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2015  Shifts between Automobile, Bus, and Bicycle Commuting in an Urban Setting

2014  Estimating Mixed-Mode Urban Trail Traffic Using Negative Binomial Regression Models

2014  Methodology to Characterize Ideal Short-Term Counting Conditions and Improve AADT Estimation Accuracy Using a Regression-Based Correcting Function

2014  Modeling the Effects of Pro Bicycle Infrastructure and Policies Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility

2014  Optimization Framework for Bicycle Network Design

2013  Analysis on Transfer from Electric Bike to Public Transportation Based on SP Data and RP Data

2013  Combining Revealed and Stated Preference Methods to Evaluate the Use of Bicycle-Sharing Systems

2013  Development of Daily Adjustment Factors for Bicycle Traffic

2013  Effects of Bicycle Boxes on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior at Intersections in Austin, Texas

2013  Impacts of Network Connectivity on Multimodal Travel Metrics

2013  Modeling Bicycle Passing Maneuvers on Multilane Separated Bicycle Paths

2013  Road Safety Problems of E-Bicycles and Countermeasures in China

2013  Scale-Set Model of Public Bicycles Based on Birth and Death Process

2013  Shared Roadway Implementation Guidance

2013  Spatial Variations in Pedestrian and Bicycle Level of Service (LOS) for Infrastructure Planning and Resource Allocation

2013  Tools and Strategies for Wide-Scale Bicycle Level-of-Service Analysis

2012  Bicycle Master Plan for Adana, Turkey

2012  Characteristics of Traffic Conflicts between Electric Bicycles and Motor Vehicles at Unsignalized Intersections

2012  Effect of Bicycles on the Saturation Flow Rate of Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

2012  An Effective Approach to Bicycle Improvement in a Historic Urban Area by Separating Bicycles from Motorized Traffic: Case Study of Zhenjiang, China

2012  Factors Affecting Cycling Patterns in Cold Weather

2012  San Leandro 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update

2012  Using Planning and Management to Prevent and Cure Traffic Accidents of Electric Bicycles

2011  Analysis on Relationships among Bicycle Traffic Capacity, Occupied Lane Width and Bicycle Traffic Demand at Intersection Areas

2011  Casual Relationship among Activity Participation, Travel Patterns and Bicycle Usage: Case Study of Suzhou

2011  Comparative Analysis of the Travel Cost of Electric Bicycles and Its Countermeasures

2011  The Compatibility Quantitative Analysis between the Economic Development and Non-Motorized Travel in Wuhan

2011  Design of Urban Public Rental Bicycle System Based on the Internet of Things

2011  Effects of Bicycle Traffic on Vehicular Delays at Signalized Intersections with Pre-Right-Turn Lanes

2011  Exploring Influencing Factors to the Riding Comfort of Bicyclists on Physically Separated Bicycle Roadways in China Using Proportional Odds Model

2011  Improved Bicycle Cellular Automata Model Considering the Socio-Psychological Force

2011  Macro-Level Collision Prediction Models Related to Bicycle Use

2011  Method on Layout Optimizing of Public Bicycle Rental Stations Based on Complex Network Theory

2011  Modeling the Bicycle Passing Events on Physically Separated Bicycle Roadway Using Cellular Automaton

2011  Predicting Red Light Running Behavior of Two-Wheeled Riders in China: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior

2011  Research on the Bicycle Flow in Signalized Intersections with Video-Based Detection Technologies

2011  Research on the Leasing Model and Efficiency Improvement of Public Bicycles in Wuhan

2011  Study of Signal Control Based on Conflicts between Right-Turn Vehicles and Straight-Going Bicycles

2011  Thought of Bicycle Traffic Development under Low-Carbon Background

2011  Tourism Traffic Mode Choice Behavior Model

2010  Actions Taken on Green Transport: Experiences of Beijing

2010  The Adjustment Factor of Road Section Crosswalk on Urban Road Capacity

2010  Capacity of Right Turn Movement under Pedestrian’s and Bicycle’s Mutual Influence at Signalized Intersections

2010  Identifying Key Factors Affecting Students’ Travel Modes Using the Multi-Perspectives Diagnosis Approach

2010  Improving Bicycle Safety with More Bikers: An Intersection-Level Study

2010  Innovative Sensors and Devices Applied in Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossings at Freeway Interchanges

