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2005  Developing Environmentally and Economically Sustainable, Regional Policies for Managing Fouling Growth on Boats

1999  Recreational Boating Releases at the Hatfield Project

1999  Who Will Float Their Boat to Victory in 12th Canoe Contest?

1998  Clean Boating Education Programs of California

1998  Paddles Are Not Oars (ltr)

1998  Pier A Replacement Project

1998  Rehabilitating Denver’s South Platte River to Improve Habitat and Boating

1997  Defending Concrete Canoes

1997  Deflating Concrete Canoes

1997  A Race to Innovate

1997  Tension Glass Wall Systems

1995  Dynamic Analysis of Chain Anchors for Floating Docks

1995  Hartford Riverwalk Development Riverfront Recapture, Inc.

1995  Hazard Rating for Low Drops

1995  Hydroelectric Project Recreation Partners in River Access Program

1995  Hydropower Generation and Whitewater Recreation: Finding the Common Ground

1994  “A Comparison of Characteristics and Economic Expenditures of Boat Show Patrons At Two Types of Boat Shows”

1994  Balancing Recreational, Economic Development and Environmental Protection Goals for New Recreational Boating Facilities in the State of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

1994  Boating Needs Assessments (BNA) for Evaluating Boat Ramp and Facilities Needs

1994  Chicago River Navigation Study

1994  Conceptualization of Boat Access Development Zones

1994  Differentiating the Experience of Boater “Publics”

1994  A Predictive Model of Sewage Pumpout Station Use Among Chesapeake Bay Boaters

1994  Retrofit Racks for Revenues

1994  Simulation Modeling Drystack Marina Facilities

1994  Steep Constructed Stream Channels and Chutes

1994  Waterfronts: GATEWAY to Your Community

1993  Boater’s Pledge—A Regional Campaign to Hook Fishermen and Recreational Boaters on Solutions to Solid-Waste Pollution

1993  Dam Modification for Recreational Boating

1993  Dock Master Planning in Coastal South Carolina

1993  Marina Facilities Planning Design and Operations in Hurricane Prone Areas

1992  Application of Traffic Engineering Concepts to Pleasure Boat Traffic

1992  Design of Marina Replacement Facilities

1992  Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors

1991  Aerial Photographic Analysis of Boat Traffic Distributions in Cumberland Sound, Georgia

1991  Avalon Harbor: Example of a Successful Destination Harbor

1991  Building a Marina in Mexico

1991  Burns Waterways—Boat Capacity Study

1991  Capital Area Yacht Centre

1991  A Case Study of Propeller-Induced Currents and Sediment Transport in a Small Harbor

1991  Case Study—San Francisco South Beach Harbor

1991  Conflicts Between Pleasure Boats and Fishing Boats at Marinas in Japan

1991  Current Conditions and Future Prospects of Marinas in Japan

1991  Design and Construction of Boat Launching Ramps

1991  Design Experience Gained Through Physical Modeling of Small-Craft Harbors

1991  Development of Marina Facilities on the Southern California Coast

1991  Downstream Danger from Sudden Discharges of Water

1991  Dry Stack Operations

1991  An Efficient Boat Mooring System

1991  Environmental Wave Barriers for Small Craft Harbors

1991  Facility Accessibility Through Barrier-Free Design

1991  The Future of Recreational Boating in Mexico

1991  Identify the Marina User Market and Make the Customer a Part of the Planning Team: Designing and Managing for the User’s Needs

1991  Innovation in the Marina Facilities

1991  Island Marinas—Pros and Cons

1991  Joint Occurrence of High Tide and Storm Surge in California

1991  The Keppel Marina—Developing and Operating a High-Intensity Marina in Singapore

1991  Lessons from Hurricane Hugo: Recommendations for Marina Operation and Design

1991  Linking CZM With Local Planning and Zoning, Examples of Successful Harbor Management Planning

1991  Management Operation in a Large Scale Public Marina

1991  Marina Del Rey: 30 Years of Environmental Impact

1991  Marina Development in the 1990s, United Kingdom

1991  The Marina Environment from a Boaters Point of View

1991  Marina Parking Study

1991  Mexican Marinas—An Investment Opportunity

1991  A New Australian Standard for Marinas

1991  NOAA Collection and Dissemination of Marine Information

1991  North Point Marina — A Case Study

1991  Partnerships with SOBA

1991  Planning and Designing the Land and Water Human Environments in Marinas

1991  Planning and Opening of Otaru Marina

1991  Racine’s Reefpoint Marina and Festival Park—Sustaining Success Along the Lakefront

1991  Rack Storage Marinas in the 1990’s

1991  A Report on the Chesapeake and Susquehanna: Bay & River Public Access Guide

1991  Sediment Impediment to Boat Launching at Miller Park, City of Avon Lake, Ohio

1991  Space Saving Dry-Stack Boat Storage Facility

1991  A Summary of the Chesapeake Bay Area Public Access Plan: A Virginia Perspective

1991  Unique Design Used for Collapsible Gate

1991  Utility Metering Versus Sub-Metering and the Methods Available

1991  World Marina ’91

1990  Chapters Gird for Concrete-Canoe Finals

1990  Hydraulic Modeling of Boating Hazards and Sedimentation—Union Avenue Dam, Denver Colorado

1990  Low-Head Drop Structure Hazards: Modeling of an Abrupt Drop Boat Chute

1990  Michigan State Cops Concrete Canoe Crown at June Finals in Buffalo

1990  Physical Model Study of Navigation Conditions

1990  Waves Generated by Recreational Traffic on the Upper Mississippi River System

1989  Agat Small Boat Harbor, Guam—Monitoring Plan

1989  Boat Live-aboards in the Florida Keys

1989  Boater Environmental Education in Puget Sound

1989  Design Considerations for Small Boat Yards and Small Vessel Repair Yards

1989  Development of Parks and Recreational Zone in Urban Port Area—Port of Osaka as an Example

1989  Fishing Boats Damages by Typhoon in Small Ports

1989  Marinas and Minor Harbors in the Northern Adriatic

1989  Ohio River Bank Erosion—Traffic Effects

1989  Recent Gondola and Funicular Installations in Parks and Cities

1989  Regulation of Boat Mooring Sanitary Facilities in Virginia

1989  A Survey of Pleasure Boats in a Coastal Resort Area of Japan

1989  Uses of the Sea for Leisure Activities in Italy

1988  River Recreation Boating Impacts

1986  Modeling of the Undular Jump for White Water Bypass