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2015  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2015  Influence of Bidding Mechanism and Spot Market Characteristics on Market Power of a Large Genco Using Hybrid DE/BBO

2015  Modeling the Decision-Making Process Concerning Participation in Construction Bidding

2015  Quick Abnormal-Bid-Detection Method for Construction Contract Auctions

2014  The Best Surprise is No Surprise: The Geotechnical Engineer’s Ethical Responsibility to Say No to Bidding

2014  Bid Compensation Theory and Strategies for Projects with Heterogeneous Bidders: A Game Theoretic Analysis

2014  Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Checklist: Potential Role in Reducing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes

2014  Critical Factors Determining Bid/No Bid Decisions of Contractors in Qatar

2014  Impact of Design Cost on Project Performance of Design-Bid-Build Road Projects

2013  Comparison of Cost and Time Performance of Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Delivery Systems in Florida

2013  Consideration of the Environmental Cost in Construction Contracting for Public Works: A+C and A+B+C Bidding Methods

2013  Design of Performance Assessment System for Selection of Contractors in Construction Industry E-Marketplaces

2013  Empirical Framework for Making the Bid/No-Bid Decision

2013  Forecasting Engineering News-Record Construction Cost Index Using Multivariate Time Series Models

2013  Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects

2013  Pricing Strategy for Best Value Tender

2013  Using Contractor Bid Amounts to Estimate the Impact of Night Construction on Cost for Transportation Construction

2012  Best Value or Lowest Bid? A Quantitative Perspective

2012  Collaborative Bidding Approach for the Tollgate Creek Interceptor

2012  Data Mining Framework to Optimize the Bid Selection Policy for Competitively Bid Highway Construction Projects

2012  Detection of Collusive Behavior

2012  Empirical Simulation to Compare Opportunistic Bidding Behavior in China and the U.S.A.

2012  Impact of Unit Time Value on Contractors’ Optimal Bidding Strategies in Price-Time Bi-Parameter Bidding

2012  Investigation of Unbalanced Bidding for Economic Sustainability

2012  Mapping the Submittal Process in a Design-Bid-Build Project

2012  Minden Uses Competitive Bidding with Alternate Pipe Materials on Large Diameter Regional Water System Work

2012  Performance Comparison of Large Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Highway Projects

2012  Quality in the Constructed Project, A Guide for Owners, Designers, and Constructors

2012  Recession Effects in United States Public Sector Construction Contracting: Focus on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

2012  A Risk-Sensitive Markup Decision Model

2012  Schedule Effectiveness of Alternative Contracting Strategies for Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Projects

2012  The State of the Practice of Jet Grouting

2011  Basic Principles of Evaluating Bidding Methods for Highway Construction Projects in China

2011  Best Value on Large Diameter Pipeline Projects by Integrating Design Parameters, Bid Specifications, and Construction Quality Control

2011  Court Allows Unsuccessful Bidder to Sue Architect for ’Malice’ in Bid Selection Process

2011  Effects of Contractors’ Risk Attitude on Competition in Construction

2011  Historic Cases: Drennan v. Star Paving Co.

2011  Proposed Framework for Applying Cumulative Prospect Theory to an Unbalanced Bidding Model

2011  A Question of Ethics: Collusive Bidding Scheme Prompts Indictments

2011  Risk and Price in the Bidding Process of Contractors

2011  State Board Affirms Agency Rejection of Unbalanced Bid

2011  State Court Grants Damages To Contractor for Subcontractor’s Withdrawn Bid

2010  Analysis of Temporary Traffic Control Cost Items in Transportation Construction Bidding Process

2010  An Application of ELECTRE III to Contractor Selection

2010  Below-Average Bidding Method

2010  Contractors’ Competition Strategies in Bidding: Hong Kong Study

2010  Court Rules in Favor Of Subcontractor in ’Bid Shopping’ Termination Dispute

2010  Modeling the Heterogeneity in Contractors’ Mark-Up Behavior

2010  Quantitative Methods for Design-Build Team Selection

2010  Relief from Bid Mistakes

2010  Revisiting the Strengths and Limitations of Regulatory Contracts in Infrastructure Industries

2010  SuretyAssist: Fuzzy Expert System to Assist Surety Underwriters in Evaluating Construction Contractors for Bonding

2009  Bidding Strategies Help Manage Construction Budgets: A Case History of the Nacimiento Water Project

2009  Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2009  Contemporary Design-Bid-Build Model

