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Found 78 Records with the keyword term of "Bioengineering"

2013  Bioscience and Medical Technology: From the Earth to Space and Back

2013  Evaluation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene Using Gene Analysis: Pilot-Scale Study

2010  Nonlinear, Large Deformation Finite-Element Beam/Column Formulation for the Study of the Human Spine: Investigation of the Role of Muscle on Spine Stability

2009  Biomechanics Research Yields Clues to Millennium Bridge Wobble

2009  Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials and Structures

2009  Revisiting a Once Wobbly Bridge

2008  Human Jumping and Bobbing Forces on Flexible Structures: Effect of Structural Properties

2005  Microporodynamics of Bones: Prediction of the “Frenkel — Biot” Slow Compressional Wave

2002  Micromechanical Model for Ultrastructural Stiffness of Mineralized Tissues

1998  Geometrical, Mechanical, and Structural Adaptation of Mouse Femora Exposed to Different Loadings

1998  Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Helical Cardiac Leads

1997  Approach to Evaluation of Hand Strength Given Visual Biofeedback

1997  Nonrigid, Nonsubmerged, Vegetative Roughness on Floodplains

1997  Richard Skalak, A Pioneer in Bioengineering, Dies at 74

1996  Attachment Strength of Zebra Mussels on Natural, Polymeric, and Metallic Materials

1996  Biaxial Mechanical Behavior of Bovine Pericardium as a Bioprosthetic Material

1996  Biomechanics and Testing of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

1996  Changes in the Host to Biomaterial Surface-Blood Contact; Activation of Host Components

1996  Chaotic Advection in a Bioengineering System

1996  Computation of Velocity Fields of Intravenous Balloon Pumping

1996  Computational Modeling of Fluid Dynamics in Aortopulmonary Shunts: Comparison to In Vitro Studies

1996  The Effect of Diameter Mismatch Upon Hemodynamics in the Distal Anastomoses of Vascular Bypass Grafts

1996  Engineering a Novel Intravenous Oxygenator

1996  Engineering Design Considerations for Artificial Lungs

1996  Engineering Mechanics

1996  Experimental Study of Steady and Pulsatile Flows in Models of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

1996  Human Biomechanics Inform Seismic Protection

1996  Magnetic Fluid Dynamics of Blood Flow

1996  Mechanical Stress in Pediatric Heart Disease: Computational Modeling of Associated Defects in Subaortic Stenosis

1996  Minimally Invasive Endoluminal Vascular Grafts

1996  New Trends in Biomechanics

1996  Platelet Activation in Time Varying Shear Flow Field

1996  Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

1996  Simulation of Pulsatile Flow Past a St. Jude Valve

1996  Simulation of Suspended Particles Transport in the Entrance Region of Tube Flow

1996  Validation of a 3-D Numerical Model of LV Ejection

1995  Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of the First Molar

1994  Extensions of Finite Element Dental Stress Analysis

1992  Investigation of Zebra Mussel Adhesion Strength Using a Rotating Disk

1991  Biomechanical Model of a Lumbar Intervertebral Joint—A System Approach

1991  Biomechanics of Local Articular Incongruities

1991  A Contact Problem Modeling the Squeeze-Film Mode of Synovial Joint Lubrication

1991  Contact Problems in Cell Adhesion

1991  Finite Element Stress Analysis of a Spinal Segment

1991  In-Vitro Measurement of Static Contact Pressure Distribution in Synovial Joints

1991  Mechanics Computing in 1990’s and Beyond

1991  Structural Aspects of Femoral Head Osteonecrosis

1989  Finite Element Modeling of Left Ventricle

1988  New Horizons in Biomechanics

1987  Engineering Mechanics, 6th Conference

1986  Flow Past Prosthetic Valves in a Model Human Aorta

1984  Factors Affecting Uniqueness and Convergence in the Determination of Intervertebral Disc Material Properties Using the Finite Element Method

1980  Biomechanics of Vegetative Channel Linings

1979  A Biomechanical Analysis of the Steal Syndrome

1979  Biorheology and Trauma of the Spinal Cord of Cats

1979  A Computer Test Chamber for Prosthetic Valve Design

1979  Correlation of Blood Rheology in Micro- and Macro-Circulation

1979  Disease Diagnosis from Arterial Pressure Waveforms

1979  Fluid Dynamics of the St. Jude Aortic Heart Valve Prosthesis

1979  Integrated Information Approach to Clinical Analysis of Gait

1979  Micro-Structure and Mechanics of Soft Tissues

1979  A Model for Allometric Growth

1979  Model to Evaluate Pulmonary Capillary Permeability

1979  Propagation of Elastic Waves in Brain

1979  Second-Decade Situation in Analysis of Artificial Heart Valves

1979  A Simple Cut on a Uniformly Stretched Elastic Membrane

1979  Stress and Flow Fields in Articular Cartilage

1979  Stress Pattern Changes in Necrotic Femoral Heads

1979  Studies of the Mitral Valve in a Computer Test Chamber

1978  Biomechanics of Closed Head Impact

1978  Perspectives in Biomechanics Research and Education for Next Decade

1978  Solid Mechanics of Lungs

1977  Effect of Pulse Duration on Head Injury

1975  Development of Finite Element Head Injury Model

1975  Structural Modeling of Human Head

1974  Plane Oscillatory Flow Past Rectangular Obstacles

1972  Civil Engineering and National Goals in Bioengineeirng

1971  Prospectives in Bioengineering Research For Civil Engineers