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2014  Bacteria, Biofilms, and Invertebrates: The Next Generation of Geotechnical Engineers?

2014  Laboratory Study of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Contamination in Groundwater

2013  Determination of Porosity and Thickness of Biofilm Attached on Irregular-Shaped Media

2013  Impact of Media Aging on the Removal of Cryptosporidium in Granular Media Filters

2013  Performance of Air Suction Flow Biofilm Reactor in Treating Municipal-Strength Wastewater

2013  Zero-Valent Iron/Biotic Treatment System for Perchlorate-Contaminated Water: Lab-Scale Performance, Modeling, and Full-Scale Implications

2012  Determining the Effectiveness of Chlorine-Based Biofilm Control in Large Diameter Pipelines

2012  Dynamic Response of Sulfate-Reducing and Methanogenic Activities of Anaerobic Sewer Biofilms to Ferric Dosing

2012  Experimental Evaluation of Activated Sludge–Biofilm Reactor: Influence of Composite Media

2012  Mineral Waste Geopolymeric Artificial Aggregates as Alternative Materials for Wastewater-Treatment Processes: Study of Structural Stability and pH Variation in Water

2011  Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide as a Disinfectant for Bacillus Spores in Drinking-Water Biofilms

2011  Hydrogen-Based Nitrate and Selenate Bioreductions in Flue-Gas Desulfurization Brine

2011  Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the Effluent

2010  Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

2010  Effect of Dynamic Loading on Biological Nutrient Removal in a Pilot-Scale Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

2010  Experimental Study on Color Removal from Textile Industry Wastewater Using the Rotating Biological Contactor

2010  Ferrous Salt Demand for Sulfide Control in Rising Main Sewers: Tests on a Laboratory-Scale Sewer System

2010  Swine Wastewater Treatment Using Submerged Biofilm SBR Process: Enhancement of Performance by Internal Circulation through Sand Filter

2009  Characteristics of Nitrogen and Organic Substance Removal by Bioreactor with Novel Carriers

2009  Comparative Study between a Hybrid System and a Biofilm System for the Treatment of Ammonia and Organic Matter in Wastewaters

2009  Deployable Decentralized Biofilm System to Degrade Organic Carbon, Nutrients and Benzene from Wastewater

2009  The Impact of Biofilm Development on Pipe Roughness and Velocity Profile

2009  Influence of Selected Operating Parameters on Fungal Biomass Production in Corn-Ethanol Wastewater

2009  Oxygen Transfer Model for a Flow-Through Hollow-Fiber Membrane Biofilm Reactor

2009  Simple Model of Attachment and Detachment of Pathogens in Water Distribution System Biofilms

2008  Biofilm: Shelter or Barrier in Drinking Water Distribution Systems?

2008  The Biological Safety of UV Disinfection Systems for Drinking Water

2008  Distributed Simulation with Cellular Automata Using the Multispin Coding Technique

2008  Enhancing the Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Effects of Nonionic Surfactant Addition on Biofilm Function and Structure

2008  Evaluation of Characterization Techniques for Iron Pipe Corrosion Products and Iron Oxide Thin Films

2008  The Hybrid Membrane Biofilm Process for TN Removal from Wastewater: Bench and Pilot Scale Studies

2008  Hydraulic Roughness of Biofouled Pipes, Biofilm Character, and Measured Improvements from Cleaning

2008  Interaction of Introduced Biological Agents with Biofilms in Water Distribution Systems

2008  Model Development for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. I

2008  Model Sensitivity Analysis for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. II

2008  Need for Direct Measurements of Coupled Microbiological and Hydrological Processes at Different Scales in Porous Media Systems

2008  Red Water and Discoloration in a WDS; A Numerical Simulation

2008  Transport Phenomena at Intersections of Pressurized Pipe Systems

2008  Understanding the Impact of Biofilm Growth on Pipe Roughness

2007  2,4,6 Tri-Chlorophenol Containing Wastewater Treatment Using a Hybrid-Loop Bioreactor System

2007  Biodegradation of PCE in a Hybrid Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor

2007  Clogging of Gravel Drainage Layers Permeated with Landfill Leachate

2007  Comparison of Ion-Selective and Carbon Fiber Mercury Film Microelectrodes for Cadmium Measurement

2007  Effect of Biofilm Formation on Roughness Coefficient and Solids Deposition in Small-Diameter PVC Sewer Pipes

2007  The Effects of Disinfection and Flow Rate on Biofilms Growing in Copper and Plastic Pipes

2007  Evaluation for Biological Reduction of Nitrate and Perchlorate in Brine Water Using the Hydrogen-Based Membrane Biofilm Reactor

