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2013  Local Head Loss Coefficients of Riffle Pools in Gravel-Bed Rivers

2012  Comparison of Turbulent Flows over Clusters of Varying Density

2012  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Nonuniform Sediment

2012  Instability Theory of Sand Ripples Formed by Turbulent Shear Flows

2011  Dynamic Routing of Flow Resistance and Alluvial Bed-Form Changes from the Lower to the Upper Regime

2011  Effect of Bed Forms and Vegetated Banks on Velocity Distributions and Turbulent Flow Structure

2011  Flow Structure over Bed Irregularities in a Straight Cohesive Open Channel

2011  Influence of Lateral Water Withdrawal on Bed Form Geometry in a Channel

2011  Model for Mixture Theory Simulation of Vortex Sand Ripple Dynamics

2011  Wavelets Application to Study the Bedforms of Parana River

2010  Characteristics of Velocity and Excess Density Profiles of Saline Underflows and Turbidity Currents Flowing over a Mobile Bed

2010  Determination of Form Friction Factor

2010  Transient Hydrodynamic Dispersion in Rough Open Channels: Theoretical Analysis of Bed-Form Effects

2009  Investigation on the Dimensions and Shape of a Submerged Vane for Sediment Management in Alluvial Channels

2009  Rapid Profiling of an Evolving Bed Form Using Planar Laser Sheet Illumination

2009  Turbulent Stresses and Secondary Currents in a Tidal-Forced Channel with Significant Curvature and Asymmetric Bed Forms

2007  ADV Measurements around a Cluster Microform in a Shallow Mountain Stream

2007  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Uniform Sediment

2007  Field Assessment of Alternative Bed-Load Transport Estimators

2007  Flow Heterogeneity over 3D Cluster Microform: Laboratory and Numerical Investigation

2007  Flow Measurement Using Flying ADV Probes

2007  Geometric and Statistical Characteristics of Bed Forms in the Lower Mississippi River

2007  Non-Hydrostatic Versus Hydrostatic Three Dimensional Simulation of Flow Separation over Bed Forms

2007  Riprap Size Selection at Wing-Wall Abutments

2007  Seepage Effects on Dune Dimensions

2006  Apparent Current Roughness Caused by Waves and Bedforms on a Sandy Shoreface

2006  Breaking Antidunes: Cyclic Behavior due to Hysteresis

2006  Lateral Variations in Suspended Sediment Concentration over Dunes

2006  Live-Bed Local Pier Scour Experiments

2006  Reanalysis and Correction of Bed-Load Relation of Meyer-Peter and Müller using Their Own Database

2006  Scour Countermeasures for Wing-Wall Abutments

2006  Separating Bedforms of Different Scales in Echo Sounding Data

2005  Diffusive Behavior of Bedform-Induced Hyporheic Exchange in Rivers

2005  Growth Model for Sand Wavelets

2005  Simulated Moving Bed Form Effects on Real-Time In-Stream Sediment Concentration Measurement with Densitometry

2005  Variability in Suspended-Sediment Concentration over Mobile Sand Beds

2002  Discrete Particle Model for Analyzing Bedform Development

2002  Monitoring Small Scale Developments in Bedforms and Bedload Transport

2002  Velocity and Sediment Concentration Measurements over Bedforms in Sand-Bed Rivers

2001  Bedform Migration on a Sheltered Sandy Beach in Southwestern Australia

2001  The Effect of Bedforms on Coastal Sediment Transport

2001  Intertidal Bedforms and Bedload Transport on Spratt Sand, Teignmouth (UK)

2001  Sediment Transport in the Nearshore Area of Egmond-aan-Zee (NL)

2001  Suspension by Regular and Groupy Waves over Bedforms in a Large Wave Flume (SISTEX99)

2000  Bed Forms in a Sand-Gravel Stream with Unsteady Flows

2000  The Effects of Cluster Bed Forms on the Longitudinal Velocity

2000  Prediction of Sand Ripple Geometry Under Waves and Currents

2000  The Response of Pool-Riffle Bedforms to Variations in Stream Discharge: A Modelling Approach.

2000  Transport of Dissolved Contaminants within a Stream Bed with Bedforms

2000  Turbulence and Coherent Flow Structures Associated with Bedform Amalgamation: An Experimental Study of the Ripple-Dune Transition

1999  Bed Roughness over Vortex Ripples

1999  Bed-Form Geometry in Sand-Bed Flows

1999  The Control of Resuspension over Megaripples on the Continental Shelf

1999  Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

1999  Influence of Wave Groups on Sand Re-Suspension over Bedforms in a Large Scale Wave Flume

1999  A Method for Estimating the Bed Velocities Produced by a Ship’s Propeller Wash Influenced by a Rudder

1999  Morphodynamics of Shoreface-Connected Ridges

1999  Predicting Boundary Shear Stress and Sediment Transport over Bed Forms

1999  Shoreface Bedforms and Cross-Shore Sand Fluxes Measured Using an Enhanced Sea Sled

1999  What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

1998  Bed Forms Generated on Sandy Bottom by Oblique Standing Waves

1998  Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

1998  Effect of Bed-Load Movement on Flow Friction Factor

1998  Free Surface Flow over Permeable Wavy Bed

1998  Upper-Regime Plane Bed

1997  Analysis of Flow Field in the Meandering Channel

1997  Barchan-Ripples: Emergence, Evolution and Flow-Sediment Interactions

1997  Cyclic Bar Behaviour in a Nonlinear Model of a Tidal Inlet

1997  Discrete Computer Simulations of Ripple Emergence and Evolution

1997  Effect of Bedload Movement on Flow Resistance

1997  Laboratory Study of Suspended-Sediment Transport in Ice-Cover Flow

1997  Measurement of Bed Configurations Under Floods

1997  The Measurement of Bed Form Shapes in Hydraulic Models

1997  Measurements of Wave Generated Bedforms

1997  Ripples on Stream Bed

1997  River Morphology: A Manifestation of Nonlinear Dynamics

1997  Sheet Flow Modelled as Pure Convection

1997  Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

1997  Small-Scale Morphology Related to Wave and Current Parameters Over a Barred Beach

1997  Turbulence Model for Water Flow over Two-Dimensional Bed Forms

1996  Employment of Electronic Sand Level Gauges for Measurement of Beach Slope Deformation on Norderney Island

1996  Initiation of Bed Forms on a Flat Sand Bed

1996  Monitoring Results of a Nearshore Disposal Berm

1996  Potential Flow Instability Theory and Bed Forms

1995  Algorithm for Resistance to Flow and Transport in Sand-Bed Channels

1995  Bed Configuration and Hydraulic Resistance in Alluvial-Channel Flows

1995  Bed-Load Motion at High Shear Stress: Dune Washout and Plane-Bed Flow

1995  Measurement of Parameters, Direction and Rate of Bedform Migration

1995  Sand-Dune Geometry of Large Rivers During Floods

1994  Bed Load Roughness in Supercritical Flow

1994  Bed-Form Development

1994  Floating Cover Influence on Sediment Transport in Dune-Bed Channels

1994  Is Bedform Development Chaotic?

1994  Macro-Roughness Effects on Stream Reaeration

1993  Alluvial Resistance in Transition Regime

1993  Turbulence Measurements in Open-Channel Flows over Artificial Bed Forms

1992  Cohesionless Fine-Sediment Bed Forms in Shallow Flows

1992  Flow Field Induced by Sea Waves Over Brick-Pattern Ripples

1992  Hyperconcentrated Sand-Water Mixture Flows over Erodible Bed

1992  Use of Machine Vision in Bedform Studies