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Found 32 Records with the keyword term of "Biaxial tests"

2014  Fracture and Size Effect on Strength of Plain Concrete Disks under Biaxial Flexure Analyzed by Microplane Model M7

2012  The Design of Cruciform Test Specimens for Planar Biaxial Testing of Fabrics for Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators

2012  Development of a Predictive System for Estimating Fatigue Life of Asphalt Mixtures Using the Indirect Tensile Test

2012  Modeling of Buckling and Wrinkling Behavior in GFRP Plate and Sandwiches Subjected to Biaxial Compression-Tension Loading

2011  Contribution to Shear Wrinkling of GFRP Webs in Cell-Core Sandwiches

2011  Shear Buckling Resistance of GFRP Plate Girders

2010  Application of the Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Model to the Indirect Tension Test at a Single Temperature

2010  Effects of Variation of Axial Load and Bidirectional Loading on Seismic Performance of GFRP Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Exterior Beam-Column Joints

2010  Experimental and Numerical Study of Railway Ballast Behavior under Cyclic Loading

2010  Experimental Studies of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns under Axial Load Plus Biaxial Bending

2010  Nonlocal Multilaminate Model for Strain Softening Analysis

2008  Shear Band Analysis in the Biaxial Test

2005  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Elements under Cyclic Shear. I: Experiments

2004  Performance of a Three-Dimensional Hvorslev–Modified Cam Clay Model for Overconsolidated Clay

2002  Influence of Particle Shape and Surface Friction Variability on Response of Rod-Shaped Particulate Media

2000  Shear Band Formation in Plane Strain Experiments of Sand

1999  Biaxial Bending of Cold-Formed Z-Beams

1997  Micromechanical Parameters of Particle Assemblies: Experiments and Numerical Simulations

1996  Biaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

1996  Biaxial Mechanical Behavior of Bovine Pericardium as a Bioprosthetic Material

1996  Deformation Patterns in Biaxial Shear of Particulates

1995  Analysis of Biaxial Strength of Fiberboard

1995  Cyclic Behavior of Structural Steels. I: Experiments

1995  Cyclic Behavior of Structural Steels. II: Theory

1994  Biaxial Testing of Brittle Repair Material for Rigid Pavements

1991  Cyclic Behavior of Brick Masonry Under Biaxial Compression

1985  Biaxial Stress-Strain Relations for Brick Masonry

1985  Impact on Test by Various Multiaxis Excitation

1984  Biaxial Stress-Strain Relation for Concrete

1984  A Further Study of Interaction Diagrams and Failure Surfaces of Structural Concrete Member under Combined Biaxial Flexure and Axial Tension

1982  Three-Parameter Failure Criterion for Concrete

1975  Biaxial Test Results, Crescent Mine, Coeur D’Alene Mining District