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2015  Three-Dimensional Thermography-Based Method for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Efficiency Building Envelope Retrofits

2014  Anticipating Roadway Expansion and Tolling Impacts: Toolkit for Abstracted Networks

2014  A Benefit-Cost Analysis Toolkit for Road Weather Management Technologies

2014  Cost-and-Benefit Evaluation of Windstorm Damage Mitigation Techniques in Florida

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Hydropower Production in Water Distribution Networks by a Pump as Turbine

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applications for Highway Infrastructure

2014  Direct and Indirect Cost-and-Benefit Assessment of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Housing for Extreme Wind Events in Queensland

2014  Highway Access Safety Program Evaluation with Uncertain Parameters

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Construction Information Management System Implementation: Case Study

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Thin Surface Treatments in Pavement Treatment Strategies and Cycle Maintenance

2013  Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Maintenance Treatments for Low- and Moderate-Traffic Asphalt Pavements in Tennessee

2013  Design-Variable Optimization of Hydropower Tunnels and Surge Tanks Using a Genetic Algorithm

2013  Effective Timing for Two Sequential Applications of Slurry Seal on Asphalt Pavement

2013  Evaluating Freeway Service Patrols in Low-Traffic Areas Using Discrete-Event Simulation

2013  FreewayConomics: Design and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bus-Only Shoulder Express Service

2013  Scale of Fluctuation of Geotechnical Parameters Estimated from CPTu and Laboratory Test Data

2013  Total Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alternative Corrosion Management Strategies for a Steel Roadway Bridge

2013  Using Probabilistic Risk Modeling for Cost-Benefit Analysis: Application to Road Safety Measures

2012  Applying Risk-Benefit Analysis to Select an Appropriate Streambank Stabilization Measure

2012  Assessment of Damage Risks to Residential Buildings and Cost–Benefit of Mitigation Strategies Considering Hurricane and Earthquake Hazards

2012  A Comparative Analysis of Sustainable Approaches to Building End-of-Lifecycle: Underlying Deconstruction Principles in Theory and Practice

2012  Cost Benefit Analysis of Freeway Service Patrol Programs: A Case Study in Florida

2012  Cost-Benefit Allocation of Selected Low Impact Development Techniques versus the Conventional Method

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Optimal Timing of Road Infrastructures

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Accident Prevention in Construction Projects

2012  Cost-Effectiveness of Wind Retrofit Measures

2012  Deep Soil Mixing with Geomix Method: Influence of Dispersion in UCS Values on Design Calculations

2012  Energy and Cost Benefit Evaluation of a Urine Diversion System—A Case Study at Highway Service Areas in Japan

2012  Interactions among Wind Mitigation Features in Benefit/Cost Analysis

2012  New Approach for the Assessment of High-Speed Rail Projects and How to Contain Cost Overruns: Lessons from the EVA-TREN Project

2012  Optimizing the Rehabilitation Efforts of Aging Transportation Networks

2012  Performance Evaluation and Life Prediction on Novachip Application in Preventive Maintenance

2012  Research on the Reactivity of Metakaolin with Different Grade

2012  Spending Scarce Funds More Efficiently—Including the Pattern of Interdependence in Cost-Benefit Analysis

2011  Cost Structure and Efficiency of Korea’s Road and Rail in the Manufacturing Industries

2011  Cyclone Damage Risks Caused by Enhanced Greenhouse Conditions and Economic Viability of Strengthened Residential Construction

2011  Defining Benefits from Pavement Rehabilitation and Preservation

2011  Economic Evaluation of High-Speed Railway Development Based on Cost-Benefit Theory

2011  The Effect of Pavement Condition Data Sampling on Project Boundary Selection

2011  An Info-Gap Model to Examine the Robustness of Cost-Efficient Budget Allocations

2011  Optimal Performance Threshold Determination for Highway Asset Interventions: Analytical Framework and Application

2011  Risk-Based Cost-Benefit Analysis for Security Assessment Problems

2010  Benefits and Barriers of Construction Project Monitoring Using High-Resolution Automated Cameras

2010  Bridge Load Testing: Cost-Benefit Evaluation

2010  Case Study on the Accuracy and Cost/Effectiveness in Simulating Reference Evapotranspiration in West-Central Florida

2010  Cost and Benefit Evaluation for Pavement Preventive Maintenance

2010  Hybrid Model Incorporating Real Options with Process Centric and System Dynamics Modeling to Assess Value of Investments in Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques

2010  Hydrologic-Economic Analysis of Best Management Practices for Sediment Control in the Santa Fe Watershed, New Mexico