2009  Damage to Treasury: Abnormally Low Tenders in Public Construction Works

2009  Developing a Bidding Game Using High Level Architecture

2009  Empirical Comparison of Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build Project Delivery Methods

2009  Evaluating Qualification-Based Selection System: A Simulation Approach

2009  Factors Influencing Building Contractors’ Pricing for Time-Related Risks in Tenders

2009  Improving Project Cost Estimating: A Key to Estimating

2009  Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Support Alliance Team Selection

2009  Optimal Strategy Modeling for Price-Time Biparameter Construction Bidding

2009  Study of Less Than Average Bid Method

2009  Whole Life Performance Assessment: Critical Success Factors

2008  Anni Modeling and Simulation in Project Logistics Bidding

2008  Best-Value Model Based on Project Specific Characteristics

2008  Determinants of Successful Design-Build Projects

2008  Estimating Cost Discrepancies in Highway Contracts: Multistep Econometric Approach

2008  Heterogeneous Approach to Modeling Contractors’ Decision-to-Bid Strategies

2008  Knowledge-Driven ANP Approach to Vendors Evaluation for Sustainable Construction

2008  Organizing a Bidding Competition for a Toll Road Concession in South Africa: The Case of Chapman’s Peak Drive

2007  BIDDS: A Bid Item Level Performance Time Database Management System

2007  Challenges for Pipeline Bidding in a Seller’s Market

2007  Contractor’s Opportunistic Bidding Behavior and Equilibrium Price Level in the Construction Market

2007  Design-Build and Trenchless — A Perfect Solution!

2007  Gates’ Bidding Model

2007  How Reliable Is the Total Cost or Modified Total Cost Method?

2007  Implementation of Quality Criteria in Tendering and Regulating Infrastructure Management Contracts

2007  Owner Procured Preliminary Shop Drawings

2007  Review of Unbalanced Bidding Models in Construction

2007  Using Classification Rules to Develop a Predictive Indicator of Project Cost Overrun Potential from Bidding Data

2006  Exploratory Study of Knowledge Sharing in Contracting Companies: A Sociotechnical Perspective

2006  Exploring the Bidding Situation for Economically Most Advantagous Tender Projects using a Bidding Game

2006  Soil Penetration Modeling in Microtunneling Projects

2006  Testing Vickery’s Revenue Equivalence Theory in Construction Auctions

2005  Addressing Pricing: Value Bidding for Engineers and Consultants

2005  Analyzing Bidding Statistics to Predict Completed Project Cost

2005  Bid Compensation Decision Model for Projects with Costly Bid Preparation

2005  Construction Project Cost Performance Prediction Based on Project Bid Characteristics

2005  Investigation of Bid Price Competition Measured through Prebid Project Estimates, Actual Bid Prices, and Number of Bidders

2005  Issues in Subcontracting Practice

2005  Modeling a Contractor’s Markup Estimation

2005  Neural Network Modeling of Highway Construction Costs

2005  Prediction of Productivity for Microtunneling Projects in Bidding Phase

2005  Pricing Engineering Services

2005  Quality-Based Contractor Rating Model for Qualification and Bidding Purposes

2005  Reverse Auctions: Controversial Bidding Practice

2004  Allowances and Contingencies

2004  Analytical Model for Analyzing Construction Claims and Opportunistic Bidding