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Found 30 Records with the keyword term of "Belgium"

2014  News2Note

2014  Rainfall Uncertainty in Flood Forecasting: Belgian Case Study of Rivierbeek

2013  Field Monitoring of Ship Wave Action on Environmentally Friendly Bank Protection in a Confined Waterway

2013  Using Local Weather Radar Data for Sewer System Modeling: Case Study in Flanders, Belgium

2012  Deep Soil Mix technology in Belgium: Effect of Inclusions on Design Properties

2012  Monitoring Early-Age Cracking of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements on the E17 at Ghent (Belgium)

2009  A New Crystalline Structure...

2007  Using Simple Semi-Empirical Models for Integrated Assessment of Scenarios for a Navigation Channel: The Case of the Port of Ostend, Belgium

2006  Modeling of Soil Hydraulic Processes and Base Flow in Flanders

2006  Tunneling: High-Speed Rail Tunnel is Belgium’s Longest

2005  Deaths during the 1953 North Sea Storm Surge

2004  Full-Scale Measurement of Wave Overtopping at Ostia-Rome Yacht Harbour Breakwater

2004  Potential Evapotranspiration for the Distributed Modeling of Belgian Catchments

2004  Sensitivity Analysis of a Water-Quality Model using Latin Hypercube Sampling

2002  Design Rainfall for Combined Sewer System Calculations: Comparison between Flanders and the Netherlands

2001  Simplified Method to Correct Rainfall Measurements from Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

2001  Trend Analysis on 100 Years of Rainfall Data

2001  Use of the DRAINMOD and MIKE 11 Models in Combination with GIS for Simulating at Catchment Scale the Nitrate Load

2001  Validation of Existing Bed Load Transport Formulae Using In-Sewer Sediment

1999  Towards a Proper Coastal Defence Management of the Belgian East Coast

1997  Bottom Friction Dissipation in the Belgian Coastal Regions

1994  Maintenance Dredging in the River Scheldt, an Environmental Approach

1993  Aquatic Disposal of Dredged Material in the Belgian Part of the North Sea

1993  Design and Execution of Beach Nourishments in Belgium

1993  Morphological Trends of the Belgian Coast Shown by 10 Years of Remote-Sensing Based Surveying

1989  The Beach Rehabilitation Project at Ostend-Belgium

1989  Remote Sensing Techniques for Harbour and Coastal Observations in Belgium

1987  Measurements from a Fast-Moving Air-Cushion Platform

1986  Artificial Beach Nourishment on Belgian East Coast

1978  Germany, Belgium and Los Angeles have Mandatory Design Review for Major Structures