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2014  Building Rises Over Boston’s ’Big Dig’ Subway Tunnels

2013  A Comprehensive Water Quality Model of Boston’s Drainage Systems

2010  Long-Term Performance of a High Rise Building Subgrade Consisting of Boston Blue Clay

2009  Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2009  Moving the Massachusetts Masses: Boston’s Subway

2009  NewsBriefs: Rise in Engineering Majors Seen in Northeast

2008  Reaching Out

2007  Short Takes: Boston Section’s TV Broadcasts Raise the Stature of Engineering

2007  Sustaining the Fleet: The Charlestown and Gosport Dry Docks

2005  Forensic Engineering: Big Dig Tunnel Leaks Draw Scrutiny

2005  In The Field: Terrorism Drill Staged at Boston Airport

2005  Integrated Impacts of Climate Change on and Adaptation Strategies for Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of Metropolitan Boston

2005  Structures: First Building Chosen for Parkland Created by Boston’s ’Big Dig’

2004  Boston’s Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge Named 2004 OCEA Winner; Five Receive OPAL Awards for Lifetime Achievement; Pankow Winner Announced

2004  Case History of Deep Mixing Soil Stabilization for Boston Central Artery

2004  Collapse of 2000 Commonwealth Avenue: Punching Shear Case Study

2004  Pilot Study of Greater Boston Drinking Water Quality Changes - Impacts of Ozonation and Distribution System

2004  Recycling: Engineer Uses ’Big Dig’ Refuse in New Home

2004  Short Takes: Boston Younger Members Build Home with Habitat for Humanity

2004  Summer Ekman Pumping and its Implications to the Deep Water Renewal in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays

2004  Terminal Equipment and Operating Improvements to the Conley Massport Container Terminal: Capacity Improvement Strategy for Increasing the Conley Terminal Throughput Capacity

2004  Wastewater: Proposed Tunnel Would Benefit Boston Beaches

2003  Airports: Expansion Enhances Boston’s International Terminal

2003  The Big Dig’s Big Dig

2003  Coring Soil-Cement Installed by Deep Mixing at Boston’s CA/T Project

2003  Decision Support System for Adaptive Water Supply Management

2003  Evaluating Sub-Channel Confined Aquatic Disposal Cells: Experience from the Boston Harbor Navigation Improvement Project

2003  Integrated Impacts of Climate Change-Induced Sea Level Rise in Metro Boston and Adaptation Strategies

2003  Keeping It Rolling

2003  QA/QC for Jet Grouting in Deep Boston Blue Clay: Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2003  Structural Repair of a 42-Inch (1,067 mm) Steel Water Main

2003  Structures: Boston Art Museum Born from Collaboration

2003  Urban Beaches, Balancing Public Rights and Private Development

2002  An Innovative VECP on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2002  Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Boston Harbor Cleanup

2002  Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Central Artery Tunnel Project

2001  Cost-Effective Landfill Closure: Boston’s “Menino Project”

2001  Infrastructure Systems, Services and Climate Change: Integrated Impacts and Response Strategies for the Boston Metropolitan Area—A Summary of the Water Resources Sector

2001  Proactive and Reactive Construction Noise Control Strategy at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2001  QA/QC for CA/T Deep Soil-Cement

2001  Tunnels: Big Dig Channel Crossing Takes Shape

2000  The Boston Overrun

2000  Boston’s Big Dig Exceeds $12 Billion

2000  Effective Analysis of Diaphragm Walls

2000  Fed Report Blasts Big Dig Cost Overruns

2000  The John Hancock Tower Glass Failure: Debunking the Myths

2000  MWRA Activates Boston’s Offshore Outfall

2000  Spiraling Truss Highlights New Subway Station in Boston

1999  4D Modeling and Simulation for the Modernization of Logan International Airport: A Case Study

1999  Development of Design and Construction Concepts for Jacked Tunnel Sections of I-93/I-90 Interchange Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston, MA

1999  Developments in Tunnel Jacking

1999  Dewatering and Injection Testing for Design and Construction of the Fort Point Channel Crossing Project

1999  Engineering Properties of Boston Blue Clay from Special Testing Program

1999  Front Matter

1999  Index

1999  It’s All in the Bracing

1999  Jacked Tunnel Design and Construction

1999  Let’s Hear It for MassPEP (ltr)

1999  Letter to Editor regarding "Nitsch Finds Her Niche"(Vol. 24, No. 7, July 1999, pp. 1,7)

1999  Load Testing of Deep Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts

1999  Nitsch Finds Her Niche

1999  On the Web

1999  Pumping Test Programs for Central Artery/Tunnel Project

1999  Soil Stabilization Testing Program: A Precursor to Tunnel Jacking on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

1999  South Boston Tension Element Testing Program for Central Artery (I-93)/Tunnel (I-90) Project

1999  Special Geotechnical Testing, Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts

1999  Tension Element Testing in South Bay and Downtown Boston for Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project

1999  Testing Programs for Instrumentation to Monitor Boston Red Line Subway Tunnels

1999  Through Frozen Ground

1999  Trailblazing in Boston—Then and now

1999  Walled In (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)

1998  Below Boston’s New Bridge

1998  Boston Brings Second Treatment Unit on Line

1998  Comparing Static and Dynamic Transportation Models

1998  The Development of a Baseline Design for Jacking Highway Tunnels beneath Mainline Tracks at Boston’s South Station

1998  Directional Drill Scouts Water Tunnel’s Path

1998  Freeze-Thaw Effects on Boston Blue Clay

1998  Geotechnical Instrumentation for a Megaproject

1998  Geotechnical-Earthquake Engineering Design of Charles River Bridges in Boston

1998  Hydrodynamic Forcing and Sediment Character in Boston Harbor

1998  Innovative Approaches to Environmental Permitting on the Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project

1998  Insulating Foam Cuts Heat Loss in Boston

1998  Interim Bridge in Boston Features Lightweight Deck

1998  Phillips Winthrop House: Home of The Engineering Center and BSCES/ASCE

1998  Practical Applications of Probabilistic Estimating in Schematic Designs

1998  Reclamation Project Enjoys Spoils of Boston’s Big Dig

1998  Residence Time of Freshwater in Boston’s Inner Harbor

1998  Seismic Damage Level for Existing and Proposed Anchored Bulkhead Waterfront Structures in the Boston Harbor

1998  Team Joins Earth Tech

1998  Three “P’s” of Mega Project Control: Past, Present and Planned

1997  Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project: Challenging Problems, Innovative Solutions

1997  Catch the Spirit of ASCE’s Boston Convention

1997  Clearing Up Matters

1997  Combined Structural and Non-Structural Flood Hazard Mitigation

1997  Engineers Work on Boston Park Rehab for Kids

1997  Installation of an Reinforced Concrete Sewer Through the Basement of an Existing Six-Story Building

1997  Lessons Incorporated in Boston’s New Schools

1997  A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

1997  Precast/Prestressed Slurry Walls with Tie-backs for the Hotel at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA

1997  Seismic Risk Analysis of Hultmann Aqueduct