Neural Network.Finite Element River Flow Model

2005  Investigation of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Wetland through a Numerical Study

2005  Numerical Modeling of Free Overfall

2005  Oblique Impact of Water Waves on Thin Porous Walls

2005  Snow Entrainment Coefficient Estimated by Field Observations and Wind Tunnel Experiments

2005  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Single Piles Using Finite Element Model: Effects of Plasticity of Soil

2005  True Triaxial Apparatuses with Two Rigid Boundaries

2005  Upstream Discharge Distribution in Compound-Channel Flumes

2005  Using Finite-Element Method to Simulate Wave Transformations in Surf Zone

2005  Viscous Flow Past a Porous Spherical Shell—Effect of Stress Jump Boundary Condition

2005  Wave Propagation over Irregular Topography Using Green Function

2004  Dual Boundary Element Analysis of Normal Incident Wave Passing a Thin Submerged Breakwater with Rigid, Absorbing, and Permeable Boundaries

2004  Finite-Element Model for Modified Boussinesq Equations. I: Model Development

2004  Impacts of Boundary Condition on Unsteady Flow Modeling in Using the UNET Model

2004  Modeling Transboundary Systems

2004  Numerical Prediction of Dam-Break Flows in General Geometries with Complex Bed Topography

2004  Partitioned Distinct Element Method Simulation of Granular Flow within Industrial Silos

2004  Plane Turbulent Wall Jets on Rough Boundaries with Limited Tailwater

2004  Transboundary Water Resources of the West Bank