2007  Horizontal-Flow Biofilm System with Step Feed for Nitrogen Removal

2007  Microbial Characteristics of Water Distribution: Compiled Investigations in a German Drinking Water Distribution System

2007  Single-Submerged Attached Growth Bioreactor for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Nitrogen

2006  Anaerobic Filter Treatment of Municipal Wastewater: Biosolids Behavior

2006  Column Test Studies of Ochre Biofilm Formation in Geotextile Filters

2006  Development of a Response Surface for Prediction of Nitrate Removal in Sulfur — Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification Fixed-Bed Reactors

2006  Modeling Biofilm Dynamics in a Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment System

2006  Procedure to Quantify Biofilm Activity on Carriers used in Wastewater Treatment Systems

2006  The Role of Bioflocculation on Suspended Solids and Particulate COD Removal in the Trickling Filter Process

2006  Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Compounds in Autoaerated Biofilms

2006  Treatment of High-Strength Pharmaceutical Wastewater and Removal of Antibiotics in Anaerobic and Aerobic Biological Treatment Processes

2006  Wastewater Treatment with Biomass Attached to Porous Geotextile Baffles

2005  Bitwise Implementation of a Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata Biofilm Model

2005  Computer Program Development for the Design of Integrated Foxed Film Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Processes

2005  Evaluation of Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge WAstewater Treatment Processes at High Mean Cells Residence Time and Low Temperatures

2005  Influence of Biofilm on Barrier Material Performance

2005  Influence of Hydrodynamics on the Performance of a Biofilm Airlift Suspension Reactor

2005  Mathematical Model for the Biofilm-Activated Sludge Reactor

2005  Modeling Cr(VI) Reduction and Phenol Degradation in a Coculture Biofilm Reactor

2005  Modeling Steady-State Biofilms with Dual-Substrate Limitations

2005  Removal of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone from Contaminated Air by Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter

2005  Sludge Production and Settleability in Biofilm-Activated Sludge Process

2005  Treatment of Paint Spray Booth Off-Gases in a Fungal Biofilter

2004  Comparative Analysis of Chlorine Dioxide, Free Chlorine and Chloramines on Bacterial Water Quality in Model Distribution Systems

2004  Effect of Organic Loading Rate on Aerobic Granulation. II: Characteristics of Aerobic Granules

2004  Model Study Based on Experiments on Toluene Vapor Removal in a Biofilter

2004  Modeling a Combined Anaerobic/Anoxic Oxide and Rotating Biological Contactors Process under Dissolved Oxygen Variation by Using an Activated Sludge-Biofilm Hybrid Model

2004  Performance of a Biofilm Airlift Suspension Reactor for Synthetic Wastewater Treatment

2004  Removal of a Volatile Organic Compound in a Hybrid Rotating Drum Biofilter

2003  Efficacy of Biofilms under Toxic Conditions

2003  Instability of Hydrocarbon Films over Mineral Surfaces: Microscale Experimental Studies

2003  Transfer of Bacteria-Contaminated Particles in a Karst Aquifer: Evolution of Contaminated Materials from a Sinkhole to a Spring

2002  Hydrodynamic Changes in Sand due to Biogrowth on Naphthalene and Dacane

2002  Influence of Supplemental Acetate on Bioremediation for Dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

2001  Analysis of Overall Perchlorate Removal Rates in Packed-Bed Bioreactors

2001  Biofilm Growth and Mineral Precipitation in Synthetic Leachate Columns

2001  Evaluation of Drinking Water Biostability Using Biofilm Methods

2001  Modeling Biofilms on Gas-Permeable Supports: Flux Limitations

2001  Nitrification at Low Oxygen Concentration in Biofilm Reactor

2001  Quantitative Cellular Automaton Model for Biofilms

2001  Rotating-Perforated-Tubes Biofilm Reactor for High-Strength Wastewater Treatment

2001  Spatial Distribution of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in Biofilms

2001  Verification of Anaerobic Biofilm Model for Phenol Degradation with Sulfate Reduction

2000  Bed Voidage Correlation in Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor

2000  Improvement of Submerged Biofilter Process by Bioelectrochemical Method

2000  Modeling Biofilms on Gas-Permeable Supports: Concentration and Activity Profiles

1999  Atrazine Removal through Biofiltration

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Nitrate Removal with Sulfur-Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification Processes

1999  Speciation and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms. I: Model Development

1999  Speciation and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms. II: Sensitivity Analysis

1998  Cyanide Degradation in a Pilot Scale SBBR

1998  Design Model for COD Removal in Constructed Wetlands Based on Biofilm Activity

1998  Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Soil Treated with Biofilm