2010  Life-Cycle Costs of Commercial Roof Systems

2010  Study of Real Options with Exogenous Competitive Entry to Analyze Dispute Resolution Ladder Investments in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Projects

2010  Use of SHANSEP Design Parameters in Landfill Design: A Cost/Benefit Case Study

2009  Building Design for Moderate Seismic Regions

2009  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Embedded Sensor System for Construction Materials Tracking

2009  Costs and Benefits of Storm-Water Management: Case Study of the Puget Sound Region

2009  Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness of Flexible Rehabilitation Treatments Using Different Performance Criteria

2009  Harnessing the Power of Microscopic Simulation to Evaluate Freeway Service Patrols

2009  Highway Project Level Life-Cycle Benefit/Cost Analysis under Certainty, Risk, and Uncertainty: Methodology with Case Study

2009  Life-Cycle Analysis of Roofing Insulation Levels for Cold Storage Buildings

2009  Option Pricing Model to Analyze Cost — Benefit Trade-Offs of ADR Investments in AEC Projects

2009  Preliminary Results of a Cost-Benefit Assessment of Replacing Seismically Vulnerable Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

2009  Quantitative Comparison Method of Choosing Protection Schemes of Highway Cut-Slope Based on Environment Protection

2009  Sensitivity Analysis of the Cost Benefit Ratio as a Function of the Level of Service Targets in the Highway Maintenance Budget Allocation Process

2008  Best Practices for Integrating the Concurrent Engineering Environment into Multipartner Project Management

2008  Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Ecoroofs

2008  Integrating Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management Infrastructure: Double Benefit-Single Cost

2008  Methodology to Evaluate the Effects of Access Control near Freeway Interchange Areas

2008  Potentials for Improvement of Energy Efficiency for New Design of Water Distribution Systems

2008  A Rational Benefit/Cost Approach to Evaluating Structural Mitigation for Wind Damage: Learning ”the Hard Way” and Looking Forward

2008  Simple Procedure to Assess Performance and Cost Benefits of Using Recycled Materials in Pavement Construction

2008  Tradeoffs in Water Distribution System Design for Normal versus Emergency Flows: Quantity, Quality, and Costs/Benefits

2008  Web-Based Guide to Transportation Benefit-Cost Analysis

2007  Benefit-Cost Analysis for Groundwater Remediation Considering Socio-Economic Measures

2007  Benefit-Cost Analysis of FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants

2007  Cost-Benefit Importance Vectors for Performance-Based Structural Engineering

2007  Costs and Benefits of Home-Based Telecommuting: A Monte Carlo Simulation Model Incorporating Telecommuter, Employer, and Public Sector Perspectives

2007  Highway User Travel Time Evaluation

2007  Integrated Cost-Benefit Analysis with Environmental Factors for a Transportation Project: Case of Pinglin Interchange in Taiwan

2007  Systematic Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of Field Conditioning in Robust Remediation Design

2007  Using Bargaining-Game Theory for Negotiating Concession Period for BOT-Type Contract

2006  Assessing the Financial Feasibility of Utility-Provided Backup Power during Project Site Planning

2006  Benefit-Cost Analysis of Variable Pricing Projects: QuickRide HOT Lanes

2006  Benefit-Cost Analysis of Variable Pricing Projects: SR-91 Express Lanes

2006  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Routine Quality Assurance for Bored Piles

2006  Gasification of Aromatic Volatile Organic Compounds Generated from Petroleum and Refinery Industries with Syngas Recycling

2006  Integrated Management of Irrigation and Urban Storm-Water Infiltration

2005  Assessing State Transportation Agency Constructability Implementation

2005  Benefit-Cost Metrics for Design Coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems in Multistory Buildings

2005  Priority Evaluation of Sewerage Rehabilitation By AHP

2005  Sustainable Disposal of Domestic Sanitary Waste

2004  Consultancy Fees: Dichotomy between A/E’s Need to Maximize Profit and Employers’ Need to Minimize Cost

2004  Cost-Benefit Model for the Construction of Tornado Shelters

2004  Evaluation of Economic Impact of Three-Dimensional Modeling in Precast Concrete Engineering

2004  Need-Based Project Prioritization: Alternative to Cost-Benefit Analysis

2004  Quantifying the Benefit of a Flood Warning System

2004  State Water Pollution Control Policy Insights from a Reduced-Form Model

2003  Analysis of Costs and Benefits of Tall Buildings

2003  Capacity and Benefit-Cost Relation for Concrete Gravity and RCC Dams

2003  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Residential Energy-Efficiency Upgrades in Phoenix, Arizona

2003  Evaluating Disaster Mitigations: Methodology for Urban Infrastructure Systems

2003  Structures: California Commends Economy of “Green” Buildings