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Found 31 Records with the keyword term of "Bikeways"

2008  Pervious Concrete Bicycle Lanes — Roadway Stormwater Mitigation within the Right-of-Way

2004  Use of Greenway Trails in Indiana

2001  Longitudinal Cracking of a Bicycle Trail Due to Drying Shrinkage

1996  Bike Trail Gets Lift

1996  Engineers Cut a “Greenway” Through Atlanta

1980  Complying with the 1977 Clean Air Act in Boston

1980  Multi-Modal Transportation in Hawaii

1977  Davis, California—Energy-Efficiency Champ—

1977  Effects of Bike Lanes on Driver and Bicyclist Behavior

1976  Mo-Peds

1975  Bicycles and Traffic

1975  Britain’s Stevenage: Pathway Pioneer

1974  Bicycles for the Human Environment: New Developments at the U.S. Department of Transportation

1974  Bikeway Planning and Design

1974  Bikeway Planning and Implementation—The Maryland Experience

1974  Bikeway Planning/Construction — A PR Tool

1974  Bikeways — The Federal Role

1974  Bikeways, Bikeway Planning and Bicycling

1974  Bikeways in National Capitol Parks

1974  Biking and Hiking through Red Tape

1974  Chicago Bikeway Progress Report

1974  Chicago Experience

1974  Construction and Maintenance

1974  Dade County Bikeways

1974  Getting the Job Done

1974  Now That You Have One, What Have You Done for Your Bikeway Lately?

1974  Planning for Cyclists as They See Themselves — Instead of as Motorists See Them

1974  Promotion as a Bikeway Planning Factor

1974  Public and Legislative Support for Bikeways

1974  The Temple Bikeway Study

1974  UCSB — Bikeways — Notes and Comments