2010  NewsBriefs: Elevated Transportation System Aids Cities Through Pedal Power (CNN)

2010  NewsBriefs: Technologically Advanced Bicycle Wheel Unveiled by MIT

2010  The Popularization and Application of Bicycle Sharing System in Urban Transportation System

2010  Quantifying Non-Motorized Demand—A New Way of Understanding Walking and Biking Demand

2010  Regional Trail Spines and Bikeway Networks: A Priority Strategy for Greening Streets and Highways

2010  A Signal Timing Method for Bicycles at Vehicle-Bicycle Mixed Intersections

2010  Traffic Conflict Models on Shared-Use Paths Used by Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Electric Bicycle Riders

2010  Willingness to Shift to Walking or Bicycling to Access Suburban Rail: Case Study of Mumbai, India

2009  Analyzing the Effect of Bicycle Facilities on Commute Mode Share over Time

2009  ANN Estimate Model on Impact Speed of Car-Bicycle Accidents Based on the Complete Information

2009  Competitive Mode Choice Behavior between E-Bike and Bike Based on Discrete Choice Model

2009  NewsBriefs: ’Cradle’ Safeguards Bicycles

2009  NewsBriefs: New Bike Center Set to Open in D.C.

2009  The Reduced Velocity of the Pedestrians and Bicycles Conglomeration in the Signalized Intersection Crosswalks

2009  The Research of Signal Phase Sequences Based on the Conglomeration of Pedestrians and Bicycles

2009  Research on Conversion Coefficients between Bicycle, Electric Bicycle and Pedestrian on Urban Road Intersection

2009  Research on the Bicycle Capacity at Signalized Intersection Based on Fluid Diffusion Characteristics

2009  Running Characteristics of Bicycle Traffic Flow with Its Traffic Capacity on Slow-Moving Traffic Shared-Use Paths

2009  Study and Simulation of Behavioral Decision-Making Model of Through Bicycles Passing Vehicles at Signalized Intersection

2009  Study on Fuzzy Neural Network Model of Vehicle-Bicycle Conflicts at Grade Intersection Based on Failure Tree Analysis

2009  Travel Mode Choice Based on Latent Variable Enriched Discrete Choice Model

2008  Can Electric Bikes Provide Sustainable Transportation Solutions to Chinese Cities? An Investigation of Impacts on the Transportation System

2008  Cycling Management: The Success Story of the City of Bolzano Bozen

2008  Effects of through Bicycles with High Volumes on Capacity of Right-Turn Movement at Signalized Intersection

2008  Identify Factors Affecting Number of Students Walking or Biking to School

2008  The Impacts of Sustainable Development Concept on Road Planning and Design

2008  Non-Motor Vehicle Trip Characteristics and Its Application for Disabusing Related Policies in Shanghai

2008  Pervious Concrete Bicycle Lanes — Roadway Stormwater Mitigation within the Right-of-Way

2008  Planning Bicycle Corridor for Shanghai Central City

2008  Research on Bicycle Safety at Intersection in Beijing

2007  Bicycle Traffic on Bicycle Lane: Characteristics and Influences on Motorized Vehicle Traffic

2007  Modeling Interference of Bicycles on the Right-Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections Based on Mechanism Approach

2007  NewsBriefs: Bicycle Fleet Revolutionizes Paris Transportation (The New York Times)

2007  Rethinking Geometric Design Standards for Bike Paths

2006  Urban Bicycle Route Safety Rating Model Application in Jersey City, New Jersey

2005  Designing the Walkable City

2005  New Method to Assess Ride Safety on Uneven Element Pavements

2003  Friction Measurement on Cycleways using a Portable Friction Tester

2003  Travel Characteristics of Commuters Accessing Transit: Case Study

2002  Benefit-Cost of Added Bicycle Phase at Existing Signalized Intersection

2002  Research on the Classifier for Bicycle Flow Detecting Device

2000  Commuter Cyclist Accident Patterns in Toronto and Ottawa

1999  For Two C.E.’s, Biking and Running Become Charitable Pursuits

1998  Creating Livable Street Design Guidelines for Metro’s 2040 Growth Concept and Regional Transportation Plan

1998  Effect of Access Management on the Design of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

1998  An Equilibrium Assignment Model for Mixed Traffic Network

1998  The Potential for Non-Motorized Transport in Metro Manila

1997  Assessing the Bicycle Compatibility of Roadways

1997  Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Operations on Wide Curb Lanes, Bicycle Lanes, and Paved Shoulders

1997  Cyclists’ Perception of Risk in a Virtual Environment: Effects of Lane Conditions, Traffic Speed, and Traffic Volume

1997  Proposed Revisions to Highway Capacity Manual Chapter 9 Pedestrian and Bicycle Analysis Procedures

1997  Using GIS for Bicycle Planning

1996  Bicycle-Wheel Spoke Patterns and Spoke Fatigue

1996  Bikers and Walkers Discuss Transit Issues